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Your Blueprint for Strong Immunity

Author : Dr Jenna Macciochi
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Your Blueprint for Strong Immunity breaks down the science behind our health and shares the secrets of how to be well, for good. Expert immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi has over 20 years' experience as a scientist researching the impact of lifestyle on the immune system in health and disease. Your Blueprint for Strong Immunity guides you through your very own health MOT and Jenna will help you audit your current lifestyle so you are able to identify key areas that might not be serving your health well. In Part Two, you will learn what to do when you fall ill, how to recover from infection and how to build mental resilience. Part three explains how to support your immunity when you live with chronic illness. She includes over 20 of her own delicious and simple recipes to help you nourish your body. 'Dr Jenna is one of the most knowledgeable authorities on Immune Health and has a wonderful ability to communicate an incredibly complicated subject in a profoundly approachable and relatable way. ' - Dr Rupy Aujla, author of The Doctor's Kitchen

The Seven Steps To Naturally Stronger Immunity And Pandemic Survival

Author : Stuart Brown
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The Seven Steps To Naturally Stronger Immunity And Pandemic Survival presents a natural, holistic way of combating the degenerative diseases that wreak havoc on a person's health at any age. This book emphasizes the significance of diet, nutrition, and abstinence from adverse foods to correct homeostasis imbalance. The book casually leads you onto a path of physical health and wellness, while it also introduces with it necessary common sense links to spirituality without cultism. You will learn how to achieve immunity from various pathogens by earning it after following the strict guidelines presented with these pages. In the last 100 years, MDs abandoned natural treatments to treat disease in favor of pharmaceuticals, and the monopoly that ensued drove health care prices into the stratosphere. Seldom mentioned is that after heart disease and cancer, the iatrogenic disease (death by doctors) is the third leading cause of death. With that in mind, isn't it time for you to take responsibility for your health and well being? The Seven Steps To Naturally Stronger Immunity And Pandemic Survival will take you off of a path to a fast demise and change your course to one of increased energy, stamina, hope, longevity, and a better quality of life.

Viral Immunity

Author : J. E. Williams
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HIV, hepatitis, influenza, the common cold, herpes, Ebola, Hantavirus, West Nile fever, dengue, TT virus--the viral world keeps posing new major challenges to human health each year. At the same time as this onslaught of emerging powerful viral infections, our antibiotic arsenals are losing ground and our immune systems are compromised. Can we handle the next viral epidemic? Yes, says James Williams, an experienced, credentialled naturopath, acupuncturist, and expert in traditional Chinese medicine. We can shore up our immune system to handle current and any future viral infections and not be dependent on conventional vaccinations or antibiotics to insure our health. In 10 practical steps, Dr. Williams shows how to develop unassailable viral immunity using natural approaches. If you already have a viral infection, these steps will help you reverse its effects; if you're concerned about exposure to one in the future, these steps will give you the keys to prevention. Included in these steps are the best that natural medicine offers: stress management, enzymes, nutrients, detoxification, oxygen therapy, immune modulators, hormones, natural antiviral medicines and anti-inflammatory medicines, Chinese and Western herbs, and more. "Viral immunity is without question one of the most important health issues of this century," says Dr. Williams. "The message of this book is clear. You can improve your system in general with diet, lifestyle, and natural medicines. Here you will find natural ways of improving immune function, remedies to treat viral infections, and suggestions on how to reframe outdated concepts that could otherwise prevent you from obtaining effective treatment."


Author : Robert G. Lahita
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There is a biological force within the body that wants you to live to old age. While conventionally this force is known in medicine as the immune system, Dr. Bob calls it: “The Biological Soul.” The Biological Soul is designed to protect you and allow you to live a healthy life. This force is tangible, measurable, lives within the physical body and determines our age and wellbeing through life. It is physical and complex and, in many ways, spiritual. It is affected by life’s stresses, by diets, and by overall health and though not immortal; it both shapes your life and your life shapes it. IMMUNITY STRONG walks readers through how the immune system works, what makes it implode or keeps it safe and what modern science reveals about how it connects to every part of the body to keep it alive—as the seat of our “Biological Soul.” Written in Dr. Bob’s trade-mark down-to earth style, the book explains that the normal immune system functions like a police department protecting the body from harm. While as a nation we have recently been focused on the effects of infections, the book reveals that it is important to note that disorders of immunity are at the root of most diseases that shorten or impact our lives. From chronic pain and fatigue syndromes, heart disease and clogged arteries and even the ability to recognize and destroy cancer, to multiple sclerosis, lupus, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune disorders are all linked to one or another glitch in the immune system. The purpose of this book is to provide significant information on the incredible complexity of the immune system and how the integration of spiritual, scientific, and emotional values can enhance health. It is Dr. Bob’s hope that readers will find a new appreciation of the miracle that is the physical body and to understand the potential within our Biological Soul to promote longevity and overall happiness to life. IMMUNITY STRONG: Boost Your Body's Natural Healing Power and Live to 100 is a must-read for anyone wishing to nurture and enhance their health.

