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Igniting Darkness

Author : Robin Lafevers
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Sybella locates her fellow assassin and novitiate of the convent of Saint Mortain, only to discover that Genevieve has made a lethal mistake, and there are far-reaching consequences for loved ones entanged in French court intrigues.

The Age of Fire

Author : Nathan Hoturoa Gray
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Commencing from the devastation of Apartheid heralding the rise of Mandela and concluding with the wars erupting throughout the Middle East igniting the religious, racial and cultural transformations occurring all around the planet - this is a journey from Cape to Cairo of a completely different calibre. Nathan Hoturoa Gray travels through some of the planet's most compelling battlegrounds observing from where our species has come and where it is heading. 'The Age of Fire' delivers a powerful statement on humanity covering issues of race relations and global imbalance as we tackle the challenges of the Fifth Cultural Ecology: an era commencing with the end of the Mayan Calendar December 21, 2012. Providing both prophectic and futuristic thinking about how we must attempt to face overpopulation, environmental instability, food and water shortage the book finds the one key global moral that will give humanity a chance to survive and remain dignified through the cataclysmic challenges of the 21st century.

Day of War

Author : Cliff Graham
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In ancient Israel, at the crossroads of the great trading routes, a man named Benaiah is searching for a fresh start in life. He has joined a band of soldiers led by a warlord named David, seeking to bury the past that refuses to leave him. Their ragged army is disgruntled and full of reckless men. Some are loyal to David, but others are only with him for the promise of captured wealth. While the ruthless and increasingly mad King Saul marches hopelessly against the powerful Philistines, loyal son Jonathan in tow, the land of the Hebrew tribes has never been more despondent—and more in need of rescue. Over the course of ten days, from snowy mountain passes to sword-wracked battlefields, Benaiah and his fellow mercenaries must call upon every skill they have to survive and establish the throne for David—if they don’t kill each other first. Day of War brings to life the exploits of the Mighty Men of Israel, a rag-tag band of disgruntled warriors on the run with David, the soon-to-be King. Their legendary deeds are recorded in 2 Samuel 23 and 1 Chronicles 11

Over the Tracks

Author : Cy Emery
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When we left Joseph “Jay Gee” Graham, he had overcome his bullies with the help of his family, his crew, and his mentor; Mr. Thompson. He went on to become the only underclassman on his basketball team and won the heart of his beloved Lanesha. He had begun to accept himself and his difference. However, at the end of the school year, it was announced: Due to the law to desegregate all public schools, West Side High would be closed. All the kids on the West Side of the railroad tracks must attend school on the East Side. Integrated Schools had come to Reservoir City. Knowing at the white school the odds will be stacked against him to make the basketball team, his ticket out of that cesspool of a town and fulfill his promise to his Mama is looking more uncertain than ever. With his brother and confidant Lavelle off at war, his best friend Benny Lee in Juvie, and no word from Lanesha; he’s alone, isolated, wondering if all the marching and protest was worth it. Amidst all the confusion, Jay Gee is finally told the family secret concerning him which complicates matters even more. Faced with a crisis in their home, neighborhood, adolescence, and now integrated school, Jay Gee and the crew must choose between the culture-stripping new school environment or join Reservoir City’s New Underworld growing around them and tracing the steps of their daily walk Over the Tracks.


Author : Charles Green
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Australia's creative output has a particular viv- acity and audacity. This is evident in this snap- shot of exciting contemporary pieces by 114 artist s and artists' groups producing art, craft, cinema, video and digital media art created with the notion that anyone near the cutting edge expects the rules of the game and perspectives to keep

The Ice Lovers

Author : Jean McNeil
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In 2016, Helen, an historian, and David, a government official, journey to a slowly disintegrating Antarctic. Helen goes in search of a story. Three years before their journey, Nara, a young scientist, disappeared from an Antarctic base; she is presumed dead, though her body has never been recovered. When an international emergency forces Helen and David to over-winter in the Antarctic, a more complex story than the official record emerges – of what happened to Nara, the pilot Luke and Nara’s lover Alexander, and of what is happening to the ice. Sitting at Nara’s desk, reading her diaries on a snowed-in Antarctic base, Helen wonders if the ice will ever give up its secrets.

Who is this Arthur

Author : Thomas Hove
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Easter Island

Author : Philip Freund
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Gateway to the Sphinx

Author : Tony Page
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The Innocent Assassins

Author : Loren C. Eiseley
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