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Influencing Within Organizations

Author : Andzrej Huczynski
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This book tells readers what they must do (and avoid doing) to beat off the competition when applying for jobs, when competing for coveted projects, and to see off the competition at promotion time.

Organizational Influence Processes

Author : Robert W. Allen
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With more than two-thirds fresh material, this new updated edition of Organizational Influence Processes provides an overview of the most important scholarly work on topics related to the exercise of influence by individuals and groups within organizations. In selecting articles for inclusion the editors were guided by the conviction that the most useful and interesting way to view organizational influence is to take a directional approach - that is, to consider the process from the perspective of downward, lateral, and upward influence. They have organized the readings around this framework, preceded by an introductory group of articles dealing more generally with the nature of influence processes and power. The book includes both classic readings and the latest cutting edge research from some of the most respected experts writing in the field. It will be equally useful for any upper level undergraduate or graduate course concerned with organizational behavior, group behavior, leadership or power and politics.

Upward Influence in Organizations

Author : Gerald R. Ferris
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The Influence of Life Cycle on Organizational Structure in Aerospace Programs

Author : Louis Albert Kaufman
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Trainer s manual for the Kipnis Schmidt profiles of organizational influence stategies POIS

Author : David Kipnis
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The Influence of Crisis in the Modification of Social Organization

Author : Elizabeth Williams Nall
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Power and Influence

Author : Guy St. Clair
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This book describes the management of information services and how successful management of information services is achieved. It emphasises the importance of building a base of support within the organisation which involves networking, strategic partnerships and personal relationships with those who are the organisation's key decision-makers.

Influence of Flow on Benthic Invertebrates and Community Organization in Experimental Streams

Author : Juan Bosco Imbert
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The Influence of the Central Rural School on Community Organization

Author : Eugene Thorsten Stromberg
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Author : Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)
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Influence is an essential component of leadership. Your position in an organization and the power it gives you aren’t always enough to motivate people to do what you ask. Developing your influence skills can help you gain commitment from people at all levels: direct reports, peers, and bosses. This book includes an assessment tool to help you determine the influence tactics you currently use. Some tactics depend on logic, others appeal to emotions, and others are cooperative appeals. You may discover tactics you rarely use, and you can develop those tactics to become more effective. You will learn what to do before, during, and after an influence session. Every influence attempt can become a learning experience, and you can continue to enhance this crucial leadership capability.