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How to Make Love Dinner at the Same Time

Author : Rebecca Field Jager
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Laced with dozens of zingers on men, money, shopping, sex, and work, How to Make Love & Dinner at the Same Time offers 200 steamy recipes that require a half hour of less of preparation time, such as Caramelized Red Onion Dip; Chicken Bites in Thai Peanut Sauce: Cream of Sweet Potato Soup; Steak Orzo in Tomato-Oregano Sauce and many more. This is a slow cooker cookbook that sizzles!

How To Make Love To Foreigners A Novel

Author : Shane O'Brien MacDonald
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“There were live measurements of reactor temperatures. Three other buildings that hadn’t exploded. It was like a movie. Will they catch fire? Blow up? Melt down? Or won’t they…?” Readers who enjoyed Youth in Revolt and Bridget Jones's Diary won't want to miss this tale of a pale-skinned foreigner navigating life in Japan. How To Make Love to Foreigners is the diary of Randy Campbell, whose life, after moving to Japan, has taken him places he never expected. Fresh off the plane, he faces the challenges of learning Japanese, navigating the Tokyo train system, and compiling a list of women he's quick to bed, but terrified of committing to. With all this going on around him, Randy has to deal with threats from yakuza while filming a documentary, the racist comments of a girl who is in love with him, and feelings of helplessness when, on March 11, 2011, an earthquake strikes eastern Japan, unleashing a deadly tsunami that envelops a nearby coastline. With a radioactive wind drifting towards Tokyo from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, Randy discovers the terror and absurdities that arise during a devastating catastrophe. Inviting us in on the feelings you go through when everything—your career, the place you live, perhaps... even your life—seems about to be wiped away forever. From inside the book… “These buildings were important to national security. There were FBI, secret service, and CIA offices in some of these buildings. They needed guarantees that if another bombing took place, no one could just walk in and peruse their files.” “Uh-huh, but if I was the owner, why would I destroy my own buildings?” “These buildings were a terrorist target. They were the tallest buildings in New York. After the first bombing there were meetings about structural integrity, potential casualties, financial losses. But never in all these discussions did anyone imagine that somebody would try to fly a plane into these buildings. Or if they did, it would be something small, not a commercial airliner. “You have to think about this not from our point of view, but from the perspective of 1994. They really believed that someone was, at some point, going to drive another truck into the basement. Finish what they’d tried to do in ’93. This became a real panic after that Timothy McVeigh thing in Oklahoma City.” “Oh, yeah, that’s right. That was ’95.” “Yeah. The guy parked a fertilizer truck next to the building, and the whole thing came down. So the consensus at the time was that someone might try to blow up the buildings again. From the street level. Or the basement. Hell, even the subway was identified as a possible route. What no one wanted to talk about was that if you blew up the building from the basement, the entire structure might topple over. Like a domino. Anything in a thousand foot radius could be destroyed, including the other tower.” I took a sip of my drink. “That seems highly unlikely.” “I’m sure the engineers who designed Chernobyl said the same thing. Anyway, they came up with a plan that would prevent the building from toppling over.” “A controlled demolition.” “Exactly. A completely vertical collapse. So the building wouldn’t kill as many people. I mean, nowadays there are residential apartments in that area.” I looked at Dewey. I was interested, but unconvinced. How many others bought into the same crazy theories?

How to Make Love in A Muskoka Chair

Author : Martin Avery
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A sequence of poems about meditation, tai chi, yoga, and making love in a Muskoka chair

How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired

Author : Dany LaFerrière
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Brilliant and tense, Dany Laferrière's first novel, How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired, is as fresh and relevant today as when it was first published in Canada in 1985. With ribald humor and a working-class intellectualism on par with Charles Bukowski's or Henry Miller's, Laferrière's narrator wanders the streets and slums of Montreal, has sex with white women, and writes a book to save his life. With this novel, Laferrière began a series of internationally acclaimed social and political novels about the love of the world, and the world of sex, including Heading South and I Am a Japanese Writer. It launched Laferrière as one of the literary world's finest provocateurs and continues to draw strong comparisons to the writings of James Baldwin, Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, and Jack Kerouac. The book was made into a feature film and translated into several languages — this is the first U.S. edition.

