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Imposed Reality

Author : Ahlam Aj
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Elizabeth Wheeler lives in a small town, sings in the church choir, and dreams of a man who will sweep her off her feet. Instead, she is thrust into a series of events beyond her control leading to passion, madness, betrayal, and ultimately, murder! Can she ever set thing right?

Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 20

Author : J.D. Westwood
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Since 1992, when it began as the "Medicine Meets Virtual Reality" conference, NextMed/MMVR has been a forum for researchers utilizing IT advances to improve diagnosis and therapy, medical education, and procedural training. Scientists and engineers, physicians and other care providers, educators and students, military medicine specialists, futurists, and industry: all come together with the shared goal of making healthcare more precise and effective. This book presents the proceedings of the 20th NextMed/MMVR conference, held in San Diego, California, USA, in February 2013. It covers a wide range of topics: simulation, modeling, imaging, data visualization, haptics, robotics, sensors, interfaces, plasma medicine, and more. Key applications include simulator design, information-guided therapies, learning tools, mental and physical rehabilitation, and intelligence networking. During the past two decades, healthcare has been transformed by progress in computer-enabled technology, and NextMed/MMVR has played a prominent role in this transformation.


Author : Justine Bateman
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"Wholly riveting." --New York Times Book Review "Justine Bateman was famous before selfies replaced autographs, and bags of fan mail gave way to Twitter shitstorms. And here's the good news: she took notes along the way. Justine steps through the looking glass of her own celebrity, shatters it, and pieces together, beyond the shards and splinters, a reflection of her true self. The transformation is breathtaking. Revelatory and raucous, fascinating and frightening, Fame is a hell of a ride." --Michael J. Fox, actor, author of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future "In a new book, Fame: The Hijacking of Reality, the two-time Emmy nominee takes a raw look at the culture of celebrity, reflecting on her stardom at its dizzying peak--and the 'disconcerting' feeling as it began to fade." --People Magazine A Book Soup (Los Angeles, CA) best seller, October 15–21, 2018 "As the title Fame: The Hijacking of Reality more than implies, this is a book about the complicated aspects of all things fame." --Vanity Fair "Bateman digs into the out-of-control nature of being famous, its psychological aftermath and why we all can't get enough of it." --New York Post "The Family Ties alum has written the rawest, bleakest book on fame you're ever likely to read. Bateman's close-up of the celeb experience features vivid encounters with misogyny, painful meditations on aging in Hollywood, and no shortage of theses on social media's wrath." --Entertainment Weekly "Bateman addresses the reader directly, pouring out her thoughts in a rapid-fire, conversational style. (Hunter S. Thompson is saluted in the acknowledgments.)...But her jittery delivery suits the material--the manic sugar high of celebrity and its inevitable crash. Bateman takes the reader through her entire fame cycle, from TV megastar, whose first movie role was alongside Julia Roberts, to her quieter life today as a filmmaker. She is as relentless with herself as she is with others." --Washington Post "While Bateman's new book Fame: The Hijacking of Reality (out now) touches on the former teen starlet's experience in the public eye, it's not a memoir. Far from it, in fact--it's instead an intense meditation on the nature of fame, and a glimpse into the repercussions it has on both the individual experiencing it and the society that keeps the concept alive." --Entertainment Weekly "Bateman takes an unsentimental look at the nature of celebrity worship in her first book, Fame: The Hijacking of Reality." --LA Weekly Entertainment shows, magazines, websites, and other channels continuously report the latest sightings, heartbreaks, and triumphs of the famous to a seemingly insatiable public. Millions of people go to enormous lengths to achieve Fame. Fame is woven into our lives in ways that may have been unimaginable in years past. And yet, is Fame even real? Contrary to tangible realities, Fame is one of those "realities" that we, as a society, have made. Why is that and what is it about Fame that drives us to spend so much time, money, and focus to create the framework that maintains its health? Mining decades of experience, writer, director, producer, and actress Justine Bateman writes a visceral, intimate look at the experience of Fame. Combining the internal reality-shift of the famous, theories on the public's behavior at each stage of a famous person's career, and the experiences of other famous performers, Bateman takes the reader inside and outside the emotions of Fame. The book includes twenty-four color photographs to highlight her analysis.

The Violence of Interpretation

Author : Piera Aulagnier
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Published in English for the first time, this is a seminal work by an original and creative analytical thinker. Piera Aulagnier's The Violence of Interpretation bridges the work of Winnicott and Lacan, putting forward a theory of psychosis based on children's early experiences. The author's analysis of the relationship between the other's communications and the infant's psychic experience. and of the pre-verbal stage of development of unconscious fantasy starting from the 'pictogram', have fundamental implications for the psychoanalytic theory of development. She developed Lacan's ideas to enable the treatment of severe psychotic states. Containing detailed discussion of clinical material, and written in the author's precise yet provocative style, The Violence of Interpretation is a welcome addition to the New Library of Psychoanalysis.

