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J n Leifs and the Musical Invention of Iceland

Author : Árni Heimir Ingólfsson
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In Jón Leifs and the Musical Invention of Iceland, Árni Heimir Ingólfsson provides a striking account of the dramatic career of Iceland’s iconic composer. Leifs (1899–1968) was the first Icelander to devote himself fully to composition at a time when a local music scene was only beginning to take form. He was a fervent nationalist in his art, fashioning an idiosyncratic and uncompromising ‘Icelandic’ sound from traditions of vernacular music with the aim to legitimize Iceland as an independent, culturally empowered nation. In addition to exploring Leifs’s career, Ingólfsson provides detailed descriptions of Leifs’s major works and their cultural contexts. Leifs’s music was inspired by the Icelandic landscape and includes auditory depictions of volcanos, geysers, and waterfalls. The raw quality of his orchestral music is frequently enhanced by an expansive percussion section, including anvils, stones, sirens, bells, ships’ chains, shotguns, and cannons. Largely neglected in his own lifetime, Leifs’s music has been rediscovered in recent years and hailed as a singular and deeply original contribution to twentieth-century music. Jón Leifs and the Musical Invention of Iceland enriches our understanding and appreciation of Leifs and his music by exploring the political, literary and environmental contexts that influenced his work.

Cultural Empathy Through Music in Iceland

Author : Cayla Rosche
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This doctoral project is a resource for voice students, teachers, and coaches who are seeking to explore Icelandic vocal music. It will predominantly focus on works by Icelandic composer Jón Leifs. With the objective of making Icelandic Art songs more accessible to singers, my project will present a historical background of Icelandic music as well as song cycles by Jón Leifs set to poems by Jóhann Jónsson and Hallgrímur Pétursson. The two song cycles, Kirkjulög Op. 12a and Tvö sönglög Op. 14a, are presented with word-for-word and vernacular translations, as well as phonetic transcriptions and diction notes. Soon after people began settling in Iceland in the 9th century music making and storytelling became an integral part of the lives of Icelanders. In 1380 Iceland and Norway became governed by Denmark and this began a time of repression and tragedy for Icelanders. After gaining independence from Denmark in 1944 CE Icelanders began to find their national identity, which coincides with the nationalism movement of the late 19th century and the early 20th century. The project examines this movement in Iceland as a way of discovering what cultural elements were important enough to be maintained during the development of the now independent nation. In Iceland, two forms of musical traditions Rímur and Tvísöngur,, that date back to the 14th century, were updated and incorporated in the national musical identity of Iceland during this time. We, as musicians, must develop cultural empathy for the music in Iceland in order to expand interest in Icelandic music and culture. This is done by studying the history and culture of the country and the potential motivations for musical compositions. Many singers shy away from the idea of performing Icelandic music because of a lack of accessible music or the knowledge about where to look, and the daunting task of learning the language. However, Icelandic vocal repertoire has a unique sound and timbre and would offer a compelling contrast to more typical repertoire on recitals. This project offers singers guidance as they learn and perform the music of Jón Leifs and other Icelandic composers.

A Short History of Icelandic Music to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

Author : Hjálmar H. Ragnarsson
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Scandinavian Review

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Iceland from Past to Present

Author : Esbjörn Rosenblad
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Nordic Sounds

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Journal of the American Liszt Society

Author : American Liszt Society
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Iceland Review

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Author : International Musicological Society. Congress
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Das Programmbuch gibt einen Überblick über alle Hauptvorträge, Symposien und Freien Referate, Präsentationen von Forschungsinstituten und Konzerte, die vom 10. bis 15. Juli 2007 an der Universität Zürich stattfinden. Es beinhaltet die Abstracts aller Referate, die durch Register leicht zugänglich gemacht werden, dokumentiert so den Kongress in seiner Gänze und ersetzt einen ausführlicheren Kongressbericht.

International Who s who in Music and Musicians Directory

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