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Invitation to the Septuagint

Author : Karen H. Jobes
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This comprehensive yet user-friendly primer to the Septuagint (LXX) acquaints readers with the Greek versions of the Old Testament. It is accessible to students, assuming no prior knowledge about the Septuagint, yet is also informative for seasoned scholars. The authors, both prominent Septuagint scholars, explore the history of the LXX, the various versions of it available, and its importance for biblical studies. This new edition has been substantially revised, expanded, and updated to reflect major advances in Septuagint studies. Appendixes offer helpful reference resources for further study.

Scripture in Transition

Author : Anssi Voitila
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Altogether 46 essays in honour of Professor Raija Sollamo contribute to explore various aspects of the rich textual material around the turn of the era. At that time Scripture was not yet fixed; various writings and collections of writings were considered authoritative but their form was more or less in transition. The appearance of the first biblical translations are part of this transitional process. The Septuagint in particular provides us evidence and concrete examples of those textual traditions and interpretations that were in use in various communities. Furthermore, several biblical concepts, themes and writings were reinterpreted and actualised in the Dead Sea Scrolls, illuminating the transitions that took place in one faction of Judaism. The topics of the contributions are divided into five parts: Translation and Interpretation; Textual History; Hebrew and Greek Linguistics; Dead Sea Scrolls; Present-Day.

Invitation to the Torah

Author : George Van Pelt Campbell
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We all love a good story. The Torah, or Pentateuch, is regularly defamed as "law." Actually, it's a saga about our search for happiness and how the God of the Bible fits into it. Lacing legal material into narrative punctuated with poetry, the Torah contrasts two provocative personalities named Abraham and Moses. Fascinating and fickle, their adventures portray two visions of approaching God. The Torah was written to render a verdict on who is the best model. This book demonstrates that Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy are a unified narrative, framed as contrasting biographies, proclaiming a coherent message. It surveys each book's structure and themes to determine its argument and then articulates the Torah's message for people of all time, its vision of human happiness. It establishes that the Torah is the core of the Jewish and Christian Bibles and shows how the rest of the Bible elaborates its message. Ending with suggestions to help you read it, this book is your invitation to the Torah.

The Septuagint and Homeric Scholarship in Alexandria

Author : Sylvie Honigman
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The Letter of Aristeas tells the story of how Ptolemy Philadelphus of Egypt commissioned seventy scholars to translate the Hebrew Bible into Greek. Long accepted as a straightforward historical account of a cultural enterprise in Ptolemaic Alexandria, the Letter nevertheless poses serious interpretative problems. Sylvie Honigman argues that the Letter should not be regarded as history, but as a charter myth for diaspora Judaism. She expounds its generic affinities with other works on Jewish history from Ptolemaic Alexandria, and argues that the process of translation was simultaneously a process of establishing an authoritative text, comparable to the work on the text of Homer being carried out by contemporary Greek scholars. The Letter of Aristeas is among the most intriguing literary productions of Ptolemaic Alexandria, and this is the first book-length study to be devoted to it.

The Use of the Septuagint in New Testament Research

Author : Tim McLay
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Too often the Septuagint is misunderstood or, worse, ignored in New Testament studies. In this book R. Timothy McLay makes a sustained argument for the influence of the Greek Jewish Scriptures on the New Testament and offers basic principles for bridging the research gap between these two critical texts. McLay explains the use of the Septuagint in the New Testament by looking in depth at actual New Testament citations of the Jewish Scriptures. This work reveals the true extent of the Septuagint s impact on the text and theology of the New Testament. Indeed, given the textual diversity that existed during the first century, the Jewish Scriptures as they were known, read, and interpreted in the Greek language provided the basis for much, if not most, of the interpretive context of the New Testament writers. Complete with English translations, a glossary of terms, an extensive bibliography, and helpful indexes, this book will give readers a new appreciation of the Septuagint as an important tool for interpreting the New Testament.

Septuagint Research

Author : Wolfgang Kraus
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The Use of the Old Testament in Hebrews

Author : Susan E. Docherty
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Originally presented as the author's thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Manchester, 2007.

1 Peter

Author : Karen H. Jobes
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A substantive commentary that will help pastors, students, and teachers understand the historical significance of 1 Peter.

Pentateuchal Traditions in the Late Second Temple Period

Author : Akio Moriya
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This volume consists of collected essays, which was first read at the International Workshop on the Study of the Pentateuch with Special Emphasis on Textual Transmission History in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods held August 28-31, 2007 in Tokyo.

Grace and Agency in Paul and Second Temple Judaism

Author : Kyle Wells
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Following recent intertextual studies, Wells examines how descriptions of ‘heart-transformation’ in Deut 30, Jer 31–32 and Ezek 36 influenced Paul and his contemporaries' articulations about grace and agency.

