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Investigating Culture

Author : Carol Delaney
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"Offers a refreshing alternative to introductory anthropology texts by challenging students to think in new ways and apply cultural learnings to their own lives"--

Investigating Culture and Identity

Author : Paul Taylor
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This text is part of a series that aims to involve students actively in their study of the subject and encourage them to consider each topic in its wider social context. Practical assignments are provided through questions, essays and ideas for course work and students' own research. This volume covers all the areas stipulated by the AEB's Culture and Identity topic on paper 1 of the A Level examination. It also covers the issues addressed by the Interboard syllabus options: mass media and popular culture and community and nation.

Investigating Archaeological Cultures

Author : Benjamin W. Roberts
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Defining "culture" is an important step in undertaking archaeological research. Any thorough study of a particular culture first has to determine what that culture contains-- what particular time period, geographic region, and group of people make up that culture. The study of archaeology has many accepted definitions of particular cultures, but recently these accepted definitions have come into question. As archaeologists struggle to define cultures, they also seek to define the components of culture. This volume brings together 21 international case studies to explore the meaning of "culture" for regions around the globe and periods from the Paleolithic to the Bronze Age and beyond. Taking lessons and overarching themes from these studies, the contributors draw important conclusions about cultural transmission, technology development, and cultural development. The result is a comprehensive model for approaching the study of culture, broken down into regions (Russia, Continental Europe, North America, Britain, and Africa), materials (Lithics, Ceramics, Metals) and time periods. This work will be valuable to all archaeologists and cultural anthropologists, particularly those studying material culture.

Investigating Culture as Social Categorization Effects of Exposure to Different Cultures

Author : Einar Prytz Frivoll
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Investigating Literature Culture and Language

Author : Andrzej Weseliński
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Investigating Gender Translation and Culture in Italian Studies

Author : Monica Boria
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The past few years have witnessed a growing academic interest in Italian Studies and an increasing number of symposia and scholarly activities. This volume originates from the Society for Italian Studies Postgraduate Colloquia that took place at the University of Leicester and Cambridge in June 2004 and April 2005 respectively. It gathers together articles by young researchers working on various aspects of Italian Studies. It well illustrates current trends in both typical areas of research, like literature and 'high culture', and in those which have gained momentum in recent years, like translation and language studies. The volume offers a taste of the dynamic outlook of current research in Italian Studies: the interdisciplinary approach of the essays in translation and gender studies, and the innovative methodological perspectives and findings offered by the new fields of Italian L2 and ethnography. The book is divided into three sections, each grouping contributions by broad subject areas: literature and culture, translation and gender studies, language and linguistics. Cross-fertilizations and interdisciplinary research emerge from several essays and the coherent ensemble constitutes an example of the far-reaching results achieved by current research.

Locomotive Engineers Journal

Author :
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Investigating Cultural Aspects in Indian Organizations

Author : Vijay Pereira
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The purpose of this edited collection is to analyse the cultural aspects of Indian organizations. As the world’s largest and most diverse democracy, Indian society can be best described as an amalgam of multiple cultures, value systems, socio-political and institutional orientations. This book offers a theoretical and empirical basis for understanding the evolving and changing nature of these aspects in Indian organizations. The World Bank predicts that in the near future India will become the world’s second largest economy. The recent high growth rates reported by businesses in the Indian economy needs to be sustainable, especially amidst its high cultural diversity. Whilst there is tremendous interest in understanding the intricacies of Indian culture and a growing literature focusing on topics such as India-specific management and internationalization strategies of Indian firms, the cultural aspects of Indian businesses have been largely ignored. This book aims to fill this gap. It covers various topics in organizational culture and management such as human resource management, cross-cultural communication and coaching, cultural similarity, cultural literacy, multiculturalism, generational cultural values, talent acquisition and knowledge management. It also features case studies from high growth sectors such as the IT and health industries. Presenting contributions from local Indian and international researchers, this book provides a multidimensional perspective that will appeal to students, scholars and practitioners interested in organizational culture and management in India.

Investigating Cultural Studies in Foreign Language Teaching

Author : Michael Byram
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The main purpose of this book is to help foreign language teachers to reflect upon and investigate their learners' views of the countries and peoples whose language they teach. It presents data from a research project and explains its significance and usefulness for teachers.

History Culture Metaphor

Author : Wojciech Wrzosek
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Feminism and Popular Culture

Author : Rebecca Munford
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When the term “postfeminism” entered the media lexicon in the 1990s, it was often accompanied by breathless headlines about the “death of feminism.” Those reports of feminism’s death may have been greatly exaggerated, and yet contemporary popular culture often conjures up a world in which feminism had never even been born, a fictional universe filled with suburban Stepford wives, maniacal career women, alluring amnesiacs, and other specimens of retro femininity. In Feminism and Popular Culture, Rebecca Munford and Melanie Waters consider why the twenty-first century media landscape is so haunted by the ghosts of these traditional figures that feminism otherwise laid to rest. Why, over fifty years since Betty Friedan’s critique, does the feminine mystique exert such a strong spectral presence, and how has it been reimagined to speak to the concerns of a postfeminist audience? To answer these questions, Munford and Waters draw from a rich array of examples from contemporary film, fiction, music, and television, from the shadowy cityscapes of Homeland to the haunted houses of American Horror Story. Alongside this comprehensive analysis of today’s popular culture, they offer a vivid portrait of feminism’s social and intellectual history, as well as an innovative application of Jacques Derrida’s theories of “hauntology.” Feminism and Popular Culture thus not only considers how contemporary media is being visited by the ghosts of feminism’s past, it raises vital questions about what this means for feminism’s future.

Investigating a Culture of Disability

Author : Steven E. Brown
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Investigating Man s World United States studies

Author :
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Preliminary Investigations of Wheat Culture with a View to Improving the Qualitative Features of the Grain

Author : Stanisław Starzycki
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Reading Culture

Author : Diana George
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A traditional source of sexual titillation for adult readers, fairy tales historically boasted licentious themes before being cleaned up for the consumption of children in modern times. Seasoned erotica author Mitzi Szereto restores the explicit sex in these 15 tales and adds some provocative surprises of her own.

The Skin of Culture

Author : Derrick De Kerckhove
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This bold vision of the electronic media and the nature of reality in a world wired to technology proposes and explores how this new technology has affected modern culture, from democracy and art, to language and literacy.

Essays in Humanistic Anthropology

Author : Bruce T. Grindal
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Culture and Curing

Author : Peter Morley
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Investigating Man s World Inter American studies

Author :
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Spectrum of Indian Culture

Author :
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Festschrift honoring Shantaram Bhalchandra Deo, Indologist, and a former director and professor emeritus, Deccan College, Pune; comprises research papers.