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Julius Zeyer

Author : Robert B. Pynsent
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Julius Zeyer Essai

Author : Miloš pseud MARTEN
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Julius Zeyer

Author : Robert B. Pynsent
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Spisy Julia Zeyera

Author :
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Collector Julius Zeyer

Author : Jana Jiroušková
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Julius Zeyer Pozn mky K Jubileu

Author : Václav RENČ
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Julius Zeyer ivot esk ho B sn ka With Plates

Author : Eva Jurčinová
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Les Motifs russes dans l oeuvre de Julius Zeyer Janina Viskovataja Rusk motivy y tvorb Julia Zeyera

Author : Janina Viskovataja
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Julius Zeyer s Version of the Chanson de Roland

Author : Asa Curtis LaFrance
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Han Zeit

Author : Michael Friedrich
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Aus dem Inhalt (47 Beitrage): Bekenntnisse und GestandnisseW. Kubin, Von Muttern, Vatern und Lehrern: Nachdenken uber liebgewordene Bilder Geist und MachtTh. Frohlich, Vom Zugang zu Machthabern: Macht und Autoritat im politischen Denken Chinas Konfuzius und die FolgenW. G. Boltz, Between Two Pillars: The Death-dream of ConfuciusSprache und DenkenH. Roetz, Worte als Namen: Anmerkungen zu Xunzi und Dong Zhongshu Arbeit am TextM. Richter, Der Alte und das Wasser: Lesarten von Laozi 8 im uberlieferten Text und in den Manuskripten von Mawangdui Freude an FragmentenM. Fruhauf, Vom Stichwort suanni in der han-zeitlichen Synonymik Erya: Zur Frage der Existenz von Lowen im archaischen und antiken China Form und SinnH. Sonnichsen, Zur Prosodie der "Neunzehn Alten Gedichte" Die Guten und die BosenR. Th. Kolb, "Ubeltater, Racher und Rebellen", Die han-zeitlichen "Jungen Manner" (shaonian) Graber und GelehrteH.-J. Rollicke, Die "Als-ob"-Struktur der Riten: Ein Beitrag zur Ritualhermeneutik der Zhanguo- und Han-Zei

Exotisch weisheitlich und uralt

Author : Thomas Glück
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The Deserts of Bohemia

Author : Peter Steiner
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"Czech fiction in the twentieth century has been deeply enmeshed in the nation's political life and often serves as a conduit for its authors' social ideas. Peter Steiner challenges the view that literary works can be treated as aesthetically distinct from historical events. Instead, he gives evidence again and again of the inevitable connection between literature and politics." --Book Jacket.

Rilke s Russia

Author : Anna A. Tavis
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Explores the biographical and textual evidence of Russia's importance in shaping the writer Rainer Maria Rilke's aesthetic perception. During Rilke's two trips to Russia at the turn the century, he made connections with a number of important artists, including Leo Tolstoy and Nikolai Leskov, and the author traces the impact of these meetings and other experiences in Russia upon Rilke's writing. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

From Good King Wenceslas to the Good Soldier vejk

Author : Andrew Lawrence Roberts
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"From Good King Wenceslas to the Good Soldier Svejk, this cultural dictionary is an intimate look at a people affectionately known for their storytelling humor (tlachani), suspicion of authority, and peaceful demeanor. Instead of the "greats" of Czech arts and letters that appear in standard histories or references, it describes such things as popular songs, movie stars, famous athletes, traditional dishes, and children's games that are second nature to every Czech." "In a country boasting the highest per capita consumption of beer (a bottle a day for every man woman and child), and where you once needed a handful of bony (coupons for imported goods) to buy a pair of Levi's, the Czech Republic today is a modern country of educated Europeans centered around Prague - one of the world's most beautiful capital cities. These contradictions all find a home in A Dictionary of Czech Popular Culture." "From Brno to Zizkov, Jan Hus to Vaclav Havel, this wry and stimulating collection of over 600 entries marks the first attempt at sewing together the patchwork of Czech culture with the hope of showing what is hezky cesky (nicely Czech) to the world at large." "The dictionary is supplemented by over thirty lists on such topics as the most popular Czech song, novel, athlete, and food. It also includes other primary documents like historical calendars, school-leaving exams, and communist slogans."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Intellectuals And The Future In The Habsburg Monarchy 1890 1914

Author : László Péter
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Contextualizing Melodrama in the Czech Lands

Author : Judith A. Mabary
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The mention of the term "melodrama" is likely to evoke a response from laymen and musicians alike that betrays an acquaintance only with the popular form of the genre and its greatly heightened drama, exaggerated often to the point of the ridiculous. Few are aware that there exists a type of melodrama that contains in its smaller forms the beauty of the sung ballad and, in the larger-scale works, the appeal of the spoken play. This category of melodrama is one that surfaced in many cultures but was perhaps never so enthusiastically cultivated as in the Czech lands. The melodrama varied greatly at the hands of its Czech advocates. While the works of Zdeněk Fibich and his contemporary Josef Bohuslav Foerster, a composer best known for his songs, remained closely bound to the text, those of conductor/composer Otakar Ostrčil reveal a stance that privileged the music and, given their creator’s orchestral experience, are more reminiscent of the symphonic poem. Fibich in his staged works and Josef Suk (composer/violinist and Dvořák’s son-in-law), in his incidental music reflect variously late nineteenth-century Romanticism, the influence of Wagner, and early manifestations of Impressionism. In its more recent guise, the principles of the staged melodrama reside quite comfortably in the film score. Judith A. Mabary’s important volume will be of interest not only to musicologists, but those working in Central and East European studies, voice studies, European theatre, and those studying music and nationalism.

Aspekte kultureller Integration

Author : Karel Mácha
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From Skin to Heart

Author : Paolo Santangelo
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Just like the self, sensations and emotions expressed in literature are elusive issues. Necessarily separated from living reality and yet, in a sense, a mirror of it, linguistic coding of bodily feeling and emotional feeling became subject of avid interest among scholars of historical emotion research and the history of mentality in intra- and intercultural perspectives. This volume combines eleven essays with critical discussions concerning the bidirectional network of sense perception and emotion. Exploring the theme from different angles - psychological, medical, and literary - From Skin to Heart highlights the intimate interrelationship between bodily sensations, states of mind, and the emotions from pain, illness, and self-destruction to love-sickness and self-sacrifice in early Chinese poetry and ethics and late imperial lyrics and narrative. The partly descriptive, partly analytical essays are contributions of a new wave of Continental and American sinology that, inspired by cultural studies, discourse analysis, and rhetorical analysis, offers fresh views on body and psyche as locked into and emerging from Chinese primary sources. An appendix provides additional examples of the rich linguistic material referring to phenomena of sense perception and the affective sphere and their interdependence.

Archiv orient ln

Author : Orientální ústav (Akademie věd České republiky)
File Size : 46.9 MB
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Xenia Pragensia

Author :
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