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Highland Days

Author : Seton Paul Gordon
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The Highland Lady In Ireland

Author : Elizabeth Grant
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Edited and Introduced by Patricia Pelly and Andrew Tod. ‘They have made an Irishwoman of you now, and may they know the value of the daughter they adopted into their country.’ Elizabeth Grant’s sister The early life of Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemurchus, so memorably recorded in her Memoirs of a Highland Lady has had an avid readership since the book’s first publication in 1898. This volume takes up the story after she arrives in Ireland, following her marriage to Colonel Smith of Baltiboys. This journal, begun in 1840, will be recognisable to her many followers by the charm, vigour and intelligence that fill every page. They vividly depict the day to day life of her family, her immense efforts to improve the Baltiboys estate and how she coped with the terrible ravages of famine. Her sharp observations of all classes of society however, from corrupt landowners to the poor and often dissolute farm-workers, make this book a memorable and important chronicle of her times and a unique contribution to the social history of Ireland.

Prize essays and Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland

Author : Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland
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Time and the Highland Maya

Author : Barbara Tedlock
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Described as a landmark in the ethnographic study of the Maya, this study of ritual and cosmology among the contemporary Quiché Indians of highland Guatemala has now been updated to address changes that have occurred in the last decade. The Classic Mayan obsession with time has never been better known. Here, Barbara Tedlock redirects our attention to the present-day keepers of the ancient calendar. Combining anthropology with formal apprenticeship to a diviner, she refutes long-held ethnographic assumptions and opens a door to the order of the Mayan cosmos and its daily ritual. Unable to visit the region for over ten years, Tedlock returned in 1989 to find that observance of the traditional calendar and religion is stronger than ever, despite a brutal civil war. ". . . a well-written, highly readable, and deeply convincing contribution. . . ." --Michael Coe

Highland Railway

Author : Keith Fenwick
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The Highland Railway has a special place in the eyes of many who have an interest in railways. Whether it is the romantic scenery, the long lines running through sparsely populated country or the characteristics of its locomotives that draws people is hard to say. The railway was a lifeline to the country during the twentieth century, and nowadays provides one of the most popular tourist lines in Scotland. Through the selection of over 200 archive photographs and their captions, this book depicts the rich scenery and history of the Highland Railway which stretched from Perth to Inverness and then further north to Wick and west to Kyle of Lochalsh. It shows how the train services met the needs of scattered communities in all weathers throughout the year; how the annual influx of tourists in the summer months was handled; and how the lines survived several attempts to close them by continually adapting their role. This book will be a treat for anyone who remembers the golden age of the railway and for anyone keen to capture the essence of those bygone days.

Sandy Hook s Lost Highland Beach Resort

Author : Susan Sandlass Gardiner
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Built by William Sandlass during the Golden Age of the Jersey Shore, the Highland Beach excursion resort was an iconic landmark for more than seven decades. The resort put Sandy Hook on the map, as hordes of tourists were brought by trains, ferries and automobiles to soak up the sun and enjoy the plentiful amusements. At the once magical playground enjoyed by so many, the families dined and relaxed at Sandlass' Surf House and Basket Pavilion in the 1890s. Teenagers rocked away the night in the resort's Bamboo Room in the 1950s. Meet the characters who shaped the land and had the vision for a storied resort wiped away by time, technology and politics. Author Susan Sandlass Gardiner charts the rise and fall of Sandy Hook's historic resort paradise.

Sherpa Settlement and Subsistence Cultural Ecology and History in Highland Nepal

Author : Stanley Francis Stevens
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One Hundred Modern Scottish Poets

Author : David Herschell Edwards
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Highland Potato

Author :
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Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland

Author : Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland
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Every day Life on an Old Highland Farm 1769 1782

Author : Isabel Frances Grant
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Highland Gamekeeper

Author : Dugald Macintyre
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A History of the Scottish Highlands Highland Clans and Highland Regiments

Author : Sir John Scott Keltie
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Highland Heritage

Author : R. Celeste Ray
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Explores how the Scottish heritage and folklore thrives and blends with Southern regional myths and culture, and how that creates a unique sense of identity for Scottish Americans.

Highland Heritage

Author :
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Our Highland Heritage

Author : Clara Mae Beach
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Asian Highland Societies in Anthropological Perspective

Author : Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf
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Expanded versions of papers, presented at a 1978 New Delhi seminar, on the Himalayan Region.

Drinking Patterns in Highland Chiapas

Author : Henning Siverts
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The Economic Reorganization of Minifundia in a Highland Community of Colombia

Author : Emil B. Haney
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Scottish Life and Society Bibliography for Scottish ethnology

Author : Alexander Fenton
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Covering every aspect of human life in Scotland, this list of ethnological papers makes a substantial contribution to ethnological scholarship, particularly in national identity. In addition to papers, aids to ethnological research are included and are classified as such under subject headings.