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I Think I Am In Friend Love With You

Author : Yumi Sakugawa
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I have a confession to make. I think I am in friend-love with you. What's friend-love? It's that super-awesome bond you share with someone who makes you happy every time you text each other, or meet up for an epic outing. It's not love-love. You don't want to swap saliva; you want to swap favorite books. But it's just as intense and just as amazing. And it's this search for that connection that comic-book artist Yumi Sakugawa captures in I Think I Am in Friend-Love with You. It's perfect if you've ever fallen in friend-love and want to show that person how much you love a platonic way, of course.

I think I am going to die

Author : Kathleen Jones
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‘When Miss Katherine Mansfield, the brilliant novelist, passed away the other day in almost the spring of her promise, it was in a curious little oasis in the historic Forest of Fontainebleau . . .’ From 'The Graphic', 10 March 1923 This moving, beautifully written chapter from Kathleen Jones’s biography 'Katherine Mansfield, The Story-teller' (2010), describes Mansfield’s last days and death at a chateau near Paris, the centre of a spiritual movement led by the mysterious Russian philosopher-mystic Georges Gurdjieff. BWB Texts offer a new form of reading for New Zealanders. Commissioned as short digital-only works, BWB Texts unlock diverse stories, insights and analysis from the best of our past, present and future New Zealand writing.

The Friend

Author :
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Konfessions of a Black Lesbian

Author : K. Young
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Enlightenment in its purest form. Raw and unadulterated, we enter the world and the life--a secret life--of a Black Lesbian.

Tempting Fate

Author : Jane Green
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Number one bestselling author Jane Green gives a powerful portrayal of a marriage rocked by betrayal in the stunning Tempting Fate. When Gabby first met Elliott she knew he was the man for her. In twenty years of marriage she has never doubted her love for him - even when he refused to give her the one thing she still wants most of all. But now their two daughters are growing up Gabby feels that time and her youth are slipping away. For the first time in her life she is restless. And then she meets Matt . . . Intoxicated by the way this young, handsome and successful man makes her feel, Gabby is momentarily blind to what she stands to lose on this dangerous path. And in one reckless moment she destroys all that she holds dear. Consumed by regret, Gabby does everything she can to repair the home she has broken. But are some betrayals too great to forgive? Praise for Jane Green: 'A heartbreaking tale of love and family, truly compelling' Closer 'Compulsively readable. I raced through it' Daily Mail 'Green is women's fiction royalty . . . a compelling family drama' Glamour

Love Finds the Way

Author : Barbara Cartland
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When John Chester returned to England after suddenly inheriting a Dukedom he knew his life had changed forever. But he didn't know just how much. Gina Wilton was like a breath of fresh air. But she was also everything John disapproved of in a young women, independent, assertive, always ready to contradict him. Yet she had ideas about restoring his dilapidated castle, and he found he needed her help. The more they were together, the more he noticed how pretty she was, how witty and sparkling. But how could he believe that Gina was attracted to him, when it was she who produced an heiress and advised him to marry her? And when she was so clearly in love with another man. But there were more surprises in store for him. How they sorted out the love triangle in a way that nobody could have anticipated, is all told in this romantic novel, the 665th by BARBARA CARTLAND.


Author : Ms. Remy
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Unveiled, is a Poetic Portal N2 Life through Love, Lust, Pain and deceit. This anthology of adult poems contours the strengths and weaknesses of relationships. It distorts what seems real and makes a fantasy pure reality. My expressions are pure and simple with a twist. These poetic verses take on a life of their own and invite you to become a part of them. It will intoxicate your mind and free your spirit. It will take you into life, and touch on topics that most would not speak of. It leads you through lustful actions, allowing the flesh to lead; with no communication with the mind. Once the lust burns out it will then lead to pain. The feelings and experiences of pain leave a feeling of agony that cuts through to the bone. After pulling through the painful experiences, you are in a mist of confusion; thus leading you to search for the ultimate feeling. Love has no name, no protocol, no right or wrong way, its just love. Once you have experienced true lust, and real pain, you will understand that; you must live life to the fullest and be happy with your decisions. Love becomes the most dominant feeling and it transforms you, it changes the way you walk, you talk, you dress, it evens changes your way of writing. Layer by layer it all comes off, revealing the most inner thoughts and experiences, I give you, Unveiled!

