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Jump Frog Jump

Author : Robert Kalan
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"This is the turtle that slid into the pond and ate the snake that dropped from a branch and swallowed the fish that swam after the frog -- JUMP, FROG, JUMP!" This infectious cumulative tale will soon have the young frogs you know jumping and chanting with joy.

Jump Frog Jump b Robert Kalan

Author : Robert Kalan
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Jump Frog Funny Frog Because Frogs Are Funny

Author : Penelope Dyan
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This is book Nine of the Penny Mouse Early Reader Series, and the fun of learning continues! This time Penelope Dyan introduces us to the frogs! The frogs jump, of course; and they are bothered by those same pesky little bees that we have seen in earlier Penny Mouse Early Readers! This book lists the first primary reading list words right next to the book's introduction, so that parents can copy the words and make flash cards to use with their children as their children learn to read. Dyan begins to also incorporate the use of counting and number words so that the child can interact with the parent as the reading progresses. You will note Dyan uses correct English writing. "To where did the little frog go?" and not "Where did the little frog go to," because that would be ending a sentence in a preposition; and Dyan is a believer that if a child hears and reads correct English, he or she will speak correct English. But that is just a hidden lesson, the main lesson of this book, and this series is mainly about the joy of learning! Penelope Dyan is an attorney, a writer and a former teacher and has been widely published in both the field of law as well as the field of education. She is an award winning writer, and she brings her love of children to the Penny Mouse Early Reader Series! Each concept is tried and true and classroom/kid tested! Go ahead and laugh as you teach! (Everyone is supposed to have fun with these books!)

Jump Frog

Author : Josie Stewart
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A learn-to-read story about frogs.

Jumpidy Jump Frog

Author : Julienne R. Holmes
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"Willy, Lilly, Silly, I am a Frog." Here's a frog story that I'm sure every parent will enjoy reading to their child and is easy enough, not to mention enjoyable for all ages. This story has a poetic theme to it, and you literary can feel how enjoyable it is to hop along with this slimy, green, lovable frog. So, as the little frog says, come one and all and jump along with him in this carefree, but, enjoyable story.

Involving Parents Through Children s Literature

Author : Anthony D. Fredericks
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Contains activity sheets based upon popular children's books, designed in a convenient format so that they can be taken home by children. Each sheet includes a summary of the book, discussion questions and a list of learning activities for adults and children.

Frog Jump Brazil

Author : P. W. Lea
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CALL IT SERENDIPITY- how else does one explain that an itinerant poet finds himself laboring at a job with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (a task that required him to pour over and rediscover the wonderful names of Tennessee roads and cities?) The lucky person who occupied that position is the author, Warner Lea. Mr. Lea is a native Nashvillian, was educated locally and received a bachelor's degree from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. He hopes the reader will appreciate the humor and uniqueness that makes Tennessee so special to all.

The Frog Who Never Became a Prince

Author : James Sullivan
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How Frog Learned to Jump

Author : Fay Robinson
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The Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh

Author : M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
File Size : 68.63 MB
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A collection of nearly 1000 parables and maxims. Open at random and each will inspire you to pause and reflect. With poignant humor, subtle wisdom and piercing truth, each will enrich your faith, open your heart, and challenge you to grow. This new edition includes new material and a more comprehensive index.

Frogs Jump

Author : Alan Brooks
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Illustrations provide humorous interpretations of the actions of animals from one frog to twelve whales.

Sight Word Stories Frog Jumps Around

Author : Beaver Books
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The Three and a Half Minute Transaction

Author : Mitu Gulati
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"Boilerplate language in contracts tends to stick around long after its origins and purpose have been forgotten. Usually there are no serious repercussions, but sometimes it can cause unexpected problems. Such was the case with the obscure pari passu clause in cross-border sovereign debt contracts, when a Belgian court's novel judicial interpretation in Elliott Associates v. Peru rattled international finance by forcing a defaulting sovereign - for one of the first times in the market's centuries-long history - to repay its foreign creditors despite their refusal to enter into a restructuring agreement. Though neither party wanted this outcome, the vast majority of contracts subsequently issued demonstrate virtually no attempt to clarify the imprecise language of the clause. Using this case as a launching pad to explore the broader issue of 'stickiness' of contract boilerplate, Mitu Gulati and Robert E. Scott have sifted through more than one thousand sovereign debt contracts - dating back to the nineteenth century - and interviewed hundreds of practitioners to show that the problem actually lies in the nature of the modern corporate law firm. The financial pressure on large firms to maintain a high volume of transactions contributes to an array of problems that deter innovation and that are largely hidden from the individual lawyer tasked with drafting contracts. With the near certainty of massive sovereign debt structuring in Europe, The Three and a Half Minute Transaction speaks to critical issues facing the industry and has broader implications for contract design that will ensure it remains relevant to our understanding of legal practice long after the debt crisis has subsided"--Unedited summary from book jacket.

