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Karma Couples

Author : Michelle Robinson
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Can you stay, or is it time to leave? Assess your relationship and karmic lessons with new eyes and an open heart. Karma Couples helps you make sense of confusing and troubled relationships. The author provides free resources.

Love Intimacy and the African American Couple

Author : Katherine M. Helm
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This exciting new text on counseling African American couples outlines critical components to providing culturally-sensitive treatment. Built around a framework that examines African American couples' issues as well as the specific contextual factors that can negatively impact their relationships, it: • Addresses threats to love and intimacy for Black couples • Provides culturally relevant, strengths-based approaches and assessment practices • Includes interesting case studies at the conclusion of each chapter that illustrate important concepts. The chapters span the current state of couple relationships; readers will find information for working with lesbians and gays in relationships, pastoral counseling, and intercultural Black couples. There is also a chapter for non-Black therapists who work with Black clients. Dispersed throughout the book are interviews with prominent African American couples' experts: Dr. Chalandra Bryant, relationship expert Audrey B. Chapman, Dr. Daryl Rowe and Dr. Sandra Lyons-Rowe, and Dr. Thomas Parham. They provide personal insight on issues such as the strengths African Americans bring to relationships, their skills and struggles, and gender and class considerations. This must-read book will significantly help you and your clients.

The Hidden History of the Tibetan Book of the Dead

Author : Bryan J. Cuevas
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In 1927, Oxford University Press published the first western-language translation of a collection of Tibetan funerary texts (the Great Liberation upon Hearing in the Bardo) under the title The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Since that time, the work has established a powerful hold on the western popular imagination, and is now considered a classic of spiritual literature. Over the years, The Tibetan Book of the Dead has inspired numerous commentaries, an illustrated edition, a play, a video series, and even an opera. Translators, scholars, and popular devotees of the book have claimed to explain its esoteric ideas and reveal its hidden meaning. Few, however, have uttered a word about its history. Bryan J. Cuevas seeks to fill this gap in our knowledge by offering the first comprehensive historical study of the Great Liberation upon Hearing in the Bardo, and by grounding it firmly in the context of Tibetan history and culture. He begins by discussing the many ways the texts have been understood (and misunderstood) by westerners, beginning with its first editor, the Oxford-educated anthropologist Walter Y. Evans-Wentz, and continuing through the present day. The remarkable fame of the book in the west, Cuevas argues, is strikingly disproportionate to how the original Tibetan texts were perceived in their own country. Cuevas tells the story of how The Tibetan Book of the Dead was compiled in Tibet, of the lives of those who preserved and transmitted it, and explores the history of the rituals through which the life of the dead is imagined in Tibetan society. This book provides not only a fascinating look at a popular and enduring spiritual work, but also a much-needed corrective to the proliferation of ahistorical scholarship surrounding The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Does the Music Play Forever

Author : Tina Ancinec
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The Mayan Indians of the Yucatan Peninsula, through a very complicated process, were able to study the sun by monitoring the planet Venus. This formed the basis for their complex calendarical system, which stretches over thousands of years. They discovered the way the sun rotates creates sunspots. After twenty sunspot cycles, which occurred approximately every thirty seven hundred years, the sun ́s rotational orbit would change, causing the Earth to turn on it ́s axis. This is due to occur again on December 22, 2012. On this day, the world as we know it will end. Austin Green, a forty year old theoretical physicist, and his nineteen year old son, Zeo, barely escape from Los Angeles before a third massive earthquake cracks the North American plate, and the entire west coast sinks into the ocean in a matter of minutes. Now in the year is 2011, they ́re struggling to re-build a society in the coastal city of Phoenix, Arizona, with others who ́ve survived the precursors to the pole shift--a long string of natural disasters that had been plaguing the Earth since 2009. The United States economy has fallen, making money worth nothing. The barter system is used for everything, and horses and bicycles are again common modes of transportation. Austin, once a well recognized physics professor and researcher at the California Institute of Technology, still harbors the slight hope that there will again come a time when our scientific technology will be applied to real life. Now, while everyone awaits the outcome of the final pole shift, he teaches cutting edge physics to a small class of students of various ages--the future parents of the root race of humans that will hopefully re-build society. But, Austin is restless. He can ́t believe what has become of the planet, and the humans who once ruled it. He has to know what the future holds. Does the music play forever? Will all life on Earth end before the middle of the twenty first century, thus destroying everything mankind has ever discovered since the beginning of time as we know it? Or have we learned from our past mistakes? Will we build a future society more in tune with nature? Or will greed cause us to make the same mistakes over again? Combining Austin ́s expertise in hyperspace manipulation, and Zeo ́s deep seeded, new age intuition, they devise an elaborate plan utilizing a home made proton accelerator, the energy vortexes in Sedona Arizona, a quartz crystal, and the energy generated on the day of the winter solstice, when the sun changes it ́s rotation, to construct a worm hole two hundred years into the future and escape just seconds before the Earth turns on it ́s axis. "Does the Music Play Forever?" is a story of one man ́s discovery of, not only his true nature, but also the true nature of the universe and mankind ́s innate connection to it. It is the ultimate example of the law of cause and effect, and the interconnectedness of everything in the universe..

