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How Stories Teach Us

Author : Amy E. Robillard
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In How Stories Teach Us, the contributors celebrate the influence of life writing on their work and use a range of approaches to scholarship and essay writing. The collection discusses dealing with loss, grief, illness, trauma, depression, abuse, gender identity, and the ravages of time.

Teach Us to Live

Author : Diana Wickes Roose
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"Eleven Hibakusha - survivors of August 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - relate their first-hand experience of the blast and its impact on their lives. Each pleads for abolishing nuclear weapons and promoting peace. Includes original art an

What Our Stories Teach Us

Author : Linda K. Shadiow
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Praise for What Our Stories Teach Us "In her new book What Our Stories Teach Us, Linda Shadiowinvites college faculty to use their personal and professionalstories to reflect more critically and meaningfully on theirteaching practice. Guiding her readers with a gentle but sure hand,Shadiow painstakingly shows that by systematically examining oureducational and pedagogical biographies from a range ofperspectives, we gain deeper insight into the pivotal moments thatenliven our teaching and sustain our commitment to ongoingprofessional growth. I expect to be learning from this humane bookfor many years to come." —Stephen Preskill,Distinguished Professor of Civic Engagement and Leadership, WagnerCollege "Essential reading for every educator who strives to be a betterteacher. Shadiow's book offers us a fascinating process to mine ourpersonal teaching and learning stories for the valuable lessonsthey contain." —Jim Sibley, Centre for InstructionalSupport, University of British Columbia "In this well-conceived and well-written book, Linda Shadiowgently guides faculty along a path toward unearthing the richstories of their lives that offer deep and enduring insight intotheir practice." —Dannelle D. Stevens, professor andauthor, Journal Keeping: How to Use Reflective Writing forLearning, Teaching, Professional Insight, and PositiveChange

Teach Us Your Name

Author : Huda Essa
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Grades 1 - 5 Written by a teacher, this fun yet meaningful story was created to empower children to teach others how to pronounce their names correctly. Perfect start of the school year book, children and teachers alike will enjoy this story that promotes invaluable discussions about diversity and inclusion.

Things No One Else Can Teach Us

Author : Humble the Poet
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From the international bestselling author of Unlearn, Humble the Poet speaks new truths about how we can create silver linings from our most difficult moments. Every one of us endures setbacks, disappointments, and failures that can beat us down. But we don’t have to let them. Instead, we can use them as opportunities for growth. In Things No One Else Can Teach Us, Humble the Poet goes against conventional wisdom for happiness and success, showing us how our most painful experiences can be our greatest teachers. Humble shares raw, honest stories from his own life—from his rocky start becoming a rapper to nearly going broke to battling racism—to demonstrate how we can change our minds to better our lives. From a breakup to losing a loved one, our hardest moments can help us flourish, but only if we seize the opportunity. While we can’t control life, we have the power to control how we react to it. Things No One Else Can Teach Us reminds us that we have the power to transform the way we respond to everyday challenges and ultimately be our best selves.

The hymn my mother taught me and other stories by A L O E

Author : Charlotte Maria Tucker
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India what Can it Teach Us

Author : Friedrich Max Müller
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India What can it teach us

Author : F. Max Müller
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"India: What can it teach us?" by F. Max Müller. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Earlier Stories

Author : Frances Hodgson Burnett
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You Deserve the Truth

Author : Erica Williams Simon
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An award-winning media maker and social critic shares her truth to inspire a generation, teaching how to use the power of story to ask critical questions and build bold, new lives. Behind the social media smiles, many people in their twenties and thirties are living frustrating lives: overwhelmed and exhausted by the gap between their realities and the image they are expected to project to the world. Erica Williams Simon recognized that this generational malaise was a recipe for disaster, one that she was experiencing firsthand. At twenty-seven, she abruptly walked away from a high profile career as a rising political media star. She stepped off the “treadmill to nowhere” to find her own truth, unpacking the advice and cultural norms that had shaped her life as she knew it. Along the way she became “story smart,” was finally able to reject the lies that society had taught her, and rewrote a brand new values-driven narrative that has helped her create a life worth living. You Deserve the Truth is a masterclass in how to challenge the stories surrounding fear, work, money, identity, success, faith, and love that millions have unconsciously adopted. Each chapter includes the heroic and heartbreaking lessons learned from Erica’s journey and during her tenure inside the highest levels of politics, media, and tech. Part memoir, part self-help, You Deserve the Truth provides a blueprint for anyone seeking a new way to live; one that is authentic, empowered, and ultimately world changing.

