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China and Japan in the Global Economy

Author : Tomoo Kikuchi
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This book discusses the necessity for cooperation between China and Japan to provide international public goods to Asia. It provides insight into how China and Japan can redesign the process of economic integration and security architecture to ensure peace and prosperity in Asia, and how China and Japan can cooperate to correct the capital misallocation and channel savings more effectively to investments in Asia. It also suggests how China and Japan can promote free trade to help Asian economies upgrade their industries in the global supply chain. The book is an invaluable contribution to the existing discussion on China–Japan relations and how their cooperation is beneficial not only for them but also for Asia, and even the world.

Business Ethics Japan and the Global Economy

Author : T.W. Dunfee
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Business Ethics: Japan and the Global Economy presents a multicultural perspective of global business ethics with special emphasis on Japanese viewpoints. In contrast to the typical business ethics book written primarily from the viewpoint of Western culture and economy, the majority of the work is by Asian scholars, providing an historical overview of the religious, scientific and cultural phenomena which converged to create modern Japanese business ethics. Perspectives from socioeconomics, sociology, social contract and applied business ethics contribute to the analysis of moral issues. A new Japanese approach to moral science, Moralogy, is introduced and its implications for phenomena such as the Keiretsu system are explored. Concurrently, prominent Western ethicists explore the role of moral language and the implications of Kantian ethics and contractarian approaches for developing universal moral standards. Because Japan is an economic superpower, it is critical to understand the hidden economic culture, work ethic, and way of thinking in business. We must realize these are the results of an integration of historical factors, such as Shintoism, Buddhism, Confuctianism and modern Western science and technology. Business Ethics: Japan and the Global Economy provides philosophical and anthropological analyses of the Japanese economic mind, departing from previous stereotyped approaches. Theoretical discussions based upon social contract theory are presented in order to build ethical norms with cross-cultural activity for multinational economic activities. From such a universal stance, practical proposals are presented to transnationalize the Keiretsu system and other Japanese economic institutions.

The Power to Compete

Author : Hiroshi Mikitani
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"If you're as interested in Japan as I am, I think you'll find that The Power to Compete is a smart and thought-provoking look at the future of a fascinating country." - Bill Gates, "5 Books to Read This Summer" Father and son – entrepreneur and economist – search for Japan's economic cure The Power to Compete tackles the issues central to the prosperity of Japan – and the world – in search of a cure for the "Japan Disease." As founder and CEO of Rakuten, one of the world's largest Internet companies, author Hiroshi Mikitani brings an entrepreneur's perspective to bear on the country's economic stagnation. Through a freewheeling and candid conversation with his economist father, Ryoichi Mikitani, the two examine the issues facing Japan, and explore possible roadmaps to revitalization. How can Japan overhaul its economy, education system, immigration, public infrastructure, and hold its own with China? Their ideas include applying business techniques like Key Performance Indicators to fix the economy, using information technology to cut government bureaucracy, and increasing the number of foreign firms with a head office in Japan. Readers gain rare insight into Japan's future, from both academic and practical perspectives on the inside. Mikitani argues that Japan's tendency to shun international frameworks and hide from global realities is the root of the problem, while Mikitani Sr.'s background as an international economist puts the issue in perspective for a well-rounded look at today's Japan. Examine the causes of Japan's endless economic stagnation Discover the current efforts underway to enhance Japan's competitiveness Learn how free market "Abenomics" affected Japan's economy long-term See Japan's issues from the perspective of an entrepreneur and an economist Japan's malaise is seated in a number of economic, business, political, and cultural issues, and this book doesn't shy away from hot topics. More than a discussion of economics, this book is a conversation between father and son as they work through opposing perspectives to help their country find The Power to Compete.

Japan in the Global Economy

Author :
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East Asia and the Global Economy

Author : Stephen G. Bunker
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Here, the authors assert that the pattern of Japan’s ascent is essential for understanding China’s recent path of economic growth and dominance and anticipating what the future may hold.

Japan and the Global Economy

Author : Jonathan Morris
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First published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Cracking the Japanese Market

Author : James Morgan
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Global business today is played by new rules -- many of which are being written by the Japanese and their remarkably successful companies. Because the Japanese are redefining business as we know it, Western companies expecting to profit from the new global marketplace must first learn to compete and succeed against the Japanese in Japan. James C. Morgan, Chairman of Applied Materials, Inc., the leading supplier of advanced processing equipment to the worldwide semiconductor industry which does about forty percent of its business in Japan, and J. Jeffrey Morgan, who has worked in Tokyo on the "inside" at Mitsui & Co., Japan's oldest trading conglomerate, contend that apathy and ignorance have prevented many Western companies from capitalizing on the enormous opportunities for business in Japan. In this brilliant examination of Japanese markets, companies, and business practices -- with special emphasis on the establishment of Applied Materials Japan -- the Morgans, father and son, assert that success in the world of Japanese business is determined by two factors: technology and relationships. Candidly discussing their own mistakes and failures as well as their triumphs, the authors provide invaluable insights into the specific challenges facing Western companies in establishing a presence in Japan: problems in financing the venture, product design and production, marketing and distribution, and most important, creating long-term relationships or "putting on a Japanese face." The extraordinary success of Applied Materials Japan -- hailed by George Bush on the campaign trail in 1988 as "a model for all America" -- is testimony to the valuable lessons to be learned from this book. The Morgans provide a clearly written, step-by-step framework for reorienting company thinking, revising corporate strategy, and revitalizing any organization for world class competitiveness. Using vivid examples of Western companies that have both succeeded admirably and failed miserably in Japan, Cracking the Japanese Market is a straightforward examination of what it takes to compete successfully there -- and by extension in the world today.

Japan in the World Economy

Author : Bela Balassa
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Japanese Multinationals in the Global Economy

Author : Paul W. Beamish
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Comprises selected data presented in tabular form from the Toyo Keizai database, and comparison data from the more widely used Harvard Multinational Enterprise database. Includes data on employment levels, expatriate management, ownership patterns, and joint venture ownership structures, including new data on the performance of Japanese subsidiaries illustrating important recent trends. The goal is to encourage researchers to explore the Toyo Keizai database in order to expand and shape their studies on multinationals. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Japan s Dynamic Efficiency in the Global Market

Author : Charlie G. Turner
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This volume presents an objective, analytical look at the global market connections of the Japanese economy. The author examines such issues as Japanese export and import patterns, trade barriers facing Japanese exports and imports, the changing productive capacity of Japan, and foreign investment in and by Japan in order to offer a clearer picture of Japan's role in the world economy. The impact of Japanese developments in such areas as technology, trade policy, and finance on key international markets and the impact on Japan of global developments in these areas also receive thorough coverage.