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Inclusion in Context

Author : Órla Ní Bhroin
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Recent years have seen a rapid policy transformation from segregation to inclusion in the education of children with special educational needs in Ireland. This book investigates how resource teachers and class teachers interpret the policy and principles of inclusion and enact these in their practice. Based on a study of nine resource teachers and nine class teachers, each paired in a particular school, it includes material from both interviews and observations of practice, providing a detailed qualitative account of the actions and interactions of teaching/learning experiences. The findings provide valuable insights into how inclusion is understood, interpreted and experienced in the classroom. They will be of interest to all those who are active in the field of education for inclusion, particularly teachers and policymakers.

Improving the Context for Inclusion

Author : Andy Howes
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This timely book addresses the need for increasing multi-agency capacity in schools, as the success of initiatives such as ‘Every Child Matters’ or ‘personalised learning’ depends on teachers understanding the challenges faced by young people in learning effectively and happily in their school. The authors of this thought-provoking book present and analyse case studies of collaborative action research, illustrating what is needed in practice for teachers to engage with inclusion for the benefit of their pupils and themselves. The essential elements of success with inclusion are revealed, including: the importance of identifying issues that teachers see as relevant; how teachers can achieve meaningful collaboration in addressing the issues; the necessity of paying careful attention to the consequences of the changes that they make; incorporating practical considerations such as critical support from outsiders; the role of facilitators such as educational psychologists in working with groups of teachers to support their development through action research; how to facilitate change through making use of resources that are already available in the education system. Improving the Context for Inclusion is fascinating reading for all students of education, especially those with an interest in inclusion. Teachers, school leaders and those working in education services will gain an invaluable insight in to how to create an inclusive school environment.

The Role of Culture and Cultural Context

Author : Stafford Hood
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This volume seeks to address select questions drawn from the matrix of the complex issues related to culturally responsive evaluation. We ask, should evaluation be culturally responsive? Is the field heading in the right direction in its attempt to become more culturally responsive? We ask, what is culturally responsive evaluation today and what might it become tomorrow? This edited volume does not promise to deliver answers to all, most, or even many of the complex answers facing the evaluation community regarding the role of culture and cultural context in evaluative theory and practice. This is not a scientific undertaking. We are not ready for concerns with prediction, explanation or control. We are ready for serious explorations, however. Even if the evaluation community cannot articulate the necessary and sufficient conditions for a culturally relevant evaluation it does know several of the desiderata. Our concern and the direction of this volume has been reflections of evaluation theory, history, and practice within the context of culture with illustrative examples.

Health Equity Diversity and Inclusion Context Controversies and Solutions

Author : Patti R. Rose
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The new second edition of this forward-thinking text goes beyond the discussion of health disparities to highlight the importance of health equity. As the title suggests, Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Contexts, Controversies, and Solutions helps the reader understand key social justice issues relevant to health disparities and/or health equity, taking the reader from the classroom to the real world to implement new solutions. The new Second Edition features: • Two new chapters: one on the impact of urban education on urban health and another covering the elderly and health equity •Updated and enhanced coverage on men's health, demographic data, the importance of cultural proficiency, maternal mortality and Black women, and much more. • Current trends and movements, including the role of social media in the provision of health care information for improved health literacy; mass incarceration and criminal justice reform; and much more.

Special Educational Provision in the Context of Inclusion

Author : Janice Wearmouth
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This text traces the development of special educational provision and goes on to concentrate on some of the key issues relevant to professionals currently working in the field. It looks at the recent drive towards inclusion and the implication this has for schools. In the present market-oriented context in education, there are a number of dilemmas facing schools that attempt to include all pupils and at the same time respond to the current focus on academic achievement in a national climate of competition and accountability. The book offers practical examples of ways to resolve these dilemmas at the level of the LEA, the school, the classroom and the individual child. Part One gives an overview of special and inclusive education, current thinking around issues related to equal opportunities, and how this affects schools. It also illustrates how one Local Education Authority has tried to promote a policy of inclusion in its schools. Part Two includes a discussion of the challenges facing teachers in schools who attempt to put current national policies related to inclusion into practice and provides practical examples of whole-school and classroom initiatives to support the learning of groups of pupils and individuals within them. Included are chapters on professional development for teachers of special educational needs, classroom strategies for teacher and pupil support teachers and advice on differentiation, OFSTED and inclusive schools, the SENCO in the secondary school, and equal opportunities for all. This book will appeal to all teachers, SENCOs, head teachers and governors in every sector of the education system, parents, academics and course members on teachers' continuing professional development courses.

