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Innocent Journey

Author : James Hare
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It is 1975 and Matthew is driving his mum, dad and aunt to a very special occasion in Rome. Innocents abroad, they are experiencing life on the Continent for the first time as they motor through France and Italy. There is an abundance of optimism and good humour, a sense of happiness and anticipation. However, there are some complications en route. The best laid plans go awry and some difficult choices have to be made. ? Propelled onwards to Rome in this brief odyssey, the earlier life journeys of Nora, John, Kathleen and Matthew unfold. For all the ups and downs that they have experienced, these are generous and expansive personalities that you will want to share the journey with. Will the vicissitudes of life, love and past heartaches dampen their appreciation of the present? And is it the destination that is so important or the journey they have all taken to get there?

The Journey Poetry Series Entering New Levels

Author : James L Lagoski
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While preparing this book for final publication, it was amazing reflecting back to the beginning. Writing the poems included in my first book I never really thought much about how effortlessly the words just flowed on their own. And as I move ahead into the second legacy of The Journey, I am in awe of how many people have been affected by my poetry across the world. So I welcome you to come with me and lets enter new levels of thought.

History of England from the Accession of James I to the Outbreak of the Civil War 1603 1642

Author : Samuel Rawson Gardiner
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History of England from the Accession of James I to the Outbreak of the Civil War 1603 1642 1623 1625

Author : Samuel Rawson Gardiner
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Reflections at Journey s End

Author : York County Bar Association
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A compelling series of insightful biographical sketches of the men and women of the York County Bar commencing eleven years before the start of the Civil War as recounted by contemporaries and colleagues. Candid, sincere, honest, and on occasion with a touch of comic relief, these memorial minutes are tributes to those who have made their rendezvous with mortality. Found within these volumes is the venerable Jeremiah S. Black who walked the corridors of national recognition during the Civil War era; the urbane and brilliant Herbert B. Cohen who wielded substantial political power throughout the commonwealth and rose to become an associate justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court; and the charismatic Harvey Gross whose superb advocacy in the third Hex trial and subsequent twenty-year tenure on the York County Orphans’ Court placed him in the forefront of the princes of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence. This “callout” of the giants in no way diminishes the significance, commitment, and integrity of the many other remarkable individuals who came after and counseled and inspired others to live honestly, to exercise compassion, and to act with prudence and diligence, and above all else made their contribution to the vast and diverse panorama of our humanity. Not a typical memoir or story, these memorial minutes constitute the defining epic of the York County Bar. More than history, more than recitals of character and personality, and more than delightful encounters and more somber content, they are about individuals remembered for the richness and power of their hopes, achievements, and commitments to the timeless values of the life of the law.

Heart Journey Following Jesus to the Heart of God

Author : Jimmy Locklear
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Heart Journey was written as a response to many Christians who have spent years learning doctrine and gaining more knowledge about Jesus, but feel they don’t really know Him. The book includes thirty structured reflections on the Gospel of St. Matthew. As you watch and listen to Jesus in a new light, you are invited to walk with Jesus as his disciples and early followers did and to experience his life and teaching from your heart. Along with the thirty daily devotionals, read Jimmy Locklear’s inspiring stories of struggle, confusion and learning hopefulness and love from empty hands.

For You It Was Written

Author : Paul Martin
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What happens when two best friends are separated by a tragedy? How does a survivor move on? This is a story of life, love, and friendship. Many events parallel John and Clarisse’s life. Clarisse and John become best friends before John has a terrible fall. John slips into a coma. While family and others give up on any hope of recovery, Clarisse does not. Her unconditional love for John is a testament to their friendship. Clarisse fulfills her lifelong ambition to be an author, writing a book that recounts the fantastic adventure she wishes John could have. John and his faithful companion, Forilee, a multicolored falcon; Gesalt, a wood horse deer; and Getule, a Knu, embark on an eventful mission through dangerous territory filled with agents of darkness. The message they seek to leave for those still in the world is of God’s unending love.

The Impossible Journey

Author : James T. Brown
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From the dying lips of an old Druid, a prophecy was given to Masada. It was a look into the future of his yet unborn child. “One day your son will become a great leader even someday a king”. The child was a son and now nineteen years later he was a man. It was a time of change; the Romans had long gone and the vacuum left behind created chaos. The year was 450AD, the year Britannia became a magnet for those who wished to abandon a war-ravaged Europe. Saxons took over the south, Angles settled in the north east, the Celtic tribes ruled the western hills and the Britons became strangers in their own land. Against this turbulent background, one man took upon himself an impossible journey. One that began with a marriage to a beautiful princess and ended with the saving of a nation.

Ode to El Camino de Santiago and Other Poems of Journey

Author : James E. Green
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Ode to El Camino de Santiago and Other Poems of Journey is a collection of poems written in a variety of forms. The reader will find sonnets, a villanelle, rhyming quatrains, blank verse, and free verse. While the forms are varied, the theme connecting these poems is one of journey. Although, journey is understood as more than mere travel to other places. These poems are journeys of the meditative kind where destination is to be found in reflection, and arrival found in mindfulness. The settings range from a pilgrim's path in Spain in the opening poem to a childhood home in the closing one, and in between are others as far-flung as a refugee camp in Myanmar, a market square in Marrakech, and the rocky coast of Ireland.

An Infinite Journey

Author : Dr. Andrew M. Davis
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After we’ve come to faith in Christ, God leaves us in this world for a very clear purpose: his own glory. But how are we to glorify God for the rest of our lives? The Bible reveals that God has laid before every Christian two infinite journeys which we are to travel every day: the internal journey of growth into Christlike maturity, and the external journey of worldwide evangelism and missions. This book is a road map for the internal journey, laying out how we are to grow in four major areas: knowledge, faith, character, and action. In this book, we’ll learn how God grows us in knowledge, faith, character, and action. We’ll also discover that spiritual knowledge constantly feeds our growing faith, faith will transform our character, our transformed character will result in an array of actions more and more glorifying to God, and our actions will feed our spiritual knowledge. This upward spiral will lead us to become more and more like Jesus Christ in holiness. And not only will this book help us understand Christian growth in detail, it will also give us a passion to grow every day for his glory.