The Case for Temptation

Author : Robyn Grady
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“We can’t see each other again… and I think you know why.” After an impulsive one-night stand with Jacob Stone, Teagan Hunter is appalled to discover he’s a lawyer intent on suing her media mogul brother. They’re done. But Jacob pursues the understated heiress…and Teagan is tempted. Could the powerhouse attorney be the one to give Teagan the new lease on life she desperately needs? Or is this a star-crossed scandal waiting to explode?

The Seon Way for a Purposeful Life

Author : Suroso Mun
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• Discover what you truly want. If you establish your will firmly, all creations of the Universe wrap supporting energy around you. Therefore, you will gain power. If you don’t gain power, that is because your goal is not clear. • Evolution basically means “knowing”. It is to know about yourself, about God, about nature as well as about birth-aging-illness-death. Once you realize these, once you know the direction which the Universe is headed for, you will then evolve. • Why did the Creator make human beings to be imperfect? Why did He make human beings like this and have them feel pain, grief and sorrow? How did He make human beings and how much did He involve Himself? • The purpose of the Universe’s creation is evolution, and the Earth is the planet which was created as a training center. The purpose of human beings born on this planet is only evolution through experience. Likewise, if you can become well-aware that the Earth is a school and that people are born to learn lessons, you will be pleased by all the affairs happening to you because they are teaching materials that make you profound by presenting you with experiences.

The Good Karma Divorce

Author : Michele Lowrance
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[Michele Lowrance’s] advice is healing and revolutionary. She is clear-headed and open-hearted.” —Julia Cameron, bestselling author of The Artist’s Way The Good Karma Divorce is that rare guidebook that offers a concrete path to transforming painful experience into positive action. Family Judge Michele Lowrance, who experienced her parents’ divorce and two of her own, has developed what Karen Mathis, past president of the American Bar Association, describes as an “inspired and uplifting alternative to the agonizing divorce process.” Over the past four years, Judge Lowrance has seen literally one hundred percent of divorcing couples who applied the practices described in The Good Karma Divorce avoid trial. Firmly entrenched in real-world applicability, The Good Karma Divorce is a must-read not only for people in any phase of a divorce, but for psychologists, psychiatrists, attorneys, judges, and social workers, as well.

Tea Time with Terrorists

Author : Mark Stephen Meadows
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A journalist’s travelogue of war-torn Sri Lanka “brings refreshing clarity and enlightenment” to our understanding of terrorism (Robert Young Pelton). Armed with a map and a motorcycle, Mark Stephen Meadows ventures to Sri Lanka’s war zone to interview terrorists, generals, and heroin dealers on their own terms. He seeks only to understand the conflict and witness the civil war’s effects on the country. As he travels north through Colombo, Kandy, and the damaged city of Jaffna, Meadows discovers an island of beauty and abundance ground down by three decades of war. He is invited into an ancient culture where he learns to trap an elephant, weave rope from coconut husks, cast out devils, and even have afternoon tea with terrorists. Meadow’s story and take on the war focuses on the interconnectedness of globalization, the media, and modern terrorism in what Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea, calls “an excellent undertaking.”

Karma s A Bitch

Author : Shannon Esposito
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Darwin Winters, reluctant pet psychic, is determined to leave her family’s paranormal past behind and lead a normal life. So she strikes out on her own and opens up a new pet boutique in St. Pete, Florida. When a local homeless man she befriends is found dead, and the police assume it’s a suicide, Darwin has no choice but to use her gift to help collar the killer. She adopts his grieving mastiff, Karma—and with the dog’s help—tries to piece together the events of that fatal night. Accepting the visions is one thing, but can she solve the mystery without revealing her powers to the jaded, yet drool-worthy, detective in charge of the case? Or will the killer put an end to her psychic sleuthing and bury the truth for good?

Living in a Magical World

Author : Charlie The Time Traveler
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Can you imagine living in a World where things happen, like magic? Imagine wanting a soul mate and one day they appear, you know them and they know you. You know, you know, Like Magic Imagine if you wanted to do a special thing the rest of your life and you were able to do it, Like Magic Imagine if you had something in your life you wanted to change, and you could change it, just wanting to change it, Like Magic, Wow, I didn't know I could do that. There are Laws of the Universe that allow you to change the way things are now, or to have things you really want to come to you, like Magic. Charlie The Time Traveler can guide you on the path to having things take place in your life like magic.