Digital Inclusion in the Context of Economic Opportunity

Author : Tianca Ilicia Crocker
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This dissertation examined information and communication technologies (ICTs) and related digital inclusion strategies to promote economic opportunities for low-income individuals and households. The dissertation is presented in a three-article format with the interrelated focus of enhancing economic well-being through greater inclusion. The first article used spatial and social network analyses to depict a community-based public-private digital inclusion partnership that aims to equip non-profit organizations and public agencies with very fast internet service to support innovative service delivery. The second article investigated associations of online banking practice among low-income residents in subsidized housing, and offered recommendations to support the practice in order to enhance financial literacy. Through bivariate associations and ordered logit modeling, the final article studied the relationship between ICT access and use and students’ academic performance. This dissertation demonstrates that digital inclusion is an effective framework to advance economic opportunity interventions, and that related endeavors are aligned with the mission of social work

Educating for Social Justice and Inclusion in an African Context

Author : Nithi Muthukrishna
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The proposed book moves away from a special education course, reflecting a broad consideration of social justice and inclusion that encompasses a variety of concerns about the lived experience of domination, oppression and injustice, and seeks to understand the complex intersections of a number of often overlapping categories of social identity and conflict, including cultural, ethnic, and racialised identities, gender sexual orientation, class and disability.

Inclusion Strategies in President El Sissi s Discourse in Context of Election Campaigns

Author : Ihab Abdelhafiz
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Abstract: The goal of this study is to investigate how President Abdelfattah El Sissi used pronouns as well as different alternatives of the word “Egypt” as a discourse strategy to add the sense of inclusion in the context of election campaigns. Group orientation (i.e. inclusion) is of the strategies commonly used in political speeches (Hicks, 2005). Several theories relating to Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) have been introduced to help understand political speeches beyond the surface level. For the purpose of this study, which includes the text, discourse practices and socio-political context, has been employed. The sample used for this study was downloaded from YouTube and includes two TV interviews with President El Sissi, one before 2014 elections and the other before 2018 elections. The study sought to answer two questions; one on how El Sissi used the collective pronouns ʔeḥna and naḥnu (we) as opposed to his use of the personal pronoun ʔana (I) to add as sense of group orientation; and the other is on how he used the word “Egypt” and other alternatives like “homeland” and “the country” for the same purpose of expressing solidarity with people. Results show that he has successfully used the pronouns as well as the different alternatives of “Egypt” in both interviews to gain people’s support in elections.

Diversity and Inclusion in Global Higher Education

Author : Sanger
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This open access book offers pioneering insights and practical methods for promoting diversity and inclusion in higher education classrooms and curricula. It highlights the growing importance of international education programs in Asia and the value of understanding student diversity in a changing, evermore interconnected world. The book explores diversity across physical, psychological and cogitative traits, socio-economic backgrounds, value systems, traditions and emerging identities, as well as diverse expectations around teaching, grading, and assessment. Chapters detail significant trends in active learning pedagogy, writing programs, language acquisition, and implications for teaching in the liberal arts, adult learners, girls and women, and Confucian heritage communities. A quality, relevant, 21st Century education should address multifaceted and intersecting forms of diversity to equip students for deep life-long learning inside and outside the classroom. This timely volume provides a unique toolkit for educators, policy-makers, and professional development experts.

Shaping the Organizational Context for Black American Inclusion

Author : Thomas F. Pettigrew
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Vygotsky s Educational Theory in Cultural Context

Author : Aljaksandr U. Kazulin
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Table of contents

Family school Cooperation in the Context of Inclusion of Children with Special Educational Needs

Author :
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Abstract: Although current legislative measures recognize parents participation in school life, several difficulties remain and many barriers need to be broken down as there are still uncomfortable situations to be dealt with between school and parents. In this context, the aim of this study is to identify and to interpret parents, teachers and students' opinions concerning parental involvement and participation in their children's school life. This study was carried out in an interpretative and descriptive paradigm which involves children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), their families and the relationship between them and the schools their children are attending. It is a exploratory, cross-sectional study, with convenience sample of 119 parents, 22 kindergarten teachers and teachers and 168 students attending a school situated in a rural area in the interior centre of Portugal. The four instruments used were adapted from Zenhas, A. (2006) and Dias, J. (1999). The results were analyzed through a descriptive statistics program, SPSS 19.0, which allowed us to discover that parents' participation in their children's school life is still very incipient. The conclusion that it is up to school to assume a relevant role in coordinating with the families, to outline the objectives of the intervention and which strategies should be adopted to enable the increasing level of participation of families and implement policy measures where all stakeholders (parents, students with special educational needs and teachers) feel more included.

