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Immunology of Pregnancy and Cancer

Author : Valentin Ivanovich Govallo
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Immunology of Pregnancy & Cancer

Immunobiology of Transplantation Cancer and Pregnancy

Author : Prasanta K. Ray
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Cancer and Pregnancy

Author : Eytan R. Barnea
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Cancer and Pregnancy covers the clinical challenges to diagnosing and treating malignancies in the pregnant patient; however, the book also shows how an understanding of the common features of both processes (rapid cell proliferation) may lead to novel anti-cancer treatment options. The book should be read by obstetricians and gynaecologists, clinical oncologists, reproduction specialists, and those involved in investigation of development, biology, toxicology, immunology, as well as cancer research.

Reproductive Immunology

Author : Gil Mor
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Reproductive Immunology: Basic Concepts gives a holistic insight into the understanding of the complex interactions between the maternal immune system and the fetal/placental unit necessary for the success of pregnancy. This interaction is critical for the support of the human fetal semiallograft and the protection against infections. The book covers various topics such as B cells, macrophages, T cells, discussion on fetal signals and their impact on maternal reproductive cells such as endometrial cells, mast cells, and the role of fetal Hofbauer cells, the immune regulatory role of glucorticoids, and many other novel topics within the field of reproductive immunology. Edited and written by experts in the field, this book introduces the up-to-date knowledge of the role of the immune system during pregnancy and provides the necessary background to understand pregnancy complications associated with alterations in the functioning of the immune system. The book provides a complete discussion on the immunological aspects of pregnancy and serves as a great tool for research scientists, students, reproductive immunologists and OBGYNs. Shows the detailed evaluation of the knowledge related to each immune cell type in the pregnant and not pregnant uterus Evaluates each immune cell type and its function during specific reproductive events Provides the biological background for understanding the clinical aspects that will be discussed in subsequent volumes in the series

Immunology of Pregnancy

Author : Gil Mor
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This book covers in detail contemporary hypotheses and studies related to the immunology of implantation and provides a practical approach for the application of basic reproductive immunology research to pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia, pre-term labor and IUGR. Provides complete and up to date review of current knowledge of the role of the immune system during pregnancy and the interactions between the placenta and the maternal immune system.

Autoimmune Disorders

Author : Clio Mavragani
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The present edition entitled "Autoimmune disorders - Pathogenetic aspects" aims to present the current available evidence of etiopathogenetic insights of both systemic and organ specific autoimmune disorders, the crossover interactions among autoimmunity, cardiovascular morbidity and malignancy as well as novel findings in the exciting fields of osteoimmunology and immunology of pregnancy.

Osteoimmunology and Cancer Clinical Implications

Author : Evangelos Terpos
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Immunity to Mycobacteria

Author : Ian Orme
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Proceedings of 7th World Congress on Breast Cancer 2018

Author : ConferenceSeries
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May 10-11, 2018 Frankfurt, Germany Key topics : Breast Cancer- Present Perspective, Screening, Detecting and Diagnosing Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Therapy , Prevention and Medicine, Surgery Choices for Breast Cancer, Personilized Medicine- A Redefined Treatment, Breast Cancer-Clinical Trials, Rehabiliation/Survivorship after Treatment, Male Breast Cancer, Case Studies, Breast Cancer Nursing, Industries and Investors Meet, Call For Workshops/Symposia, Breast Cancer Stages, Lifestyle and Breast Cancer, Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Controversies Related to Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer and Pregnancy, Current and Future State, Immunology and Breast Cancer

A Possible Link Between Autoimmunity and Cancer

Author : Erika Cristaldi
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