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High Power Laser Radiation in Atmospheric Aerosols

Author : V.E. Zuev
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Unique properties of laser radiation including its monochromatic properties, polarization, high spectral intensity, coherence, narrow beam divergence, the possibility of controlling the pulse duration and radiation spectrum and, finally, the fact that extremely high power and energy create very favorable conditions for the extensive application of lasers to communi cation systems, systems for the lidar sensing and ultra-high-precision ranging, navigation, remote monitoring of the environment, and many other systems operating in the atmosphere. The operative efficiency of the above systems depends significantly on the state of the atmosphere and the corresponding behavior of laser radia tion propagating through it. This circumstance has stimulated the studies of the above regularities during the passt 10-15 years. For the investiga tions to be carried out the scientists were forced to develop new theories and methods for studying the problem experimentally. Moreover, during such investigations some previously unknown phenomena were observed, among them the nonlinear effects accompanying high-power laser radiation propagating through the atmosphere are of paramount importance. Among the nonlinear effects caused by high-power laser radiation inter action with the atmosphere, the effects accompanying the propagation of high-power radiation through the atmospheric aerosols are of particular interest. Aerosols always occur in the atmosphere. It should be noted that the microphysical and optical characteristics of atmospheric aerosols vary widely, this fact causes a great variety in the features of their inter action with radiation.

High Power Laser Propulsion

Author : Yuri A. Rezunkov
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This book gives an in-depth analysis of the physical phenomena of thrust production by laser radiation, as well as laser propulsion engines, and laser-propelled vehicles. It brings together into a unified context accumulated up-to-date information on laser propulsion research, considering propulsion phenomena, laser propulsion techniques, design of vehicles with laser propulsion engines, and high-power laser systems to provide movement for space vehicles. In particular, the reader will find detailed coverage of: designs of laser propulsion engines, operating as both air-breathing and ramjet engines to launch vehicles into LEOs; Assembly of vehicles whereby laser power from a remote laser is collected and directed into a propulsion engine; and, the laser-adaptive systems that control a laser beam to propel vehicles into orbits by delivering laser power through the Earth's atmosphere. This book is essential reading for researchers and professionals involved in laser propulsion.

Optical Waves and Laser Beams in the Irregular Atmosphere

Author : Nathan Blaunstein
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The book introduces optical wave propagation in the irregular turbulent atmosphere and the relations to laser beam and LIDAR applications for both optical communication and imaging. It examines atmosphere fundamentals, structure, and content. It explains specific situations occurring in the irregular atmosphere and for specific natural phenomena that affect optical ray and laser beam propagation. It emphasizes how to use LIDAR to investigate atmospheric phenomena and predict primary parameters of the irregular turbulent atmosphere and suggests what kinds of optical devices to operate in different atmospheric situations to minimize the deleterious effects of natural atmospheric phenomena.

Propagation of High Power Femtosecond Laser Radiation Through the Atmosphere

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This report results from a contract tasking the Institute of Atmospheric Optics, Siberian Branch, as follows: the contractor will investigate theoretically the interaction between femtosecond propagation effects and atmospheric turbulence, supercontinuum emission (spectral broadening), nonlinear scattering by atmospheric aerosols, and theoretical upper and lower limits for nonlinear propagation effects. The specific project objectives are as follows: (1) The theoretical study of powerful femtosecond laser pulse filamentation in the turbulent atmosphere; (2) Researching the supercontinuum cone emission mechanism by numerical simulation of high-power femtosecond laser pulse propagation in the atmosphere; and (3) The theoretical and experimental study of the fundamental problems of scattering of a high-power femtosecond pulse in the atmosphere: nonstationary light scattering in gases and aerosols; nonlinear inelastic nonstationary light scattering by aerosol particles. (26 figures, 73 refs.).

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Author : Jagdish P. Singh
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Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, Second Edition, covers the basic principles and latest developments in instrumentation and applications of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). Written by active experts in the field, it serves as a useful resource for analytical chemists and spectroscopists, as well as graduate students and researchers engaged in the fields of combustion, environmental science, and planetary and space exploration. This fully revised second edition includes several new chapters on new LIBS techniques as well as several new applications, including flame and off-gas measurement, pharmaceutical samples, defense applications, carbon sequestration and site monitoring, handheld instruments, and more. LIBS has rapidly developed into a major analytical technology with the capability of detecting all chemical elements in a sample, of real- time response, and of close-contact or stand-off analysis of targets. It does not require any sample preparation, unlike conventional spectroscopic analytical techniques. Samples in the form of solids, liquids, gels, gases, plasmas, and biological materials (like teeth, leaves, or blood) can be studied with almost equal ease. This comprehensive reference introduces the topic to readers in a simple, direct, and accessible manner for easy comprehension and maximum utility. Covers even more applications of LIBS beyond the first edition, including combustion, soil physics, environment, and life sciences Includes new chapters on LIBS techniques that have emerged in the last several years, including Femtosecond LIBS and Molecular LIBS Provides inspiration for future developments in this rapidly growing field in the concluding chapter

Laser Beam Propagation in the Atmosphere

Author : Hugo Weichel
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Carbonaceous Aerosol

Author : András Gelencsér
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The concept of carbonaceous aerosol has only recently emerged from atmospheric pollution studies; even standard nomenclature and terminology are still unsettled. This monograph is the first to offer comprehensive coverage of the nature and atmospheric role of carbonaceous aerosol particles. Atmospheric chemists, physicists, meteorologists, and modellers will find this a thought-inspiring and sometimes provocative overview of all global phenomena affected by or related to carbonaceous aerosol.

Ocean Waves Breaking and Marine Aerosol Fluxes

Author : Stanislaw R. Massel
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This book fills a gap in knowledge of breaking waves and their influence on the generation of marine fluxes from ocean surfaces. Based on published data as well as on the author's experience, the text explores in detail the relationship chain of breaking waves, whitecaps coverage, rate of wave energy dissipation, amount of aerosol fluxes rising from a given sea basin, and possible seasonal variations.

Optical Effects Associated with Small Particles

Author : Peter W. Barber
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This volume is a collection of review articles by scientists who have pioneered many of the recent advances in studies of the optical effects of small particles. The book begins with a review of the multitude of sharp dielectric resonances which exist in all optical spectra as a result of particle size and shape. Latest advances in absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy of a single particle and/or an ensemble of particles are also discussed, as well as advances in the energy transfer mechanisms for molecules embedded in the particle. The effects of laser-induced heating on a single particle are reviewed in terms of the hydrodynamics and thermodynamics of the liquid droplet and its ambient gas surrounding. The limits of applying bulk optical constants to small particles which lie between the bulk substance and the quantum-sized substance are also presented.

Beitr ge Zur Physik Der Atmosph re

Author :
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