The Christian Library

Author :
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Poem Trees and the Purple K O K O Nut

Author : Sheri Lynn Pritchett
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In this first time published book, Sheri shares and bares her soul, writing about her dreams, family, love, despair, cheaters, marriage, lost hope, hope, sex, faith, honesty, humor, and life in general. Most of this poetry was created through her sense of deep rooted pains. She falls in and out of love with an old flame from 26 years ago. Her "soul mate" and "best friend" is currently married and she goes through "struggles" as noted in her poetry. Sheri Lynn Pritchett in her debut, brings to life in her words, her quirky perceptions with a unique ability, and passion. For any adult who loves what she considers, "outsider" poetry, this book will make you laugh, cry or both, as she depicts life through the eyes of poetry.

Les Liaisons dangereuses

Author : Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
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The complex moral ambiguities of seduction and revenge make Les Liaisons dangereuses (1782) one of the most scandalous and controversial novels in European literature. The subject of major film and stage adaptations, the novel's prime movers, the Vicomte de Valmont and the Marquise de Merteuil, form an unholy alliance and turn seduction into a game - a game which they must win. This new translation gives Laclos a modern voice, and readers will be able a judge whether the novel is as `diabolical' and `infamous' as its critics have claimed, or whether it has much to tell us about the kind of world we ourselves live in. David Coward's introduction explodes myths about Laclos's own life and puts the book in its literary and cultural context. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

So Bright and Delicate Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne

Author : Jane Campion
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Published to coincide with the release of the film Bright Star, written and directed by Oscar Winner Jane Campion (The Piano, In the Cut), starring Abbie Cornish (Elizabeth: The Golden Age) and Ben Whishaw (Brideshead Revisited, Perfume) John Keats died aged just twenty-five. He left behind some of the most exquisite and moving verse and love letters ever written, inspired by his great love for Fanny Brawne. Although they knew each other for just a few short years and spent a great deal of that time apart - separated by Keats' worsening illness, which forced a move abroad - Keats wrote again and again about and to his love, right until his very last poem, called simply 'To Fanny'. She, in turn, would wear the ring he had given her until her death. So Bright and Delicate is the passionate, heartrending story of this tragic affair, told through the private notes and public art of a great poet.

I Was Killed by My Best Friend

Author : Alice Leszek
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Alice is a girl no different from any girl growing up today in America. She lives in Africa but has dreams and a family she loves and who loves her. Soon her life becomes nothing like what most girls here have to encounter. War becomes a looming threat and causes financial loss and periodic separation from loved ones. Gossip leads to mistrust and broken hearts. HIV and AIDS becomes a source of confusion and fear. An antiquated system of marriage leads to homelessness and total lonliness. A friendship is reconcilliated but turns into her biggest curse of all. All the while a relationship with God is all Alice can truly count on.

Prisoners of Love

Author : T.K. Cyan-Brock
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Prisoners of Love 10th Anniversary edition is for the families and friends of the incarcerated and those who want to be supportive to someone going through this situation. It was written by families of the incarcerated with professional insights and advice on topics common to incarceration. Prisoners of Love is empowering but does not sugarcoat the reality of waiting for someone while they are incarcerated. It offers hope, inspiration, and how-to information designed to help the reader navigate through this often heartbreaking situation. Prisoners of Love will help you overcome obstacles and use this time to grow closer and grow better as individuals instead of let the system and situation break you down. When my fianc was sentenced to serve time in prison, I felt lost and alone. After reading Prisoners of Love, I realized that there was still hope for us. Prisoners of Love gave us the encouragement and guidance we needed to bring us through the most difficult time of our relationship.Margaret M. This is a wonderful book for the millions of people who have loved ones on the other side. I keep a copy by my bedside and refer to it when I need encouragement.Sharon, North Carolina T.K. Cyan-Brock is the founder of a website helping the families of the incarcerated since 1996. She has filled the 10th Anniversary edition with even more information that has kept her own family and other families going during times of incarceration.

