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Improving the Landscape of Your Life

Author : Peter Burwash
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Peter Burwash reveals twelve essential habits for succeeding and understanding ture happiness, form 'Having the Courage to Change' to 'Simplifying Our Lives'. Although Peter's book is presented in bite size chapters, don't let this fool you. Here is wealth of wisdom that everyone can apply to improve the landscape of their lives. A practical approach to achieving new levels of personal effectiveness and happiness. Twelve essential habits for achieving your professional and personal potential. Proof that our happiness is a by-product of our service to higher ideals and other people. It is not dependent on our our wealth and personal possessions.

Reflect Yourself Exploring Assessing Understanding and Improving Your Life

Author : Michael P. McNally
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Self-help gurus often claim to have discovered the formula for a successful life. Just follow steps A, B, and C, they assure you, and happiness will be yours. The problem is, success and happiness mean different things to different people, and following someone else's path won't necessarily get you where you want to be. Reflect Yourself: Exploring, Assessing, Understanding, and Improving Your Life takes a different approach. Rather than providing a road map to a predetermined destination, Michael P. McNally gives you the tools you need to chart the terrain of your own psyche. Once you understand who you are, it becomes possible to look beyond your day-to-day routine -- and identify what you need to do to give your life meaning.

101 Ways to Improve Your Health with Body Work

Author : Alan E. Smith
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How to Make Good Things Happen Know Your Brain Enhance Your Life

Author : Marian Rojas Estape
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An empowering journey through the mechanisms of the mind from one of the world’s leading mental health experts. For those in pursuit of a better life, psychiatrist Marian Rojas Estapé presents the essential guide to neuroscience-driven mindfulness. Understanding your brain, managing your emotions, and being aware of your responses to stressors can give you greater self-control. Rather than a gimmicky guidebook, this is a thorough look at how our brains react to stress, threats, hyperstimulation, and the vices of our digital age. With proven techniques backed by solid, up-to-date psychiatric research, Estapé teaches us how to make the best of our lives. Combining science, psychology, and philosophy, Estapé delivers practical advice about how we can cultivate a happy existence. This includes understanding the parts of the brain, setting healthy goals and objectives, strengthening willpower, cultivating emotional intelligence, developing assertiveness, avoiding excessive self-criticism and self-demand, and mastering the proven art of optimism.

Life Makeovers

Author : Cheryl Richardson
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Author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Take Time for Your Life now shows you how to reclaim your life one week at a time Cheryl Richardson, bestselling author and one of the most sought-after lecturers in the country, knows firsthand how tough it can be to juggle the daily demands of living in a fast-paced world, and how easily you can become disconnected from your true self and what makes you happy. In Life Makeovers, Cheryl has taken all the know-how and insight she has gleaned from her years as a personal coach and distilled it into a simple, year-long program that shows how making small changes, over time, can have a huge impact on the quality of your life. In fifty-two simple yet profound essays, Richardson provides a plan for both reflecting and taking action, along with specific, practical advice and exercises to help readers gradually and permanently remodel their lives, week by week. Easy to use and fun to read, this workbook is the perfect companion to Take Time for Your Life. Topics include: The Gift of Time: It's Self-Management, Not Time Management Are We Having Fun Yet: When Life Gets Too Serious, Here's What to Do Give Your Brain a Vacation: For Finding the Best Ideas, Try This Standing in the Shadow: Whose Talent Are You Hiding Behind? Stop Juggling and Start Living: Here Are Some of the Balls to Drop Close Encounters: How to Make a Deeper Connection with Others Her brief, personal essays will inspire you to make changes, and her Take Action Challenges, which appear with comprehensive resource sections at the end of every essay, will guide you through small steps that will slowly teach you to think, act, love, work, and even laugh in a whole new way. Written in Cheryl's signature, heartwarming style, Life Makeovers is the ideal book for anyone looking for a balanced way to reclaim their life one step at a time. How often do you daydream about living a better life—a life that reflects more of you, your values and deepest desires? How many times have you come to the end of a busy week and toyed with the fantasy of packing abag and leaving it all behind? The "Life Makeover" program is a powerful year-long program for change. It is designed to support you in changing your life one week at a time. Each chapter consists of a topic of the week and contains a Take Action Challenge and a Resources section to support you in taking action quickly and easily. Be prepared for your life to unfold in wonderful ways. As you clean up the clutter, reconnect with your inner wisdom, strengthen your character, and take on the challenges of high-quality living, you'll find that the lost parts of yourself start to come together to form a pretty amazing life!

