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How to Edit Technical Documents

Author : Donald Bush
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"How to Edit Technical Documents" is the most concise and clearly presented discussion of the editor's role and responsibilities to the writer, the reader, and the publishing process--including changes that result from technological advances in editing. The authors describe the demands of communicating complicated information, in print and on screen, without diminishing the expressive power of language. As a result, users learn the skills necessary to become contributing members of any organization that requires informed and imaginative editors.

Technical Writing 101

Author : Alan S. Pringle
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Business and Technical Communication

Author : Sandra E. Belanger
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By combining research sources with an annotated bibliography this reference title locates the sources that offer practical solutions to business and technical communication problems.

Teaching Revising and Editing

Author : Bruce W. Speck
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This volume is the only book-length bibliography on the important topic of teaching revising and editing.

How to Edit Technical Documents

Author : V. G. (ed.)
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Resources in Technical Communication

Author : Cynthia L Selfe
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Provides the instructors of introductory technical communication courses with a set of resources for their classrooms.

Writing and Speaking in the Technology Professions

Author : David F. Beer
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An updated edition of the classic guide to technical communication Consider that 20 to 50 percent of a technology professional's time is spent communicating with others. Whether writing a memo, preparing a set of procedures, or making an oral presentation, effective communication is vital to your professional success. This anthology delivers concrete advice from the foremost experts on how to communicate more effectively in the workplace. The revised and expanded second edition of this popular book completely updates the original, providing authoritative guidance on communicating via modern technology in the contemporary work environment. Two new sections on global communication and the Internet address communicating effectively in the context of increased e-mail and web usage. As in the original, David Beer's Second Edition discusses a variety of approaches, such as: * Writing technical documents that are clear and effective * Giving oral presentations more confidently * Using graphics and other visual aids judiciously * Holding productive meetings * Becoming an effective listener The new edition also includes updated articles on working with others to get results and on giving directions that work. Each article is aimed specifically at the needs of engineers and others in the technology professions, and is written by a practicing engineer or a technical communicator. Technical engineers, IEEE society members, and technical writing teachers will find this updated edition of David Beer's classic Writing and Speaking in the Technology Professions an invaluable guide to successful communication.

The Business Communication Handbook

Author : Judith Dwyer
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The Business Communication Handbook, 11e helps learners to develop competency in a broad range of communication skills essential in the 21st-century workplace, with a special focus on business communication. Closely aligned with the competencies and content of BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business and BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration, the text is divided into five sections: - Communication foundations in the digital era - Communication in the workplace - Communication with customers - Communication through documents - Communication across the organisation Highlighting communication as a core employability skill, the text offers a contextual learning experience by unpacking abstract communication principles into authentic examples and concrete applications, and empowers students to apply communication skills in real workplace settings. Written holistically to help learners develop authentic communication-related competencies from the BSB Training Package, the text engages students with its visually appealing layout and full-colour design, student-friendly writing style, and range of activities.

Technical Document Basics for Engineering Technicians and Technologists

Author : David W. Rigby
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Very friendly, very practical, and very industry oriented, this manual identifies and explores the documentation standards and basic skills that are used to develop and produce technical projects. It examines both industrial/corporate and academic applications of technical writing fundamentals--e.g., assembly instructions, maintenance manuals, and academic papers. It emphasizes the design and packaging of "integrated texts" that incorporate all of their media as a finished product. Viewing technical writing as "constructed/engineered" writing, it shows how technical writing is really technical composing that combines text as well as visual (graphic) and mathematical conceptualizations. Provides many writing samples and models that were developed for genuine applications in company settings. The down-to-earth, accessible style and how-to-do-it approach features a crisp corporate seminar-style presentation that gets to the point quickly stays focused on topics and situations that are clearly relevant and immediately applicable. (Part of The Wordworks Series--a series of four communication skills manuals--three writers' guides for engineering and technical applications and an additional guide to in-service spoken communication.) The Languages of the Sciences; Layout and Design Basics; Formatting for Document Usage; Industrial Applications; Academic Applications; Reader Profiles; Graphic Tools; Designing Graphics that Work; Designing Layouts that Work. For engineering technicians and technologists in a variety of fields--e.g., computer information systems, construction engineering, biomedical equipment technology, digital electronics, autocad, environmental control technology, microcomputer management, biotech, avionics, and many more.

Careers in Focus

Author : Ferguson
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Defines various careers in cartoon animation, including educational or training requirements, ways to get started, advancement possibilities, salary figures, and more.