Inclusion and Local Community Building in the Context of European Social Policy and International Human Social Right

Author : Frank Schulz-Nieswandt
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As a radical alternative to the cultural reality of social exclusion of the Homo patiens, inclusion is an anthropological paradigm of the philosophy of law which leads to the idea of humans going beyond social structures of centre and periphery in society. As a model of thought, inclusion is driven by the United Nations and also by the catalogue of basic social rights involved in the treaties of the European Union. We cannot understand inclusion in the same way as switching on and off a light. Beyond legal frameworks and economic incentives as important preconditions for generating social change through Pareto-optimal solutions in allocation, successful inclusion is a process of social change understood as a type of cultural transformation. As a form of metamorphosis (gestalt switch) of the collective agreement about the question of a good life, inclusion needs time, but during this time-span society has to organize social learning processes that transform the psychodynamics of individuals and the cultural grammar of exclusion.

Health Disparities Diversity and Inclusion

Author : Patti R. Rose
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Despite the many Public Health successes over the last century, health disparity continues to exist in in American society. This introductory text addresses this topic head on, exploring steps that must be taken to prepare for the rapidly changing demographics in American society, including immigration reform (emerging majorities), and evidenced based information substantiating the fact that diversity matters in terms of the provision of health care.

True Inclusion

Author : Brandan Robertson
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So your church website says you're welcoming, a rainbow flag flies out front, worship uses gender-inclusive language, and you make sure you greet the stranger next to you on Sunday mornings. But is all of that really enough? And what if those welcoming gestures actually keep visitors from returning and exclude dozens of other groups or people in your community? In True Inclusion, public theologian and pastor Brandan Robertson shares how to move your church from mere welcome to radical embrace. Pointing to a clear biblical imperative for radical inclusivity in the sanctuary and in the public square, Robertson presents a paradigm-shifting vision of community, "where nothing is simple, nothing is easy, but everything is beautiful." Learn practical, step-by-step approaches to becoming deeply, robustly, and richly inclusive of all people regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and socioeconomic status. Written for people and communities at every stage of the journey, True Inclusion will challenge and inspire you to embody a gospel of radical embrace for all.

Disability Inclusion and Inclusive Education

Author : Sailaja Chennat
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The book approaches the topic of disability, inclusion and inclusive education in a holistic way including both academic and psycho-social perspectives. It also focuses on the contemporary status of disability studies with a multidisciplinary dimension. The experiences and challenges of children with disabilities and the different dimensions of inclusive education have been situated appropriately by including at the outset, a chapter on 'Disability Studies: The Context'. Chapter on 'Sociology of Disability' accentuates the tone and perspective of the presentations of the authors and editor. The research findings presented in the book indicate grounded realities and suggestions for transactional strategies which are plausible in the Indian context. It has never been timely to publish a book that helps professionals who work with schools, special education teachers, and counsellors to analyze disabilities from a socio-psychological perspective keeping the protagonist at the centre. Case narrations situated in the Indian context enrich the presentations giving voice to the marginalized children/adults with disabilities. This work serves as a comprehensive reference for the most prevalent disabilities at school education level covering the conceptual understanding about each disability, their psycho-social perspectives, implications for classroom transactions, suggestions of transactional strategies along with a brief explanation of assistive technology that can be used in case of each disability.With Right to Education Act (2009) in place, a diverse range of readers, from special educators and other teachers in schools, prospective teachers pursuing their pre service teacher education programmes, teacher educators and researchers in the field of disabilities and inclusive education will all find this volume useful, as a reference material with long shelf life.

Leading on Inclusion

Author : John Cornwall
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This title critically examines the current theory and legislative context of special educational needs and disability, and explores the enduring issues and opportunities that will affect future practice in all schools.

Inclusive Education in a Post Soviet Context

Author : Tsediso Michael Makoelle
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Making European Citizens

Author : R. Bellamy
File Size : 63.76 MB
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Making European Citizens examines the forms of transnational citizenship developing in Europe. Active citizenship involves more than simply voting. Achieving mobilization at a transnational level may involve new democratic techniques and skills. The volume explores how far European citizens have acquired the requisite methods and qualities.

Social Aspects of Elementary School Inclusion in the Context of International Research

Author : Eva Šmelová
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