How to Make Love Every Day Guaranteed

Author : Peter Crook
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How To Make Love To A Black Woman

Author :
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Absolutely Should Less

Author : Damon L. Jacobs
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Let go of your doubts, fears and worries with this motivational guide for anyone who wants to find true contentment and happiness. Imagine a day in which you wake up, get out of bed, and go about your daily business without a single “should” getting in the way of how you feel about yourself, your appearance, other people, or the world around you. Absolutely Should-Less invites you into such a world, offering seven proven steps toward a happier and more peaceful life. If you have ever experienced any stress or sadness from looking in the mirror and telling yourself you should lose weight, make more money, think smarter, look better, or be any different from who you are today, then you are suffering the consequences of devastating “shoulds”—and this is just the book for you. It won’t magically change your life, but it will change your mind—allowing you to appreciate where you are now, know what you truly want, and go after your goals from a place of security, confidence, and clarity.

How to Make Great Love to a Man

Author : Phillip Hodson
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As agony aunts and long-term partners, Anne Hooper and Phillip Hodson are more than aware that men and women see sex differently. In 'How to Make Love to a Man' they discuss the fundamental differences in men and women's expectations of sex, and how these differences can be reconciled to both partner's satisfaction. Beautifully designed and illustrated throughout with photographs and line drawings, this unique book helps men understand women and women understand themselves.

How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You

Author : Tracy Cabot
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“A great piece of psychological wisdom.”—Playgirl YES, YOU CAN DO IT! You’ve heard about it on Donahue and Today. You’ve read about it in Time and New Woman. Now you can discover how to: • Find the love of your life • Make the chemistry of love happen—at will • Meet your love’s unconscious needs • Establish instant trust and rapport • Anchor your happiness with a magic touch • Get him to say yes—so subtly, he won’t even know you’ve done it • Keep love alive for a lifetime Now the magic is here, ready to use—if you dare. Revolutionary new scientifically tested and proven techniques show you how some women seem to find true love effortlessly. Now you can too! “It’s about time women began applying as much savvy to their personal lives as they do in their careers. Tracy Cabot’s book outlines intelligent and workable strategies.”—Ruth Halcomb, author of Women Making It

How to Make Someone Fall in Love With You in 90 Minutes or Less

Author : Nicholas Boothman
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Building on the power of first impressions, Nicholas Boothman shows how to find and meet the love of your life—and have that person fall in love with you—in a mere 90 minutes, or approximately the time it takes to have a first dinner date. Now in paperback, this follow-up to his bestselling How to Make Someone Like You in 90 Seconds or Less is updated throughout with information on Internet dating, bringing together all of Mr. Boothman's considerable interpersonal skills to the problem of finding lasting love, fast. And it works: The feedback Boothman has received from a number of his clients begins, "Please come to my wedding. . . ." Starting with a series of revealing self-assessment tests that show how to find your Matched Opposite (a person who makes you feel complete), here is how to make a fabulous first impression, with tips on everything from attitude to accessories; how to be charming, not alarming; introductions, opening lines, and the 1-2-3 mantra of never hesitating. There are techniques for starting and maintaining conversation and for finding "Me Too" moments, plus the importance of flirting, incidental touching, rules of self-disclosure, and more. Real-life examples and analyses of actual conversations show the method at work.

Masculine Migrations

Author : Daniel Coleman
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Examines the representation of masculinities in the work of some of Canada's most exciting writers, including Michael Ondaatje, and Rohinton Mistry, to show how cross-cultural migration disrupts assumed codes for masculine behaviour and practice.

Locked in a Circle

Author : Brenda J Rigsby
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This unique fiction begins in the early seventies in the San Francisco Bay Area and ends in the year 2004. The main character (Rene Ward) invites you to look at her serious and sometimes funny lifestyle. After having a series of relationship breakups and the love of her life living on the down low, Rene finally finds the key to unlock the circle of success and pushes herself into the main stream of life. Locked in a Circle helps us to remember that dreams are formed when we are young but most dreams end in the graveyard before they are birthed. Locked This book pushes you to the point of wanting to capitalize on your dream and embrace life challenges while keeping your eye on your goal. No one ever really knows the true map to lifes challenges, Locked makes you wonder if you have veered off the path.

