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I Am a Hitman

Author : Wensley Clarkson
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The unbelievable account of life as a hitman from a man who has been doing it for decades. Hitmen commit heinous crimes virtually every day of the week and, in most instances, we don't even realise. He's been a killer for hire for more than twenty years now, but life as a full-time professional assassin has never been easy. There have been close calls, failed attempts and a lot of looking over his shoulder. And now, he has decided to come clean and seek atonement for his life as a murderer and one of the most covertly dangerous men alive. An account of a life lived between our world and a shadowy underworld of criminals, a life lived under the radar of the law, a life lived in death. This is the true story of a hitman.

I Am A Hitman

Author : Anonymous
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The unbelievable account of life as a hitman from a man who has been doing it for decades. Hitmen commit heinous crimes virtually every day of the week and, in most instances, we don't even realise. I've been a killer for hire for more than twenty years now, but life as a fulltime professional assassin has never been easy. There have been close calls, failed attempts and a lot of looking over my shoulder. And now, I've decided to come clean and seek atonement for my life as a murderer and one of the most covertly dangerous men alive. This is an account of a life lived between our world and a shadowy underworld of criminals... a life lived under the radar of the law... a life lived in death. This is the story of my life as a hitman.

Assassin Nation 1

Author : Kyle Starks
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Hot off her breakout success at Marvel, two-time Eisner award winner ERICA HENDERSON (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Jughead) teams up with KYLE STARKS (writer of sales beast Rick and Morty) for a hilarious twist on the hitman trope that will have readers laughing in the aisles over ASSASSIN NATION. The World's Former Greatest Hitman hires the 20 best assassins in the world to be his bodyguards. These mean-as-hell hired guns and murderers must work together to keep the new crime boss safe while attempting to solve the mystery of who's trying to off him. With the same laugh-until-you-cry spirit of action-comedies like Hot Fuzz, Tropic Thunder, and Deadpool, ASSASSIN NATION is the bombastic, side-splitting murder-fest you've been waiting for.

I Hired A Hitman

Author : Alexis Abbott
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Author :
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The weekly source of African American political and entertainment news.

The Assassin s Heart

Author : Alexis Abbott
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I have two options: Kill her, or make her mine. A web of lies. An assassination. A beautiful maid who was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Everything is at stake, and her life is in my hands. She's everything I always wanted, and never deserved. But now she belongs to me. I need her obedience. I give her the only option: pretend to be my wife and let me get close to my target. It’s a dangerous game, but I’ve already won my prize. She just doesn’t know it yet. Search Terms: romantic suspense, mafia romance, alpha male romance, bad boy romance, alpha male, dark romance, captive romance, age difference, antihero romance, forbidden romance

Agnes and the Hitman

Author : Jennifer Crusie
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Take one food writer named Cranky Agnes, add a hitman named Shane, mix them together with a Southern mob wedding, a missing necklace, two annoyed flamingos, and a dog named Rhett and you've got a recipe for a sexy, hilarious novel about the disastrous side of true love... Agnes Crandall's life goes awry when a dognapper invades her kitchen one night, seriously hampering her attempts to put on a wedding that she's staked her entire net worth on. Then a hero climbs through her bedroom window. His name is Shane, no last name, just Shane, and he has his own problems: he's got a big hit scheduled, a rival trying to take him out, and an ex-mobster uncle asking him to protect some little kid named Agnes. When he finds out that Agnes isn't so little, his uncle has forgotten to mention a missing five million bucks he might have lost in Agnes's house, and his last hit was a miss, Shane's life isn't looking so good, either. Then a bunch of lowlifes come looking for the money, a string of hit men show up for Agnes, and some wedding guests gather with intent to throw more than rice. Agnes and Shane have their hands full with greed, florists, treachery, flamingos, mayhem, mothers of the bride, and—most dangerous of all—each other. Agnes and the Hitman is the perfect combination of sugar and spice, sweet and salty—a novel of delicious proportions.

Last Hit

Author : Jessica Clare
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From two bestselling authors—the first in a deliciously bold new series that takes readers to the most dangerous edge of desire . . . Nikolai: I have been a contract killer since I was a boy. For years I savored the fear caused by my name, the trembling at the sight of my tattoos. The stars on my knees, the marks on my fingers, the dagger in my neck, all spoke of danger. If you saw my eyes, it was the last vision you’d have. I have ever been the hunter, never the prey. With her, I am the mark and I am ready to lie down and let her capture me. Opening my small, scarred heart to her brings out my enemies. I will carry out one last hit, but if they hurt her, I will bring the world down around their ears. Daisy: I’ve been sheltered from the outside world all my life. Home-schooled and farm-raised, I’m so naive that my best friend calls me Pollyanna. I like to believe the best about people. Nikolai is part of this new life, and he’s terrifying to me. Not because his eyes are cold or my friend warns me away from him, but because he’s the only man who has ever seen the real me beneath the awkwardness. With him, my heart is at risk . . . and also, my life.

Hitman with a Limp

Author : Mitchell Pickett
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Marshall Jones was a legendary hitman (at least in his own mind) before a gunshot wound to his ankle forced his early retirement. After limping through a decade of booze, pills, and cheap prostitutes, Marshall's life has become a constant state of misery. One day Marshall learns that Mason, his estranged brother, owes two million dollars to a ruthless drug lord named Medrano. Marshall has to travel to Costa Rica in order to kill Medrano, save his brother, and earn a huge payday. Marshall initially refuses the job, but when he learns that Elise, his twelve-year-old niece, is also involved in the mess, Marshall decides to come out of retirement and get back into the business of killing. Things immediately go wrong for Marshall and he realizes that he's not only rusty, but begins to question whether he ever had any skills as a contract killer in the first place. Dropped into an environment that's part paradise and part hell-on-earth, Marshall is forced to deal with psychotic drug dealers, a deadbeat brother, a sassy niece and the realization that life isn't easy being a hitman with a limp.

