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Just a Girl Who Loves Cucumber

Author : Fly Publishing
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This large blank lined journal makes a fabulous, inexpensive gift to say thank you, congratulations, or happy birthday! The perfect notebook for to do lists, reminders, and notes. -Size: 6x9 in -110 lined pages or 55 sheets -Matte cover

Just a Girl Who Loves Cucumber

Author : Just a Girl Who Loves
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This journal features 120 pages or lined Paper inside for writing notes. It's size is convenient to carry with you anywhere you go. This notebook or journal makes a great motivational and inspirational Notebook gift for all.This Notebook is perfect for: End of the School Year Gifts Notebook Journals Gifts Gifts at Birthday Parties Birthday Gifts, Christmas & Thanksgiving Gifts Features: Can be used as a diary, journal and notebook 120 pages of lined paper Perfect for gel, pen, ink, marker or pencils 6" x 9" dimensions; portable size for school, home or traveling Matte Cover High-quality paper

Just A Girl Who Loves Cucumbers

Author : Star Book Press
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This is a Cucumbers lover's notebook journal. This is perfect for everyone. This is 100 pages (6"x 9") notebook journal or dairy. The notebook is useful as a school composition book, journal, diary, logbook, or for creative writing such as poetry. This is perfect for every age and this is a perfect gift for Birthday Parties, Christmas & Thanksgiving Gifts any occasion.

Just a Girl Who Loves Cucumber

Author : Lyes Notebooks Journals
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Do you love Cucumber? Are you looking for a vegan gift for kids, youth and teens girls who love Cucumber? Just A Girl Who Loves Cucumber Notebook Journal is the perfect present for women, especially your Sister, Mom, Niece, Auntie or girlfriend who loves Cucumber, Awesome gifts for Mothers Day, Birthday as well as Valentines Day.Great Notebook Birthday Gift to write down brilliant ideas and happiness reminders, Meeting Planner and To-Do lists as well as taking notes or just having fun and getting creative.Click on our Brand to find more Gifts ideas for you, your family or friends.

Just a Girl who Loves Cucumbers

Author : Happy Books Paperback Journal
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This funny 6 x 9 inch blank lined journal . Just a girl who loves cucumbers This fantastic 120-page notebook is just perfect for all your noting needs. Whether you're scribbling down your most secret inner thoughts or carefully copying out your favourite recipe for (avocado) dip; recording reflections and reminiscences or setting out your aims and objectives for the coming year. You can keep it hidden by your bed, carry it conveniently in your school-bag or pull it out, with more than a little operatic flourish, at your next big meeting. You can fill it up with lines from Gilbert & Sullivan or your own private ballads, songs and snatches. Rhyme and reason not required! Key Features: 6" x 9" - conveniently sized, and just perfect for your school bag, backpack, or desk 120 fully usable white lined pages Printed on high-quality paper throughout Full-colour glossy cover bearing an image of the Avogato winking playfully and wishing you 'Mew Bueno!' Perfect for use as a journal, notebook, diary or...well, you choose

Just a Girl Who Loves Cucumbers

Author : Real Journal Press
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This is a cucumbers lover's notebook journal. This is perfect for everyone. This is 100 pages (6"x 9") notebook journal or dairy. The notebook is useful as a school composition book, journal, diary, logbook, or for creative writing such as poetry. This is perfect for every age and this is a perfect gift for any occasion.

Cool as a Cucumber

Author : Jonathan Joseph
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Cucumber Man

Author : David Nobbs
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Hilarious storytelling from the creator of Reginald Perrin. It is 1957. The Suez Crisis has been and gone. Henry Pratt has completed his National Service and is putting his unsuccessful career as Thurmarsh's cub journalist behind him. Leaving Yorkshire, he's taking on a new role and a new challenge - working for the Cucumber Marketing Board in Leeds. Stumbling through the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties, Henry Pratt accumulates jobs, marriages and children on the way as he embarks on a touching, painful and hilarious switchback ride through a divided Britain.

Cucumbers the Rabbit

Author : Anthony W. Grillo
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Meet the rabbit with green fur and is as cool as his name. Cucumbers the Rabbit is his name. Adventure is his game. In this collection of twenty stories, Cucumbers, with his friends, Blaze, Sunny, Drooler, Bouncy-Bounce, Spinner, Henry, Knock Knock, Flirty, and Mudflap, face monsters, UFOs, an evil circus owner, a magical island, a powerful rabbit witch, a tyrannical alien general, an Alaskan farmer, a vicious fox, and a spooky computer. Along the way, Cucumbers manages to star in a Hollywood movie and help his friend's lonely father find a wife. Discover how Cucumbers' friends get even with a prankster ghost. Find out what happens when Flirty falls in love with two human sisters. Discover why the frogs are angry with the rabbits. Learn why Cucumbers' fur is green and who he takes on his first date. Who is Princess Cleo supposed to marry? What surprise awaits Cucumbers at Foggy Island? How does a part of Bunny Town get destroyed after something that happens at Sunny's birthday party? And, what is Cucumbers' big secret? Come and explore Cucumbers' world. There is danger and mysteries to be solved, but there is also friendship and love. Escape into this world of fantasy and enjoy a laugh along the way.

Cucumber Sandwiches

Author : J.I.M. Stewart
File Size : 40.55 MB
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In 'Laon and Cythna' a legend emerges, along with a deathbed confession. This is a ‘ghost’ story in the best traditions. In ‘Cucumber Sandwiches’ a don examines a novelist’s youthful indiscretion. ‘The Men’ strays into the alarming world of young people, and in ‘A Change of Heart’ macabre events follow the grafting of a finger and thumb.

The Railroad Trainman

Author :
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Mr Cucumber Goes Bananas

Author : Thomas Gerner Larsen
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In the present book we follow the billionaire John Greeley alias Mr. Cucumber around the world, where he farts and burps his way through luxurious hotels, restaurants, airplanes, Playboy Clubs and brothels. John was born with hair and beard like an adult. Well, such things can happen, we all know that. But he also had a few extras, as already indicated. From an early age people occasionally ran to save their lives because of his explosive stomach. Eventually whole buildings would vanish around him. Mr. Cucumber is 63 years old at the time that he tells his story. But he looks like a man at 25 and behaves like a kid. At some point in life he develops clairvoyant abilities.

Tales Alive in Turkey

Author : Warren S. Walker
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Sixty-seven folktales and anecdotes recorded and translated for those seeking an introduction to the Turkish tradition of oral literature.

Selections from Living Turkish Folktales

Author : Ahmet Edip Uysal
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Author :
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The Cucumber King and Other Stories

Author : Edwin Samuel (Hon.)
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Lord Cucumber

Author : Joe Orton
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When Life Was like a Cucumber

Author : Greg Wyss
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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It's 1972 and the Sixties are over. Or are they? When the house they are renting outside of Oneonta, New York, burns to the ground, twenty-four-year old Jeffrey Hesse and his wife, Jane, split up, launching Jeff on a wild journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening. Inspired by an angel calling herself Isadora Duncan, Jeff sets out to see the world and find his place in post Sixties America. His odyssey carries him to the Gulf Coast of Florida, the streets of Boston, the hash clubs in Amster

The V

Author : Project V
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This book is a collection of articles, poetry, and stories about the emancipation of women, men, and those in between; Their right, their vision, their empowerment, their dilemmas, and so much more for those born with The V, and those who were not, and those who wish they have, this book is for you. You don't have to be anti-men, to be pro-women; You just need a heart and the courage. You have The V? Own The V. (Terfaktab Media)

The Homing Elephant Cucumber Prophesy Party

Author : Maurice McDonald
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