Health and Disease According to Darwinian Evolution

Author : Shahriar Khan
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We know much about the construction and functioning of the human body, but rarely ask how and why the human body came into existence. The evolution of the human body and mind provides answers to longstanding and hard-to-answer questions on human health, disease and treatment. The Quantum theory gives the most fundamental explanation of the creation of atoms and molecules, organic compounds, DNA and its replication, crossover during Meiosis, etc. Central is the theme that our bodies are made of the very product of primordial supernova explosions from billions of years ago. Understanding the body may be the ultimate extension of quantum physics and evolution. Man, his fellow animals, health, germs, and disease are a huge mystery novel, and it is for us to solve with evolution how it all happened. For thousands or millions of years, man s DNA was programmed by natural selection from his life as a hunter gatherer or a farmer. Our genetic makeup has been unable to keep pace with the rapid changes in diet, lifestyle and environment over the last few decades. Much of today s health disorders arise from the DNA s inability to cope with these rapid changes. The internal environment of the body contains at least hundreds of chemicals, organic and inorganic, detectable and undetectable, known and unknown. We can never hope to know all the chemicals and their reactions. A new concept is introduced about our hidden arms race with farm animals. This book is based on an understanding of evolution of human life, and life in general on the planet. It has a common-sense approach to immunity, and the ability of the body to heal itself. The approaches are not dramatic new discoveries, but an extension of well-established principles of anthropology and evolution. The language does not require specialized knowledge, and may be read by anyone with an interest in health and disease.

Ultimate Immunity

Author : Elson Haas
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If you think your immune system is a simple thing that only helps you fight off colds and flus, think again. It is in fact a highly complex, protective, and intelligent system that can bolster health and healing from head to toe. However, a number of factors--from illnesses you've had to the medications you take to the toxins you interact with on a daily basis--can throw your immune system off balance, resulting in excessive inflammation that worsens allergies and pain and even leads to serious chronic conditions. The good news: You can feed, nourish, and train your immune system to work better for you. In Ultimate Immunity, health experts Drs. Elson Haas and Sondra Barrett will lead you through a unique plan aimed at balancing, amplifying, and managing your intricate immune health. With a 5-day healing diet to reset the immune system, delicious foods and recipes to nourish immune cells, and testimonials from people who used these methods to overcome chronic pain and health issues, Ultimate Immunity is the guidebook to total health.

Analysis of Infectious Disease Problems Covid 19 and Their Global Impact

Author : Praveen Agarwal
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This edited volume is a collection of selected research articles discussing the analysis of infectious diseases by using mathematical modelling in recent times. Divided into two parts, the book gives a general and country-wise analysis of Covid-19. Analytical and numerical techniques for virus models are presented along with the application of mathematical modelling in the analysis of their spreading rates and treatments. The book also includes applications of fractional differential equations as well as ordinary, partial and integrodifferential equations with optimization methods. Probability distribution and their bio-mathematical applications have also been studied. This book is a valuable resource for researchers, scholars, biomathematicians and medical experts.

The Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Foods

Author : Victoria Shanta Retelny
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Eat better. Live longer. The Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Foods is for readers who want the best scientifically researched recommendations for foods used for the treatment of specific conditions. It covers foods for a variety of conditions- from the most serious ailments like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes to important issues like high cholesterol and blood pressure, sleep disorders, memory problems, allergies, PMS, migraines, and arthritis.

Healing Starts Now Expanded Edition

Author : Joan Hunter
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Heal and receiving healing! Prayers and precise instructions give you the power from God you need to heal the sick and bring hope to the hopeless. Share His power with someone you love today! One day as He [Jesus] was teaching…the power of the Lord was present for Him to heal the sick (Luke 5:17 NIV).This same power is present in you today! Author Joan Hunter has been praying for the sick for 40 years, and has seen multiple thousands of miracles and healings. You too can: Receive and retain healing. Allow God to use you. Know how to approach someone who needs healing. Effectively pray for healing. Lay hands on the sick and they will recover (Mark 16:18b). Fulfill the Great Commission. Discover what is in your tool box. Healing Starts Now contains the clearest and simplest instructions for ministering healing ever written. It takes much of the mystery out of healing prayer, and your fear of praying for the sick will disappear. You will pray for the sick with confidence, knowing God will heal. The book is full of proven effective directions and diagrams that precisely detail how to heal the sick along with specific prayers for hundreds of conditions. You will lay hands on the sick and they will recover!

Health from the Seas

Author : John Croft
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Did you know that a substance in the backbone of an arrow squid can naturally reduce cholesterol levels? In Health from the Seas, Marine scientist John Croft not only describes the many nutritious treasures found underwater, but also offers scientific proof of the various ways they can promote health and healing. Each of ten chapters first focuses on a health condition or several related problems, and then discusses the oceanic gift that can be used to relieve that disorder.