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In Pursuit of Inspiration

Author : Rae Dunn
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In this visually rich hardcover volume, beloved artist Rae Dunn shares her favorite techniques for approaching a blank page. From drawing with your nondominant hand to sketching with objects found in nature, each chapter offers a simple yet surprising catalyst to help readers get in touch with their own creativity. Full of gorgeous watercolors, sketches, original patterns, dreamy photography, and hand-lettered insight from the author, In Pursuit of Inspiration offers a unique glimpse into the process of a successful fine artist. It's the perfect how-to book for artists of all skill levels who prefer freeform experimentation to step-by-step instruction.

In the Pursuit of Height

Author : Paul W. Matthews
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“A Cult Classic in the Making.” How to Attain Your Unrealistic Goals, Develop Abundance Mindset and Always Maintain Growth in Some of the Most Confusing Times in Human History! “Have you ever felt like trying to balance different areas of your life but for some reason all the puzzle pieces do not fit?” “Perhaps you find yourself constantly making excuses to not live your life to the fullest and are regretting many of your decisions?” “Are you sick and tired of getting in the way of your true potential?” If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, please read on . . . Within In the Pursuit of Height, you will uncover what you have been missing to prepare yourself for success in life and unlock your true potential. I thought that the school system and society were going to prepare me for life and success. I was wrong . . . dead wrong! I have realized that the “blind leading the blind” approach will never work and that I had to find my own way toward happiness. The school system and society is just not designed to teach you how to live life, face and overcome challenges, and become the best version of yourself. Over the last fifteen years, I have studied and researched some of the most successful people on the planet, from political leaders, spiritual masters, the wealthy, and many in between, to uncover the secrets to their success and further add to this. It is this wealth of knowledge that I draw upon to give to you in this short book, where I will explain a powerful trick, provide the motivation you need to propel yourself to new heights within, and to master for yourself an upward trajectory of personal growth: Inside In the Pursuit of Height, you will discover: How to become the best you and maintain an effortless motivation How to grow and develop your mind so it helps you achieve more The traits you need to dramatically increase your odds of success in your professional and personal life The importance of creativity and how to develop it How to achieve ultimate fulfillment The steps to unlock the mental blocks that are weighing you down The impact anxiety has on your happiness and progression Easy-to-execute steps to develop unshakable confidence and self-awareness How to pursue your ultimate height and never stop improving and progressing And much, much more! “This book is essential for anyone looking for true happiness in all aspects of their life and the means to attain it.” Don’t waste another day living in mediocrity! Scroll up, click on “Buy Now,” and become the best version of yourself!

The Pursuit of Possibility

Author : Nigel Thrift
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Are British research universities losing their way or are they finding a new way? Nigel Thrift, a well-known academic and a former Vice-Chancellor, explores recent changes in the British research university that threaten to erode the quality of these higher education institutions. He considers what a research university has now become by examining the quandaries that have arisen from a succession of misplaced strategies and false expectations. Challenging both higher education policy and leadership, he argues that the focus on student number growth and a series of research policy missteps has upset research universities' priorities just at a point in the history of planetary breakdown when their research is most needed.

In Pursuit of Arabia

Author : Rāshid Shāz
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The Book Focuses On An Age When The Western People Had Just Started Doubting Their Age-Old Prejusices Against Islam And Muslims. The Travelogue Writers Figuring In This Study Include Men Of Letters Like Buton, Missionaries Like Palgrave, Spiritualist Adventures Like Doughty And Imperialist Agents Like Lawrence And Philby

The Religious Sentiment

Author : Daniel Garrison Brinton
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The Pursuit of Sustainable Leadership

Author : David L. Rainey
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The Pursuit of Sustainable Leadership: Sustainable Leadership (SL) encompasses the broad roles and responsibilities of leaders that cut across the whole organization and the entire extended enterprise from horizon to horizon. The underpinnings of SL require strategic leaders and professionals to play leading roles in dealing with critical issues affecting business and people. This including resolving the related problems and challenges and participating in the development and deployment of sustainable solutions based on the full spectrum of needs and expectations of society, market spaces, and business environment. SL necessitates openness, inclusiveness, innovativeness, and fair mindedness. It requires strategic leaders to create an extraordinary vision and to fulfill their missions to develop, support, and promote the extended enterprises and the market spaces served by their businesses. Sustainable strategic leaders ensure that their organizations and enterprises are fully capable and responsive to external dimensions and market spaces and have the potential to be successful. They serve and support markets, customers, and stakeholders and provide them with solutions and successful outcomes. In addition, strategic leaders fulfill their broad responsibilities to society through positive actions to improve the social and economic fabric of the human world and to mitigate the negative impacts across all of the social, economic, and environmental aspects. The Pursuit of Sustainable Leadership (PSL) involves the ongoing learning and development of business leaders and students to become true strategic leaders who have the proper principles, philosophies, values, capabilities and perspectives for achieving sustainable success. True leaders are dedicated to their endeavors and never stop making transitions and transformations to higher levels of sophistication. The PSL is based on a learning the foundations of leadership, having the right principles, developing personal philosophies, using broad perspectives, adapting openness and honesty, engaging in continuous learning, embracing lifelong personal and professional development, and being a sustainable leader. The key to success involves acquiring new knowledge, seeking profound experiences, expanding one’s understanding of realities and possibilities, and developing positive mindset through demanding roles and responsibilities, interactive engagements and profound learning.

The Liberty of Rome

Author : Samuel Eliot
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Jamie Budlow Book Four

Author : Paul Quintanilla
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Book Four of the adventures of Jamie Budlow, a freshman in college exploring the larger world for the first time, takes us to Christmas time on campus. It is 1967. War protests, much drink, love and new friends, as well as academic studies, occupy Jamie's time and life. This is a coming of age tale.

The Pursuit of Reason

Author :
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Inspiration and Other Sermons

Author : Alfred Williams Momerie
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