Teach Us to Pray Being Experimental Doctrinal and Practical Observations on the Lord s Prayer By J Cumming

Author :
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Stories of the Old Romans By the author of Tales of Heroes and great men of old etc

Author : ROMANS.
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Iv n Ilyitch and Other Stories

Author : Leo Tolstoy
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What Bears Teach Us

Author : Sarah Elmeligi
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A lavishly illustrated book that explores the complex behavioural characteristics of North America's largest land carnivores by examining the bear-human relationship from the bear's perspective. From the first moment Sarah Elmeligi came eye to eye with a grizzly bear, her life changed. In a moment that lasted mere seconds, she began to question everything she thought she knew about bears. How could this docile creature be the same one with a fearsome reputation for vicious attacks? Through years of research, Elmeligi grew to appreciate that bears are so much more than data points, stunning photos, and sensational online stories. Elmeligi expertly weaves the science of bear behaviour with her passionate account of personal encounters. Dive into the life of a bear biologist as Sarah's colleagues recount their own "stories from the field" - intimate moments with bears where they were connected to an animal with personality, decision-making capabilities, and a host of engaging behaviours. Join Elmeligi and Marriott on a journey that examines and shares the behaviour of black, grizzly, and polar bears in North America in a way you've never seen before. What Bears Teach Us will surprise you, inspire you, foster your curiosity, and teach you something new about bears and maybe even yourself.

Story Mama

Author : Amy Ruth Henry
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Tired of parenting books that make you feel like a failure? Story Mama, gleans parenting advice from an unlikely, but delightful place: classic children's literature. Beloved stories like Where the Wild Things Are, The Velveteen Rabbit, and Make Way for Ducklings serve as jumping off points for writer and mom of six, Amy Henry, to inspire you on your motherly journey. Written in short (read: potty-break-sized) vignettes, Story Mama offers both practical suggestions (ie. how to get your kids to eat their broccoli without turning into the Incredible Hulkess) and inspiration for the parenting journey (The Little Engine That Could's 'I think I can, I think I can...'). Always honest, but never preachy, Story Mama is a book that illustrates the beauty of mothering, cataloguing its hilarious missteps, but never missing a chance to bask in the joy of the journey.

Teacher s Stories Teacher s Lives

Author : Carola Conle
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In this book we demonstrate a mode of teacher education that is practical in a non-technical sense and relies on Dewey's notion of curriculum as the reconstruction of experience. We present a curriculum that emerged through collaborative self-reflection and seeks to reconstruct personal histories of schooling. As four former preservice teachers and their instructor, we engaged in jointly constructed autobiographical inquiry in order to generate data on our own past and on our current histories of teaching and learning. We wanted to illuminate parts of our lives in schools that until now belonged to our 'normal' and taken-for-granted past. We did this in order to enjoy certain degrees of awareness and choice as to which of our living stories to reinforce and which to "let run out" in our classrooms today.

The Laughing Mill and Other Stories

Author : Julian Hawthorne
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"The Laughing Mill, and Other Stories" by Julian Hawthorne. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.


Author : Barbara Natterson-Horowitz
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A revelatory depiction of what animals can teach us about the human body and mind, exploring how animal and human commonality can be used to diagnose, treat, and heal patients of all species. "Full of fascinating stories.” —Atul Gawande, M.D. Do animals overeat? Get breast cancer? Have fainting spells? Inspired by an eye-opening consultation at the Los Angeles Zoo, which revealed that a monkey experienced the same symptoms of heart failure as human patients, cardiologist Barbara Natterson-Horowitz embarked upon a project that would reshape how she practiced medicine. Beginning with the above questions, she began informally researching every affliction that she encountered in humans to learn whether it happened with animals, too. And usually, it did: dinosaurs suffered from brain cancer, koalas can catch chlamydia, reindeer seek narcotic escape in hallucinogenic mushrooms, stallions self-mutilate, and gorillas experience clinical depression. Natterson-Horowitz and science writer Kathryn Bowers have dubbed this pan-species approach to medicine zoobiquity. New York Times Bestseller An O, The Oprah Magazine “Summer Reading” Pick A Discover Magazine Best Book

The Storytelling Animal

Author : Jonathan Gottschall
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Explores the latest beliefs about why people tell stories and what stories reveal about human nature, offering insights into such related topics as universal themes and what it means to have a storytelling brain.

True Story

Author : Rachelle Dené Poth
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In this book, you will read true stories from the author's own experiences as a teacher and as a student, as well as stories from many educators about "That One Kid" who made an impact on them. Some share the times they learned a good lesson, experienced a loss, and questioned or reaffirmed their calling as an educator. Others recall interactions that led to a really good laugh or an experience that took them down a different path entirely. Each story in this book will push you to reflect on your own practice and teach some truly valuable and heartfelt lessons. THRIVE: Tenacity Honesty Relatability Integrity Vulnerability Empathy