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Home School Work in Britain

Author : John Bastiani
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First Published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Young Children Learning

Author : Tricia David
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`I particularly enjoyed Judith Roden's chapter "Young Children Are Natural Scientists" especially her thoughts on children's drawings, which puncture some popular assumptions' - Times Educational Supplement, Friday Magazine `Tricia David, an internationally recognised expert in early years eductaion, has brought together 11 tutors from Christ Church College Canterbury to "encourage debate and disagreement"....It has..some absorbing and helpful contributions which both bring forward the debate in early years education and also may cause readers to reappraise their own practice, possibly as a result of disagreeing with one or other contributers' - International Journal of Early Years Education

Managing External Relations in Schools and Colleges

Author : Jacky Lumby
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`I was pleased to find that the work lived up to its title and covered both schools and college issues with equal thoroughness. This is a very readable, stimulating and valuable publication' - Mentoring & Tutoring This book explores all the major aspects of managing external relations in schools of all phases, as well as in colleges. The authors use empirical research evidence to analyze how schools and colleges can manage external relations to achieve productive and supportive relationships with their communities. They explore how a responsive philosophy and appropriate marketing can be adopted in order to ensure continuous development.

Gender Work and Education in Britain in the 1950s

Author : S. Spencer
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Improvements in education and economic expansion in the 1950s ensured a range of school-leaving employment opportunities. Yet girls' full acceptance as adult women was still confirmed by marriage and motherhood rather than employment. This book examines the gendered nature of 'career'. Using both written sources and oral history it enters the theoretical debate over the significance of gender by considering the relationship between individual 'women' and the dominant representation of 'Woman'.

Working with Parents of SEN Children after the Code of Practice

Author : Sheila Wolfendale
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First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Work and Pay in 20th Century Britain

Author : Nicholas Crafts
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From assembly line to call centre, this volume charts the immense transformation of work and pay across the 20th century and provides the first labour focused history of Britain. Written by leading British historians and economists, each chapter stands as a self-contained reading for those who need an overview of the topic, as well as an introduction to and analysis of the controversies among scholars for readers entering or refreshing deeper study. The 20th century was a period of unrivalled change in the British labour market. Technology, social movements, and political action all contributed to an increased standard of living, while also revolutionizing what workers do and how they do it. Covering a range of topics from lifetime work patterns and education to unemployment and the welfare state, this book provides a practical introduction to the evolution of work and pay in 20th century Britain.

Parenting Education and Support

Author : Sheila Wolfendale
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First Published in 2000. The topic area of this book is amongst the priority items on this Government’s agenda and is a key part of social policy and strategies across government departments to enhance the quality of life for children and families.

Getting the Buggers to Do Their Homework 2nd Edition

Author : Julian Stern
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Properly structured homework is critical in ensuring that a student is progressing within full-time education. In this second edition the author provides a range of techniques that can be applied to motivate the most laziest of students.

Working with Parents

Author : Eileen Gascoigne
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First Published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Parent Partnership Services for Special Educational Needs

Author : Sheila Wolfendale
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This book gives a clear understanding of the growth and operation of special educational needs Parent Partnership Services (PPSs). The reader will find an explanation of the broader national and legal context of PPSs, followed by contributions written by Parent Partnership Coordinators and parent workers in various regions. They describe what they actually do, including their work with and support for parents and carers of children with special educational needs. The book includes information on the latest special needs and disability rights legislation; descriptions of innovative good practice in setting up and operating PPSs; case studies from practitioners; advice on how to liaise effectively with other professionals and agencies; guidance on giving and receiving training, especially for independent parental supporters (IPSs); and ways of implementing disagreement resolution schemes. Parent Partnership Coordinators will find this book particularly useful. Special Educational Needs Coordinators, SENCOs, educational psychologists, IPSs and parents will also find it a relevant and timely publication.