NIST Special Publication

Author :
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Little Frog Big Jump

Author : Bethany Vaccaro
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“Little Frog dreamed about leaping high into the sky, and laughing with the other frogs, but Little Frog was afraid. So day after day he didn’t even try, and day after day, he passed the puddle by. While day after day his friends would fly. Until one day...” Little Frog, Big Jump is a story of perseverance. Little Frog not only finds the courage to face his fear, but discovers the importance of empathy, with a twist in the story that teaches the value of having a growth mindset and learning to laugh at yourself!

The Frog Who Couldn t Jump

Author : Dr. Hope
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A frog learns you don't have to come in first place to be a winner.

The California Frog Jumping Contest

Author : Fosnot
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The California Frog-Jumping Contest: Algebra is one of five units in the Contexts for Learning Mathematics' Investigating Fractions, Decimals, and Percents (4 - 6) This unit uses the context of the famous short story by Mark Twain - The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County - to develop equivalence and its use in solving algebraic problems. The context of a frog jumping along a track is used to foster number line representations in which students solve for an unknown amount, which is usually the length of a frog jump. Equivalent sequences of jumps are represented naturally on a double number line by having them start and end at the same location, with one expression shown on top of the line and the other shown underneath the line. The representation can then be used as a tool for solving the problem. The unit begins with a problem in which students find the length of a bullfrog's jump, knowing the full length of a sequence of his jumps and steps. This context leads to using the number line as a tool for solving problems with unknowns. Next, students must find various approaches for lining up six- or eight-foot benches for two jumping tracks of lengths 28 and 42 feet. Students utilize the equivalence 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 8 + 8 + 8 to change one possible solution into a second possible solution and use the number line to represent this equivalence. A similar problem about fences is used to develop a combination chart, which is a useful representation for determining net gain (or loss) after an exchange. The second half of the unit includes more frog-jumping problems as the frogs plan for their Olympic Games. Now students further explore the use of variables to represent more complex situations and solve for unknown amounts. Here, students use the number line to represent jumps in the problems and can separate off equal amounts of unknown lengths to determine the lengths of unknown amounts. As the unit progresses, the questions require that students investigate equivalent lengths of different-sized jumps and work with these equivalences flexibly to solve problems. The complexity of learning to symbolize has been the subject of extensive research. One study, summarized in Adding It Up (National Research Council 2001, 264), illustrates typical difficulties students may have. Known as the reversal error, it is illustrated by work on the following problem: At a certain university, there are six times as many students as professors. Using S for the number of students and P for the number of professors, write an equation that gives the relation between the number of students and the number of professors. A majority of students, ranging from first-year algebra students to college freshmen, wrote the equation 6S=P. Apparently they used 6 as an adjective and S as a noun, following the natural language in the problem. However, they needed to multiply the number of professors by 6 to find the number of students. The correct response is 6P=S. Because learning to write algebraic expressions is so difficult, we don't push symbolizing early in this unit. The representation of the number line is used to fix students' attention on the distinction between the lengths of jumps and the number of jumps. Once this is set, students can begin symbolizing in problems like this in a meaningful way. The unit ends with the students constructing more formal algebraic notation as they develop methods to simplify their earlier representations. To learn more visit

Hop Jump

Author : Ellen Stoll Walsh
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Bored with just hopping and jumping, a frog discovers dancing.


Author : Jonathan K.. Foster
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With contributions from leading theorists and researchers in the field, this volume presents a debate about the cognitive architecture of the human long-term memory system.

Prejudice Against Nature

Author : Michael J. Cohen
File Size : 52.15 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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