Borges Language and Reality

Author : Alfonso J. García-Osuna
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This book brings together the work of several scholars to shed light on the Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges' complex relationship with language and reality. A critical assumption driving the work is that there is, as Jaime Alazraki has put it, 'a genuine effort to overcome the narrowness that Western tradition has imposed as a master and measure of reality' in Borges' writing. That narrowness is in large measure a consequence of the chronic influence of positivist approaches to reality that rely on empirical evidence for any authentication of what is 'real'. This study shows that, in opposition to such restrictions, Borges saw in fiction, in literature, the most viable means of discussing reality in a pragmatic manner. Moreover, by scrutinising several of the author's works, it establishes signposts for considering the truly complicated relationship that Borges had with reality, one that intimately associates the 'real' with human perception, insight and language.

Dropping out of Socialism

Author : Juliane Fürst
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This multidisciplinary collection of essays examines alternative subcultures in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union during the era of late socialism. The contributors analyze how these marginal communities rejected mainstream socialist culture, sought ideological and physical space from the state, and contributed to the demise of the USSR.

The Freudian Reading

Author : Lis Møller
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Selected by Choice magazine as an Outstanding Academic Title In The Freudian Reading, Lis Møller examines the premises, procedures, and objectives of psychoanalytic reading in order to question the kind of knowledge such readings produce. But above all, she questions the role of Freud as master explicator. Although Freud has been seen as a great synthesizer, Møller contends that his significance as a reader lies elsewhere. For Møller, this significance lies in the way Freud presses his inquiry to the point where he encounters something he cannot explain or that he can only explain at the risk of overthrowing previous conclusions. Such moments of crisis occur repeatedly in Freud's work, causing him to swerve from his original train of thought, or even to call into question the theoretical foundation of his interpretation. The dominant line of argument, therefore, is frequently punctuated with problems and questions. If we concentrate on these, Møller argues, we are forced to reconsider the traditional conception of a Freudian reading and to reassess our perceived notions of just what kind of reader Freud was. While The Freudian Reading is based on a wide range of Freud's writings, it concentrates on four central texts: Delusions and Dreams in Jensen's Gradiva, From the History of an Infantile Neurosis, The Uncanny, and Constructions in Analysis. The discussion does not progress chronologically. Rather, it explores the ways in which these texts interact: how they reflect, comment on, and contradict one another. The Freudian Reading is a concentrated, subtle analysis of Freud's interpretive practice, with special reference to his interpretations of literary texts. It will be of interest to scholars and students of literary theory and criticism as well as to readers in the field of psychoanalysis.

Environmental Problem Solving

Author : Alan Miller
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Human influences create both environmental problems and barriers to effective policy aimed at addressing those problems. In effect, environmental managers manage people as much as they manage the environment. Therefore, they must gain an understanding of the psychological and sociopolitical dimensions of environmental problems that they are attempting to resolve. In Environmental Problem Solving, Alan Miller reappraises conventional analyses of environmental problems using lessons from the psychosocial disciplines. He combines the disciplines of ecology, political sociology and psychology to produce a more adaptive approach to problem-solving that is specifically geared toward the environmetal field. Numerous case studies demonstrate the practical application of theory in a way that is useful to technical and scientific professionals as well as to policy makers and planners. Alan Miller is Professor of Psychology at the University of New Brunswick.

Life the Universe and Everything

Author : Ric Machuga
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No philosophical idea, no matter how small, can live alone. Ideas always gain their force, power, and life from their surroundings - their ecosystem. The ecosystem of ideas defended in this book comes from the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle and his medieval interpreter, Thomas Aquinas. The ongoing relevance of their philosophical thought to twenty-first century issues is opened up in fascinating ways in this book. Life, the Universe, and Everything is the product of thirty years of teaching introductory courses in philosophy. Assuming no prior background, it only requires of readers an enquiring mind and a willingness to think carefully. An ideal guide to the big questions we face.

Illusions of Reality

Author : James H. Korn
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Examines the origins and the development of the use of deception in psychological research to create illusions of reality.

Conversation in a Train and Other Critical Writings

Author : Frank Sargeson
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Frank Sargeson wrote fiction for over half a century as well as occasional criticism in many forms and on many topics. Writers considered include D. H. Lawrence, Sherwood Anderson, Henry Lawson and Olive Schreiner besides fellow New Zealanders such as Katherine Mansfield, Janet Frame, Dan Davin, James Courage, Bill Pearson, and Ronald Hugh Morrieson. He was particularly concerned with societies which grew on the nineteenth-century European colonial frontiers, and with the writers they produced. A comprehensive bibliography of Sargeson's non-fiction prose is included.