Cities Through the Looking Glass

Author : Rami Arav
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The essays in this book originated as papers presented at the Conference on Urbanism in the Biblical World that took place on October 28-30, 2003, at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. This conference was part of the annual series of the Clifton Batchelder Conference for Biblical Archaeology and the Bethsaida Excavations Project. The conference was structured so that text scholars and material-culture scholars were able to interact and influence one another. This interdisciplinary approach created a unique, productive atmosphere where scholars who come from different disciplines were able to share and exchange ideas in ways that seldom happen in our increasingly specialized academic world. Thus, scholars from three major disciplines--Greek philosophy, biblical studies, and archaeology--produced lectures and papers on urbanism in the ancient world that reflect multihued perspectives that draw on the specialties of each contributor. Few conferences on urbanism engage in an interdisciplinary approach, and few deal with the questions raised in this book; even fewer are published and see the light of day. In this volume, we are pleased to be able to share a fine collection of essays from the conference with the larger community of people interested in the ancient world.

The Biblical Canons

Author : Journées bibliques de Louvain
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This volume contains the Proceedings of the 50th Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense: the 40 contributions, written in English, French and German, focus on the canons of the Old and New Testament as well as those of the Bible as a whole. The theme is studied from a variety of historical, hermeneutical and biblical-theological points of view. Several contributions discuss the process that resulted in the canonical status of certain writings, or groups of writings, in particular, such as the Book of Psalms, Ezekiel, the Wisdom of Ben Sira, the Pauline corpus, Acts and the gospels.

Outside of Eden

Author : M. W. Scarlata
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This study is an examination of the principal ancient translations of Gen. 4.1-16 in the Hebrew Bible. The goal is to understand the translation techniques adopted by the translators, to what extent external influences may have affected their work, and how each version communicates its message through its literary form. In addition to the versional renderings of the Hebrew text, this inquiry also takes into account various ancient Jewish and Christian interpretations of the Cain narrative. The primary focus of the work is on the diverse exegetical tendencies of Hebrew Bible translation in the ancient world and on how these interpretations were transmitted in particular cultural milieus.

David in Luke Acts

Author : Yuzuru Miura
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Revision of the author's thesis (doctoral)--University of Aberdeen, 2005.

Armenian Job

Author : Claude E. Cox
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Armenian Job presents for the first time a critical edition of the Armenian translation of Job, which was translated from a Lucianic Greek manuscript in the early 5th century, and is, therefore, an important witness in the Septuagint tradition. The Armenian text is accompanied by a retroverted Greek text and by an English translation of the Armenian based on the translation of Job in the New English Translation of the Septuagint. The critical text is followed by a hundred pages of notes relating to issues of grammar, textual criticism, and the translator's technique in rendering the Greek into Armenian. The book begins with a listing of the 138 Armenian manuscripts that contain Job and the procedure for selecting the nine witnesses used in the critical edition; it ends with chapters devoted to the textual affiliations of the Armenian text, Conclusion, several appendixes, and a bibliography. In sum, this book makes a major contribution both to Armenian studies and to biblical studies; Armenian Job is the most extensive treatment of any biblical book in Armenian translation.

The One who is to Come

Author : Joseph A. Fitzmyer
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Messiah is one of the most popular and most contested terms in the biblical interpretation. To understand this concept is to understand one of the earliest terms applied to Jesus. While many often read the concept back into early Old Testament texts, Joseph Fitzmyer carefully and comprehensively tells the story of its development from Daniel 9 to the New Testament. The One Who Is to Come begins with the term itself, then discusses passages that reveal the developing understanding of the Davidic dynasty and those that are often seen as Old Testament precursors. It also takes on the place of the term in the Septuagint and extrabiblical Jewish writings, as well as the New Testament, Targums, and Mishnah. Fitzmyer's masterful work takes issue with the excessive claims for the concept of messiah in the Old Testament, pointing instead to the proper (and no less full) tradition of messiah that emerged in the intertestamental period. The One Who Is to Come presents a novel yet biblical thesis that will appeal to scholars, students and all who wish investigate the origins of the concept of messiah.

The Septuagint of Proverbs

Author : Johann Cook
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This exhaustive analysis of the issue of Hellenistic colouring of LXX Proverbs concludes that the impact of Stoicism has been overestimated. Moreover, the law plays a more prominent role than previously thought, and this document should be placed in Palestine.

An Introduction to the New Testament Second Edition

Author : Charles B. Puskas
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Studying the New Testament requires a determination to encounter this collection of writings on its own terms. This classic introduction by Charles B. Puskas, revised with C. Michael Robbins, provides helpful guidance. Since the publication of the first edition, which was in print for twenty years, a host of new and diverse cultural, historical, social-scientific, socio-rhetorical, narrative, textual, and contextual studies has been examined. Attentive also to the positive reviews of the first edition, the authors retain the original tripartite arrangement on 1) the world of the New Testament, 2) interpreting the New Testament, and 3) Jesus and early Christianity. This volume supplies readers with pertinent primary and secondary material. The new edition carries on a genuine effort to be nonsectarian, and although it is more of a critical introduction than a general survey, it is recommended to midlevel college and seminary students and to anyone who wants to be better informed about the New Testament.


Author :
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Translation Technique and Theology in the Septuagint of Amos

Author : W. Edward Glenny
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