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Indigenous Women and Work

Author : Carol Williams
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The essays in Indigenous Women and Work create a transnational and comparative dialogue on the history of the productive and reproductive lives and circumstances of Indigenous women from the late nineteenth century to the present in the United States, Australia, New Zealand/Aotearoa, and Canada. Surveying the spectrum of Indigenous women's lives and circumstances as workers, both waged and unwaged, the contributors offer varied perspectives on the ways women's work has contributed to the survival of communities in the face of ongoing tensions between assimilation and colonization. They also interpret how individual nations have conceived of Indigenous women as workers and, in turn, convert these assumptions and definitions into policy and practice. The essays address the intersection of Indigenous, women's, and labor history, but will also be useful to contemporary policy makers, tribal activists, and Native American women's advocacy associations. Contributors are Tracey Banivanua Mar, Marlene Brant Castellano, Cathleen D. Cahill, Brenda J. Child, Sherry Farrell Racette, Chris Friday, Aroha Harris, Faye HeavyShield, Heather A. Howard, Margaret D. Jacobs, Alice Littlefield, Cybèle Locke, Mary Jane Logan McCallum, Kathy M'Closkey, Colleen O'Neill, Beth H. Piatote, Susan Roy, Lynette Russell, Joan Sangster, Ruth Taylor, and Carol Williams.

Indigenous Women Work and History

Author : Mary Jane Logan McCallum
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When dealing with Indigenous women’s history we are conditioned to think about women as private-sphere figures, circumscribed by the home, the reserve, and the community. Moreover, in many ways Indigenous men and women have been cast in static, pre-modern, and one-dimensional identities, and their twentieth century experiences reduced to a singular story of decline and loss. In Indigenous Women, Work, and History, historian Mary Jane Logan McCallum rejects both of these long-standing conventions by presenting case studies of Indigenous domestic servants, hairdressers, community health representatives, and nurses working in “modern Native ways” between 1940 and 1980. Based on a range of sources, including the records of the Departments of Indian Affairs and National Health and Welfare, interviews, and print and audio-visual media, McCallum shows how state-run education and placement programs were part of Canada’s larger vision of assimilation and extinguishment of treaty obligations. Conversely, she also shows how Indigenous women link these same programs to their social and cultural responsibilities of community building and state resistance. By placing the history of these modern workers within a broader historical context of Aboriginal education and health, federal labour programs, post-war Aboriginal economic and political developments, and Aboriginal professional organizations, McCallum challenges us to think about Indigenous women’s history in entirely new ways.

Women and Work in the Third World

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Women and Work

Author : Rosalinda Pineda-Ofreneo
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Gender Minorities and Indigenous Peoples

Author : Fareda Banda
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Distributed by the University of Nebraska Press forCaxton Press "It requires but little if any, stretch of the imagination to regard Omaha as a cesspool of iniquity, for it is given up to lawlessness and is overrun with a horde of fugitives from justice and dangerous men of all kinds who carry things with a high hand and a loose rein... If you want to find a rogue's rookery, go to Omaha." A Kansas City newspaper.

Women Work

Author :
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Women Working the NAFTA Food Chain

Author : Deborah Barndt
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This collection of compelling and original research makes connections in Canada, the US and Mexico among women who work in fast-food restaurants, supermarkets and agricultural production. The fourteen chapters take a critical look at how the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has affected these women's working and living conditions, sharpening our understanding of how the workplace has been restructured in order to fulfill consumer demands for tomatoes, exotic flowers and fruits, as well as fast-food burgers and fries. Food activists in Latin America, the US and Canada propose alternatives to counteract the oppressive conditions of free trade and globalization.

Women in Latin American Studies

Author : Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials, Inc. Meeting
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Indigenous Women and Feminism

Author : Cheryl Suzack
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Can the specific concerns of Indigenous women be addressed by mainstream feminism? Indigenous Women and Feminism proposes that a dynamic new line of inquiry - Indigenous feminism - is necessary to truly engage with the crucial issues of cultural identity, nationalism, and decolonization particular to Indigenous contexts. Through the lenses of politics, activism, and culture, this wide-ranging collection crosses disciplinary, national, academic, and activist boundaries to explore deeply the unique political and social positions of Indigenous women. A vital and sophisticated discussion, these timely essays will change the way we think about modern feminism and Indigenous women.

Unequal Sisters

Author : Vicki Ruíz
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Unequal Sisters has become a beloved and classic reader in American Women's History. It provides an unparalleled resource for understanding women's history in the United States today. When it was first published in 1990, it revolutionized the field with its broad multicultural approach, and continued, through its next two editions, to emphasize feminist perspectives on race, ethnicity, region, and sexuality. This classic work is in its fourth edition, and has incorporated the feedback of end-users in the field, to make it the most user-friendly version to date.

