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Hunting Sports in the West

Author : Cecil B. Hartley
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Hunting Sports in the West Comprising Adventure of the Most Celebrated Hunters and Trappers

Author : Cecil B. Hartley
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Wild Sports of the West

Author : William Hamilton Maxwell
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Wild Sports of the West With Legendary Tales and Local Sketches By the Author of Stories of Waterloo i e William H Maxwell New Edition Revised and Corrected

Author : William Hamilton MAXWELL
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Energy from the West Site specific and regional impact analyses

Author : University of Oklahoma. Science and Public Policy Program
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A Cultural History of Firearms in the Age of Empire

Author : Karen Jones
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Firearms have been studied by imperial historians mainly as means of human destruction and material production. Yet firearms have always been invested with a whole array of additional social and symbolical meanings. By placing these meanings at the centre of analysis, the essays presented in this volume extend the study of the gun beyond the confines of military history and the examination of its impact on specific colonial encounters. By bringing cultural perspectives to bear on this most pervasive of technological artefacts, the contributors explore the densely interwoven relationships between firearms and broad processes of social change. In so doing, they contribute to a fuller understanding of some of the most significant consequences of British and American imperial expansions. Not the least original feature of the book is its global frame of reference. Bringing together historians of different periods and regions, A Cultural History of Firearms in the Age of Empire overcomes traditional compartmentalisations of historical knowledge and encourages the drawing of novel and illuminating comparisons across time and space.

The Sportsman s Directory

Author :
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Epiphany in the Wilderness

Author : Karen R. Jones
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"Whether fulfilling subsistence needs or featured in stories of grand adventure, hunting loomed large in the material and the imagined landscape of the nineteenth-century West. Epiphany in the Wilderness explores the social, political, economic, and environmental dynamics of hunting on the frontier in three “acts,” using performance as a trail guide and focusing on the production of a “cultural ecology of the chase” in literature, art, photography, and taxidermy.Using the metaphor of the theater, Jones argues that the West was a crucial stage that framed the performance of the American character as an independent, resourceful, resilient, and rugged individual. The leading actor was the all-conquering masculine hunter hero, the sharpshooting man of the wilderness who tamed and claimed the West with each provident step. Women were also a significant part of the story, treading the game trails as plucky adventurers and resilient homesteaders and acting out their exploits in autobiographical accounts and stage shows.Epiphany in the Wilderness informs various academic debates surrounding the frontier period, including the construction of nature as a site of personal challenge, gun culture, gender adaptations and the crafting of the masculine wilderness hero figure, wildlife management and consumption, memorializing and trophy-taking, and the juxtaposition of a closing frontier with an emerging conservation movement."

An Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports Or Complete Account of Hunting Shooting Etc

Author : Delabere Pritchett Blaine
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Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports Or Complete Account of Hunting Shooting Fishing Racing Ets A New Ed

Author : Pritchett Blaine-Delabere
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