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Interaction and Influence in Small Group Decision Making

Author : Joseph Bonito
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Understanding Group Behavior Consensual action by small groups

Author : Erich H. Witte
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These books grew out of the perception that a number of important conceptual and theoretical advances in research on small group behavior had developed in recent years, but were scattered in rather fragmentary fashion across a diverse literature. Thus, it seemed useful to encourage the formulation of summary accounts. A conference was held in Hamburg with the aim of not only encouraging such developments, but also encouraging the integration of theoretical approaches where possible. These two volumes are the result. Current research on small groups falls roughly into two moderately broad categories, and this classification is reflected in the two books. Volume I addresses theoretical problems associated with the consensual action of task-oriented small groups, whereas Volume II focuses on interpersonal relations and social processes within such groups. The two volumes differ somewhat in that the conceptual work of Volume I tends to address rather strictly defined problems of consensual action, some approaches tending to the axiomatic, whereas the conceptual work described in Volume II is generally less formal and rather general in focus. However, both volumes represent current conceptual work in small group research and can claim to have achieved the original purpose of up-to-date conceptual summaries of progress on new theoretical work.

Interaction and Influence in Small Group Decision Making

Author : Joseph Bonito
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Interaction and Influence in Small Group Decision Making examines the current literature on the role of participation in small group outcomes. The book addresses seminal small group research and traces its legacy to current work, providing a context for the assumptions and directions of today's leading-edge research. In addition to highlighting the contributions made during small group discussion, the book draws on work from important cognate areas including social psychology, sociology, and business, offering an interdisciplinary approach to the consideration of small group discussion. The most outstanding feature of this book is its thorough and up-to-date presentation of research devoted to describing and explaining the process, antecedents, and outcomes of participation small group discussion. In addition, it: Addresses the important issue of describing features of participation in small groups. Describes research on the process of participation, focusing primarily on the functional and structurationist approaches to small group discussion. Examines research that links messages produced in small groups to characteristics of the group, context, and task or purpose. Includes research on status characteristics, as well as features of the problem Explores the relation between communication technologies and messages produced in small groups Describes research that examines the relation between participation and outcomes at a variety of levels, Interaction and Influence in Small Group Decision Making will serve as a primary text for an advanced undergraduate course on small group communication. It will also be useful for master's level graduate courses on small group processes. The book may also be used for sociological, social psychological, and business courses on small groups.

Small group Decision Making and Complex Information Tasks

Author : Michael J. Saks
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A report on a search of the psychological literature for information about the competence of jurors to find the facts in complex, protracted civil trials. The author noted that little research had focused directly on this issue and concluded that in legal fact-finding in complex civil trials, groups had advantages over individuals as decision makers.

The Handbook of Group Communication Theory and Research

Author : Professor of Speech Communication and Associate Dean of George Bush School of Government and Public Service Marshall Scott Poole, PhD
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Documents and synthesizes work done in group communication scholarship's 50-year history, presenting an overview of group communication study from its beginnings in pedagogy to its status as a mature discipline with a variety of theoretical positions and methodological practices. Material is divided

Communication and Group Decision Making

Author : Randy Y. Hirokawa
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Despite the importance of group communication processes, they remain elusive and difficult to understand, and the type of theory necessary to make sense of these processes differs from those commonly found in the social sciences. This collection of essays advances a unique perspective on group decision-making which is complementary to approaches taken in management, psychology and sociology. As the new edition of this book demonstrates, a number of strong theoretical frameworks have developed over the past 15 years together with considerable empirical evidence. The essays are distinctive both in their explicit focus on communication processes and in their location in a unique intellectual tradition. As such the book serves

Movements in Organizational Communication Research

Author : Jamie McDonald
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Movements in Organizational Communication Research is an essential resource for anyone wishing to become familiar with the current state of organizational communication research and key trends in the field. Seasoned organizational communication scholars will find that the book provides unique insights by way of the intergenerational dialogue that is found in the book, as well as the contributors’ stories about their scholarly trajectories. Those who are new to the field will find that the book enables them to familiarize themselves with the field and become a part of the organizational communication scholarly community in an inviting and accessible way. Key features of the book include: A review of current issues and future directions in 13 topical areas of organizational communication research. Intergenerational dialogue and collaboration between both established and emerging scholars in their specialty areas. Reflections by the authors on their scholarly trajectories and how they became a part of the field. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter that prompt reflections and debate. The book also features online resources for instructors: Sample course syllabus Suggested case studies from the book Cases in Organization and Managerial Communication to align with this book’s chapters The book is recommended as the anchor text for introductory graduate-level courses and upper-level undergraduate courses in organizational communication. It is also an excellent supplementary text for advanced doctoral-level courses in organizational communication, and courses in related fields such as organization studies, organizational behavior, and management.

Small Group Decision Making

Author : B. Aubrey Fisher
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Individual and Small Group Decisions

Author : K.J. Radford
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ecision making is one of the most important activities in both our profes D sional and our private lives today. The literature on the subject has grown considerably over the last fifty years and it now covers many different approaches to the subject. These approaches range from that of creating a mathematical model of the decision situation under consideration, as in operations research and other forms of mathematical decision analysis, to those that are based on human and organizational behavior. Recently, those working in the field have begun to combine approaches to the study of decision situations that arise in organizations, in our personal lives and in the communities in which we live. This book is an attempt to assist those concerned with decision making to work with this combination of approaches. In the past, decision problems have been considered according to the condi tions under which they arise and to some extent in terms of the approaches available for their resolution. Writers on the subject who are mathematically oriented have devised a method of classifying decisions based on the type of mathematics that they suggest be used in the resolution of the problems. This approach leads to the division of decision situations into the categories of cer tainty, uncertainty, risk and competition. Deterministic models available in oper ations research have then been offered as the means of treating decision situations in the category of certainty.

Communication Yearbook 23

Author : Michael Roloff
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Communication Yearbook 23, originally published in 2000 includes discussions about the relationship between communication and the emotional processes. The authors do not confine the reviews to research conducted in a single context, but instead draw upon scholarship that informs about shame and guilt in intimate, family, organizational and public discourse. Also explored is literature on compliance resistance and the emotional reactions that accompany resistance. Other reviews address issues involving communication about sexual harassment in the workplace, cross-cultural influences on management styles, and the mass media's role in encouraging change in body shape. Offering a tremendous variety of in-depth analyses of communication scholarship in a broad array of research areas, this is a vital sourcebook for researchers, teachers and students alike.