The Hitman Diaries

Author : Danny King
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Third volume in Danny King's comedy crime "Diaries" series.


Author : David Foster
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After almost four decades in the music business, David Foster -- producer, arranger, songwriter, performer -- is finally ready to talk. In this compelling and outspoken memoir, Foster shares some of his incredible stories: the first time he met Barbra Streisand, as a young session player in Los Angeles; his first of 15 Grammys® for "After the Love Has Gone," Earth, Wind & Fire's memorable hit; the making of Unison, Celine Dion's English-language debut; the challenges he faced on his way to putting the group Chicago back on the charts; his award-winning contribution to Unforgettable: With Love, Natalie Cole's comeback album; those back-to-back recording sessions with Madonna and Michael Jackson; and the incredible chain of events that spawned Whitney Houston's historic blockbuster, "I Will Always Love You." Foster has worked with superstars of every decade, including: Celine Dion - Josh Groban - Whitney Houston - Michael Bublé - Barbra Streisand - Andrea Bocelli - Madonna - Michael Jackson - Natalie Cole - George Harrison - Earth, Wind & Fire - *NSYNC - Chicago - Paul McCartney - All-4-One - Katharine McPhee - Toni Braxton - Alice Cooper - Olivia Newton-John - Michael Bolton ...and many more. From his unique and privileged vantage point, Foster describes the delicate balancing act between artist and producer, offers revealing portraits of some of those artists at work, and shares his secrets for success in the maddeningly fickle music industry. At its heart, this is the story of a boy with perfect pitch who grew up to become one of the most influential musical forces of our time -- the solid gold hitman who produced the soundtrack of our lives.


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Author : Toby Litt
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Everything Toby Litt touches turns to gold.

Under Contract

Author : Cherokee Paul McDonald
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An undercover cop from the Fort Lauderdale Police Department tells how he posed as a hit man to capture unlikely conspirators trying to murder their relatives or competitors

Stand By Your Hitman

Author : Leslie Langtry
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From National Bestselling author, Leslie Langtry... Missi Bombay invents things—fatal flowers, Jell-O bullets, stroke-inducing panty hose and other ways to kill a target without leaving any trace behind. Living a solitary life on her family's island, she's a great asset to her family of assassins. Unfortunately, the family that kills together also meddles together, and when Missi's mom decides her daughter's life is a little too solitary, she packs Missi off the Costa Rica for an undercover assignment on a low-budget Survival reality TV show. Amidst the ridiculous challenges, tribal voting, and late-night sneaking to the nearby resort, Missi finds herself not only scoping out her family's latest target, but also Lex Danby, the hottest contestant on the island. But Missi's hormones get put on the back burner when someone starts sabotaging the show…and Missi is squarely in the sights of the deadly culprit. Greatest Hits Mysteries available: 'Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy – book #1 Guns Will Keep Us Together – book #2 Stand By Your Hitman – book #3 I Shot You Babe – book #4 Paradise by the Rifles Sights – book #5 Snuff the Magic Dragon - book #6 My Heroes Have Always Been Hitmen – book #7 Four Killing Birds – a holiday short story Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas – a holiday short story What critics are saying: "When it comes to assassin-filled comedy, Langtry has cornered the market!" ~ RT BOOKreviews "Stand By Your Hitman is another sure hit winner." ~ Chicago Tribune "The Bombays deliver again their unique blend of danger, romance and madcap mayhem. Put all of that together with the worst put-together reality show possible, and the result is a fun read." ~ "Fans of the Bombay brood will enjoy their latest escapades as the audience will stand by their hit-woman." ~ Midwest Book Review

Hitman Enemy Within

Author : William C. Dietz
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The clone assassin has been played long enough– now it’s more than a game. Bred to kill, Agent 47 is The Agency’s most valuable assassin. So when a competing murder-for-hire organization decides to destroy The Agency, the first person they target for elimination is Agent 47. Tasking someone to off the best hitman in the business is one thing; getting the job done is another. When the attempt falls short, Agent 47 is ordered to track down and kill the culprit who is feeding vital information about The Agency to its enemies. Agent 47 must follow a bloody trail halfway around the world, fight his way through the streets of Fez, Morocco, and battle slavers deep inside Chad. Then he will discover a shattering truth: If he fails at his mission, the price he’ll pay will be far greater than his own life. . . . From the Paperback edition.

Shepherd Among Wolves

Author : L. H. Kelley
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Chaplain Kelley enters the prison ministry an baby among con artist and killers. How will this play out during the yrs to come as he meets face to face with wolves. Will these murders, witches, hitmen, drug dealers change him or will he change them. His adventures will take him into the deepest of part of the prison and into the deepest torn souls.


Author : Max Kinnings
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A paranoid, reclusive old woman offers you a hundred grand to kill someone. Trouble is, you're no silent assasin and your target is a man endowed with enormous psychic powers. And yes...he quite clearly knows what you're up to. You have two options: 1. Decline the offer. 2. Get a gun, get smashed out of your brain on every drug you can lay your hands on and hit the streets in your souped-up Beamer whilst your "hit" draws you deeper into his bizarre hallucinatory world. The choice is yours. Taking in the sights and sounds of modern London as seen through the bleary eyes of our (tragi-)comic (anti-)hero, HITMAN is inhabited by a cast of grotesque movers and shakers, casualties and misfits, all of them scattered from the corrosive underbelly of the showbiz dream.

100 Hilarious Little Howlers

Author : Stefan R. Dziemianowicz
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Homiletic Review

Author :
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