Zen and the Art of Subration

Author : Ashoka Annamaya Ishaya
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Zen and the Art of Subration is a three-part masterwork arising from the author’s thirty-five-year journey to overcome cultural conditioning and achieve the ultimate transformation: living on light and oxygen. Ashoka Annamaya Ishaya shares an intimate look into how she discovered tantric and Taoist practices for cultivating immortality and integrated them into her life. She follows up this first-person account with a teaching guide distilling knowledge and practices aimed at readers on their own transformative path toward achieving your immortal jing cycle. Ishaya believes that if a critical mass of humans commit to the process of sustainable immortality, we can affect the evolution of our entire species. Ishaya pursues an illuminating range of questions: • Are we as a species destined to be enlightened? • Can we apply mindfulness skills to evolve our physiology? • How can our health-care system better support the maturation of our species? • Can we become an immortal species? The treatise concludes with a scholarly overview of noted prophets from varied traditions and times who have taught and fostered transformation of consciousness and sustainability of culture.

Landscape Genetics

Author : Niko Balkenhol
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LANDSCAPE GENETICS: CONCEPTS, METHODS, APPLICATIONS LANDSCAPE GENETICS: CONCEPTS, METHODS, APPLICATIONS Edited by Niko Balkenhol, Samuel A. Cushman, Andrew T. Storfer, Lisette P. Waits Landscape genetics is an exciting and rapidly growing field, melding methods and theory from landscape ecology and population genetics to address some of the most challenging and urgent ecological and evolutionary topics of our time. Landscape genetic approaches now enable researchers to study in detail how environmental complexity in space and time affect gene flow, genetic drift, and local adaptation. However, learning about the concepts and methods underlying the field remains challenging due to the highly interdisciplinary nature of the field, which relies on topics that have traditionally been treated separately in classes and textbooks. In this edited volume, some of the leading experts in landscape genetics provide the first comprehensive introduction to underlying concepts, commonly used methods, and current and future applications of landscape genetics. Consistent with the interdisciplinary nature of the field, the book includes textbook-like chapters that synthesize fundamental concepts and methods underlying landscape genetics (Part 1), chapters on advanced topics that deserve a more in-depth treatment (Part 2), and chapters illustrating the use of concepts and methods in empirical applications (Part 3). Aimed at beginning landscape geneticists and experienced researchers alike, this book will be helpful for all scientists and practitioners interested in learning, teaching, and applying landscape genetics.

Family and Community in and Out of the Classroom Ways to Improve Mathematics Achievement

Author : Javier Díez-Palomar
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Family and community in and out of the classroom introduce the reader to the field of family engagement in mathematics teaching and learning processes. Scientific evidence collected by the European Union throughout many different studies in a number of research programs, highlights researchers' increasing interest for the role that families play in the process of learning. There is a set of evidence demonstrating the positive impact of family engagement and students' performance. In this book we collect the main findings achieved in the frame of FAMA - Family Math for Adult Learners. Drawing on these results, it seems clear that activities conducted in and out of the classroom have a strong impact on students' scores in mathematics. Throughout this book, the reader will find what are the main trends in mathematics family education in Europe and other World regions, as well as what are the more successful actions in this field.

50 Ways to Improve your French Teach Yourself

Author : Lorna Wright
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Do you have a working knowledge of French, but want to improve? Allow this book to come to your rescue and eliminate basic errors and slips of the pen. Each one of 50 top tips for improving your spoken and written French is presented and analysed across a whole double page, with explanations as to where and why people sometimes go wrong. The tips are grouped into grammar, spelling, false friends, pronunciation and cultural faux pas sections. There's even free downloadable audio content available to help you with your pronunciation. Polish your French with this brand new series from Teach Yourself - the No. 1 brand in language learning. 50 ways to improve your French touches all essential bases and is divided into the following easily digestible sections: Only got a minute? A 60-second introduction to French to get you started. Only got five minutes? Get to grips with French and its common pitfalls even if you're short of time. Only got ten minutes? Use your free time wisely to learn something about the French language. Insights Instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on Lorna Wright and Marie-Jo Morelle's many years of experience. Test yourself Tests online to keep track of your progress. Articles Extra information to keep you motivated. Summaries Quick refreshers to help you remember the key facts. Grammar Easy-to-follow building blocks to give you a clear understanding. Pronunciation Don't sound like a tourist - polish your pronunciation before you go. Audio Downloadable audio support online to help with key areas - iPod/MP3 compatible For your free audio download please visit:

Contemporary Urban Landscapes of the Middle East

Author : Mohammad Gharipour
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The Middle East is well-known for its historic gardens that have developed over more than two millenniums. The role of urban landscape projects in Middle Eastern cities has grown in prominence, with a gradual shift in emphasis from gardens for the private sphere to an increasingly public function. The contemporary landscape projects, either designed as public plazas or public parks, have played a significant role in transferring the modern Middle Eastern cities to a new era and also in transforming to a newly shaped social culture in which the public has a voice. This book considers what ties these projects to their historical context, and what regional and local elements and concepts have been used in their design.