Selling Out

Author : Howard Woodhouse
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In a powerful defence of the values that define education, Howard Woodhouse uses concrete and vivid examples to show how universities in Canada have been engulfed by the market model of education and how administrators have done little to resist this trend.

Mapping Reality

Author : Geoff King
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An original and wide-ranging study of the mappings used to impose meaning on the world, Mapping Reality argues that maps create rather than merely represent the ground on which they rest. Distinctions between map and territory questioned by some theorists of the postmodern have always been arbitrary. From the history of cartography to the mappings of culture, sexuality and nation, Geoff King draws on an extensive range of materials, including mappings imposed in the colonial settlement of America, the Cold War, Vietnam and the events since the collapse of the Soviet bloc. He argues for a deconstruction of the opposition between map and territory to allow dominant mappings to be challenged, their contours redrawn and new grids imposed.

Psychological Reality

Author : K. Hillner
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This volume presents one possible conceptual analysis of the task of constructing a model of psychological reality, so that psychology's pluralistic state can be put into perspective. Chapters 1 and 2 specify the essential input assumptions of the analysis, establish the boundary conditions of the treatise, preview the kinds of decisions involved in the construction process, and present some necessary background information. Chapters 3 to 5 collectively abstract out possible psychological universes and recount the dominant classical and contemporary models of psychological reality framework. Chapters 6 to 9 focus on the philosophical input into psychology, especially as related to the nature of humanity, the mind-body problem, scientific explanation, and the discipline's two fundamental analytical categories: behavior and experience. Chapters 10 to 12 highlight many of the cultural and pragmatic constraints imposed on any model of psychological reality by considering the applied, contextual and relational aspects of psychology.

Frictions in Cosmopolitan Mobilities

Author : Rodanthi Tzanelli
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This groundbreaking book investigates the clash between a desire for unfettered mobility and the prevalence of inequality, exploring how this generates frictions in everyday life and how it challenges the ideal of just cosmopolitanism. Reading fictional and popular cultural texts against real global contexts, it develops an ‘aesthetics of justice’ that does not advocate cosmopolitan mobility at the expense of care and hospitality but rather interrogates their divorce in neoliberal contexts.

The Law of God Its Reality Requirements and Penalty a Short Treatise Etc

Author : J. HOPKINS (D.D., of Chagrin Falls, Ohio.)
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The Lochner Court Myth and Reality

Author : Michael J. Phillips
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Examining the Supreme Court's 1897-1937 substantive due process cases, Phillips attacks long-held beliefs about the so-called Lochner Court.

Reality Boxes

Author : Ingo Swann
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THE REALITY OF HUMAN REALITY BOXES In this lucid and absorbing work, Ingo Swann opens up the continuing story about the fuller extent of human consciousness and limitations imposed on it by human reality boxes, a.k.a. "socially constructed realities" and "personal realities." All cultures, societies, and individuals have fashioned reality boxes. Like language-making and other innate factors, this clearly indicates that somewhere in the motherboard of human consciousness there exists a versatile innate capability to do so. As advanced researchers of consciousnesses are beginning to suspect, this means that behind all of the thousands upon thousands of reality boxes are the impressive factors of innate human consciousness itself — the sum of which must be far, far greater than smaller "reality" versions of it found in limited reality boxes — from which many seek to escape. However, "getting out of the box" is something like escaping a prison, which one cannot really achieve unless one learns a great deal about the nature of the prison itself. Most reality-box constructions omit mention of how awesome and wonderful the individual and collective consciousness of our species actually is. Even so, this magical aspect of ourselves can be retrieved from the many wreckages brought about via conflicting reality-box endeavors. After all, the panorama of innate human consciousness does survive, and is always "there" behind whatever reality boxes are superimposed on it.

Enlightenment to Enlightenment

Author : Henri Atlan
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This book is a thorough and critical, comparative analysis of the logic of modern scientific thought and of traditional teachings generally referred to as mythological and mystical. Different rationalities with different domains of interest and legitimacy exist, which should not be confused and cannot be unified in any theory of "Ultimate Reality." Atlan suggests they must coexist in practice, although each of them presents itself as an exclusive and all-encompassing truth. The book introduces teachings from Jewish talmudic, midrashic, and kabbalist sources and text from Zen and Taoism to exemplify the kind of rationality or controlled irrationality at work in such traditional thinking.

Translation Perspectives The theater of translation

Author : Marilyn Gaddis Rose
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