The Life of Benjamin Franklin Written by Himself

Author : Benjamin Franklin
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Composed from Franklin's autobiography and correspondence, this three-volume 1874 publication recounts the famous American statesman's eventful and inspiring life.

A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend

Author : Emily Horner
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For months, Cass has heard her best friend, Julia, whisper about a secret project. When Julia dies in a car accident, her drama friends decide to bring the project?a musical called Totally Sweet Ninja Death Squad?to fruition. But Cass isn't a drama person. She can?t take a summer of painting sets, and she won?t spend long hours with Heather, the girl who made her miserable all through middle school and has somehow landed the leading role. So Cass takes off. In alternating chapters, she spends the first part of summer on a cross-country bike trip and the rest swallowing her pride, making props, and?of all things?falling for Heather. This is a story of the breadth of love. Of the depth of friendship. And of the most hilarious musical one quiet suburb has ever seen.

All s Fair in Love and Mystery

Author : Deni Bash Hoffman
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Alls Fair In Love And Mystery There are two stories in this book, two mysteries laced with love stories. The first one, One Huge Mountain, concerns a young woman whose husband nearly beat to death. She is left with no memory except for the past three years since she awoke from the coma. She begins a new life in a different city, unaware that her now ex-husband is searching for her. He does not intend to let her live after he finds the formula for the mind-altering drug he hopes to sell. Will the authorities, who are not persuaded that she is amnesic, be able to find her and keep her safe, now that her husband has escaped from prison? The second story is about a mother who never gives up hope that her toddler is alive, even though there is no evidence that supports her maternal instinct. Nearly everyone in the city believes that both young Roger and his father died in the fiery crash. Everyone, that is, except her best friend, her friends husband and his twin brother. Its been a year, and the police, though sympathetic, feel that it was a tragic accident and the case has been closed. Where do the four friends begin to prove that a mothers intuition is not a myth but a fact? Deni Hoffman #54094 Alls fair in Love and Mystery

Heartfelt Spiritual And Inspirational Articles

Author : Gregory D. Darbonne
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Are you going through a trial or trials? This book consists of 15 heartfelt, spiritual and inspirational articles that will encourage you. You will be exposed to God’s word and wisdom. You will be inspired to do the right things and live the right way despite a difficulty or the problems that you may have. It is my hope that your life is enhanced by reading this book. Gregory D. Darbonne

The Life and Letters of Mrs Emily C Judson

Author : Asahel Clark Kendrick
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Who s In Your Social Network

Author : Pam Stenzel
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Online social networking is just a normal part of life for most teens, but many discover too late that uncritical participation can lead to distorted relationships and even stunted personal character. This tech-friendly guidebook will help teens and pre-teens think through the dangers and opportunities of Facebook and other social networks and set healthy boundaries that will keep their hearts and minds safe and strong. They’ll also find frank discussions about sexting, internet pornography and online gaming and find out how to protect themselves and their future from the consequences of sin and addiction. Parents, teachers, educators, youth pastors, counselors and mentors will find the latest information on media and technology to help them guide young lives.

Nineteenth Century Short Stories by Women

Author : Harriet Devine Jump
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This anthology brings together twenty-eight lively and readable short stories by nineteenth-century women writers, including gothic tales to romances, detective fiction and ghost stories. Containing short fiction by well-known authors such as: * Maria Edgeworth * Mary Shelley * Elizabeth Gaskell * Margaret Oliphant Nineteenth-Century Short Stories by Women also includes: * a scholarly introduction * biographies for each of the authors * full explanatory notes and suggestions for further reading * a critical commentary, publication details and historical context * a full and wide-ranging bibliography The bibliography of resources and further reading will enable those interested in pursuing research on any author or topic to do so with ease, and a thematic index will enable teachers to select material best suited to their courses.