World of Work

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Women and Politics Around the World

Author : Joyce Gelb
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A unique two-volume examination of the progress women have made in achieving political equality, Women and Politics around the World addresses both transnational and gender-related issues as well as specific conditions in more than 20 different countries. Women have made significant progress toward equal political representation in the United States and around the world, but true equality may be a long way away. Though women represent more than half of the world's population, they account for only 15 percent of its elected officials, and their particular concerns often go unaddressed in the political sphere. Women and Politics around the World: A Comparative History and Survey is an exploration of the role of women in political systems worldwide, as well as an examination of how government actions in various countries impact the lives of the female population. Women and Politics around the World divides its coverage into two volumes. The first looks at such crucial issues facing women today as health policy, civil rights, and education, comparing conditions around the world. The second volume profiles 22 different countries, representing a broad range of governments, economies, and cultures. Each profile looks at the history and current state of women's political and economic participation in a particular country, and includes an in-depth look at a representative policy. The result is a resource unlike any other - one that gives students, researchers, and other interested readers a fresh new way of investigating a truly global issue. This title features: topical essays on a broad range of gender-related policy issues, written by international scholars; focused explorations of women's political and economic progress in more than 20 individual countries; more than 70 photographs of both elected officials and women from all walks of life in countries around the world; more than 50 tables and charts presenting relevant data; and, approximately 20 sidebars

Women and Change at the U S Mexico Border

Author : Doreen J. Mattingly
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With the emergence of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the curtailment of welfare programs, and more aggressive efforts by the United States to seal the border against undocumented migrants, the prospect of seeking a livelihood--particularly for women--has become more tenuous during the twenty-first century. In the face of the ironic juxtaposition of free trade and limited mobility, this book takes a new look at women on both sides of the border to portray them as active participants in the changing structures of life, often engaged in political struggles. The contributions--including several chapters by Mexican as well as U.S. scholars--focus on issues related to migration, both short- and long-term; empowerment reflecting shifts in women's consciousness in the workplace; and political and social activism in border communities. Mattingly and Hansen offer fresh perspectives on the material reality of women's daily lives in this historically rich region.

Urban Indigenous Peoples and Migration

Author : United Nations Human Settlements Programme
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"The material originates from an international Expert Group Meeting on Urban Indigenous Peoples and Migration held in Santiago, Chile, March 27-29, 2007. It seeks to provide a comprehensive analysis of migration by indigenous peoples into urban areas from a human rights and a gender perspective. In this work, particular attention is paid to the varying nature of rural-urban migration around the world, and its impact on quality of life and rights of urban indigenous peoples, particularly youth and women."--Publisher's description.

The Challenge of Gender Equity and Human Rights on the Threshold of the Twenty first Century

Author : United Nations. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. Women and Development Unit
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This document reviews progress and challenges in two areas of analysis: gender equity - the basis for a fair and equitable society, and human rights and peace for Latin America and the Caribbean. The paper seeks to analyse progress and challenges in these two areas of the Regional Programme of Action for the Women of Latin America and the Caribbean, 1995-2001, two years on from the last session of the Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean and five years on after the Fourth World Conference on Women. The last five years have seen the social and political visibility of women has increased, although the problem women's statistical visibility has not been resolved.

Women and Power

Author : Janet G. Townsend
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A major re-evaluation of ideas about power, this book sheds new light on empowerment by exploring and celebrating the achievements of rural Mexican women. The authors demonstrate how it is often poor women in poor countries who are celebrating new powers and changing their own lives. They deal with power in everyday terms: how power is gained or lost through working with others; how women’s lives are defined or constrained by the power of the state, family or religion; how self-empowerment can transform personal relations; and the effects of power conferred from without by NGOs and/or the international development community.

Gender and Natural Disasters

Author : Elaine Pitt Enarson
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The Indigenous World

Author :
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First Voices

Author : Patricia Anne Monture
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Understanding the ways, experiences, and voices of Indigenous women requires the reader to start with the self. Who are you and where do you fit into an Indigenous world? In many Indigenous traditions, governance starts with the self. We then fit into clans, families, communities and nations. Understanding yourself is always balanced by understanding your relationships. Primary among Indigenous relationships is our relations to the natural world. Territory is equally an important concept. This Aboriginal women's studies reader is organized under the above themes. It is intended to assist readers in learning about the great diversity across Aboriginal nations in Canada, but also the diversity of women within those nations. The articles chosen represent many of the struggles that Aboriginal women have faced in Canada. These include struggles with the Canadian criminal justice system, with inclusion in self-government and constitutional reform, issues of membership in bands and matrimonial real property. Many of the articles are framed around the quest for equality.

Reading Canadian Women s and Gender History

Author : Nancy Janovicek
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By putting past and present scholarship into dialogue with each other, this book addresses accomplishments in Canadian women's and gender history, as well as ongoing silences and absences.