Half Meal Habit

Author : Jimmy Loram
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You don’t have to: …eat the perfect foods. …work out an hour per day, 6 days a week. …cut out all carbs. …eliminate sugar. …count calories. …do an hour of cardio every other day. …eat a low fat diet. …avoid pasta. …eat up all your “points” by noon and starve yourself the rest of the day. …eat like a Caveman, South Beacher, Mediterranean, or a Bird. …eat only vegetables, fruit, and protein. …skip lunches out because restaurant food is fattening. …eat a salad with lemon juice as the dressing. …avoid anything “white.” …eat so little that you starve yourself. …watch in envy as you eat your diet food and everyone else has a cheeseburger. …focus on your weight so much. …be depressed and frustrated because you can’t lose weight. All you HAVE to do is educate yourself and learn how to: …eat less be eating half meals. …work out the right way, 10 to 15 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week. …hydrate by drinking water at the right times. That’s it. Knowledge is power. Couple that with discipline, and you will succeed. Purchase from http:/ and receive 3 FREE VIDEOS to enhance your HMH knowledge!

Body Mind Balancing

Author : Osho
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Body Mind Balancing: Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body features meditation methods from one of the twentieth century’s greatest spiritual teachers. Many everyday discomforts and tensions arise from the fact that we are alienated from our bodies. With the help of Osho’s Body Mind Balancing, readers will learn to talk to and reconnect with their bodies. After just a short time, readers will begin to appreciate how much the body has been working for them and supporting them, and from this new perspective one can find new ways to work with the body and create a more harmonious balance of body and mind. Accompanying the book is a CD featuring the meditative therapy “Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind,” spoken by meditation teacher Anando Hefley. Developed by Osho, it guides the listener in reconnecting with his or her body and creating a new and greater sense of well-being. Osho challenges readers to examine and break free of the conditioned belief systems and prejudices that limit their capacity to enjoy life in all its richness. He has been described by the Sunday Times of London as one of the “1000 Makers of the 20th Century” and by Sunday Mid-Day (India) as one of the ten people—along with Gandhi, Nehru, and Buddha—who have changed the destiny of India. Since his death in 1990, the influence of his teachings continues to expand, reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the world.

After Dinner Games

Author : Robert D. Doell
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Aaron Evans isn't looking for mystery or romance when he moves to a quiet Seattle neighborhood and attends services at a local church. He isn't even looking for religion. He is searching for an environment that will further help his children ease the pain of their mother's sudden death two years ago. When Aaron's eight-year-old son draws a picture, in church, of Elvis Presley's ascension to heaven on a toilet seat, it attracts the attention of two very different women. Mildred Vinster, a cantankerous octogenarian, is offended. Holly Lawrence, Aaron's new neighbor is amused. Mildred's murder, a few hours later, leaves Holly heir to an old Bible. A hollowed out section of the Bible contains a bag of synthetic diamonds. The Bible also leaves clues to the location of a wealth of real gems. As Holly's relationship with Aaron turns to love, the mystery surrounding the diamonds deepens. The answer to where the diamonds came from and why Holly received them begins in prewar Nazi Germany and leads from the drug trade in Canada to the casinos of Las Vegas where finding the real diamonds turns into a game of life or death with the odds stacked against them.

Salad for Dinner

Author : Tasha DeSerio
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"This book features whole-meal salads that encompass everything from greens to meat and fish, dairy, and pasta and grain, that deliver healthful, year-round recipes that will satisfy vegetarians and meat-eaters alike"--

FarmVille the Novel Or Zen and the Art of Finding Love and Enlightenment on the Internet

Author : Martin Avery
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"Love is as strong as death, as hard as Hell," they say. Would you like to remain attached to that belief?

Instinct for Freedom

Author : Alan Clements
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After spending ten years in Burma studying as a Buddhist monk, author Alan Clements began travelling the world as a human rights activist. Instinct for Freedom is part memoir and part spiritual inquiry. He details his early years of living in silence in a Burmese monastery, offering a rare, beautiful, and nuanced account of the experience of intensive meditation and what it can offer. He goes on to illuminate a doctrine he calls World Dharma, the belief that no amount of spiritual practice or meditative training can adequately prepare one for life. One must find liberty through living firmly in the present no matter the circumstance. He gives voice to a politically engaged mysticism, based on the irreducible value of freedom. He teaches liberation from fear, ignorance, and dogma, and the elevation of dignity, conscience, and beauty.

How to Make a Grand Success of the Christian Life

Author : John R. Rice
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Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way

Author : Bruce Campbell
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