Karma s a Killer

Author : Tracy Weber
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When Seattle yoga teacher Kate Davidson agrees to teach doga (yoga for dogs) at a fundraiser for a local animal shelter, she believes the only damage will be to her reputation. But a few downward-facing dogs are the least of Kate’s problems when an animal rights protest at the event leads to a suspicious fire and a drowning. The police arrest Dharma, a woman claiming to be Kate’s estranged mother, and charge her with murder. To prove Dharma’s innocence, Kate, her boyfriend Michael, and her German shepherd sidekick Bella dive deeply into the worlds of animal activism and organizational politics. As they investigate the dangerous obsessions that drive these groups, Kate and her sleuthing team discover that when it comes to murder, there’s no place like hOMe. Praise: "Weber's clever assemblage of suspects is eliminated one by one in her entertaining novel."—RT Book Reviews "[Weber's] characters are likeable and amusing, the background is interesting, and the story is ultimately satisfying."—Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine "A wonderful story for dog lovers, with the other human characters being just as likeable."—Suspense Magazine "Weber keeps readers guessing and populates the action with plenty of kooky characters."—Mystery Scene "Karma's a Killer continues Tracy Weber's charming series."—The Seattle Times "Crazy, quirky critters and their odd, yet utterly relatable human counterparts, make Karma's a Killer an appealing story. But when you add the keep-you-guessing mystery with both laugh out loud one liners and touching moments of pure poignancy the result is a truly great book!"—Laura Morrigan, national bestselling author of the Call of the Wilde mystery series "Tracy's Weber's Karma's a Killer delivers on all fronts—a likably feisty protagonist, a great supporting cast, a puzzler of a mystery and, best of all, lots of heart."—Laura DiSilverio, national bestselling author of The Readaholics Book Club Mysteries, two-time Lefty Finalist for Best Humorous Mystery and Colorado Book Award-finalist "Yogatta love this latest in the series when Kate exercises her brain cells trying to figure out who deactivated an animal rights activist."—Mary Daheim, author of the Bed-and-Breakfast and Emma Lord Alpine Mysteries

Beliefs Change How They Can Change Your Life

Author : Charles Neuf, The Time Traveler
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Let us start with an understanding about this writing; it is all going to be about you and how you can change anything in your life by developing beliefs. Change is something your guide, a Time Traveler of 87 years has experienced many times. The Time Traveler started his Life in a large city, then a small town, and finally ended up on a farm. When he left High School, as a farmer and began his Travels as a Forest Fire Fighter, Railroad worker, Coalminer, Mate on a Riverboat, State Trooper, Detective, and Private Investigator, before becoming a Writer. Looking for answers as to how and why all these changes in his and others life's took place. Written as if we are sitting outside at a coffeeshop having a cup of coffee and the writer is telling you a story about things he experienced as he changed his beliefs as he traveled through years of his life and experienced change & studied why he changed.

Sex Collection

Author : Ivana Swirl
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Have you ever experienced a moment of supreme sexual ecstasy? Wouldn't you like to achieve high levels of understanding with your partner? to know your partner's desires and let your partner know your desires? Sex is a big part of romantic relationships, which is sometimes overlooked by the couple due to responsibilities and lack of communication. However, this does not mean that both partners don't yearn or are interested in having sex! This book is about couples who have been together for years and new couples, for people who wish to achieve a sexual union and spiritual love, for those who wish to offer and receive the real pleasure. Such intense sexual experiences can bring pleasure on an entirely different level than we are used to. With this book, you will be introduced to the ideas behind Tantric sex and also have a practical guide on how to incorporate Tantric sex in your sex life. Many people find sex extremely fascinating, while others fear it. Some people want to indulge in sex with everything they have, but at the same time, they avoid it as if it is something terrible. They may want to give everything they have but fear the vulnerability they will feel. Tantric belief sees eroticism and sex as a natural aspect of life, and as a result, sex is perceived as the path to spirituality. For this reason, the Tantric view of sexuality is unabashed. Some parts of Tantric sex are seen as extreme, but they are not a common occurrence. Great sex is more than merely connecting with your partner physically and getting your needs satiated. To have truly great sex, you need to include intimacy on various levels, such as emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Emotional intimacy is also essential, and for this reason, you should talk about personal issues during the time you go out together. - I will delve deeper into what is Tantric sex as well as all the things you and your partner can do to prepare yourselves for this experience before you engage in Tantric sex methods. - Iwill talk about sexual fulfillment, and we will include various sexual positions for oral and anal sex. However, you should not forget that intimacy is very important to achieve sexual satisfaction. - I will delve deeper into the fantastic world of Tantric massages since they are considered to be essential when you want to both relax and arouse your partner, something that will lead to more intimate moments both physically and emotionally. - I will talk about the problem of sexual anxiety performance and how this issue, along with your insecurities, can affect both you and your partner and the tremendous impact it can have on your sex lives. - We are going to show you how games such as Truth or Dare, Would you Rather, Have I Ever can be played between couples in the most enjoyable and sexy way that will undoubtedly lead to a great time in the bedroom as well as enhance the intimacy between partners. - I will talk about how you could spice things up a little bit more and bring your bedroom experiences to the next level by analyzing BDSM and Tantric sex massage. With BDSM, you can let your imagination run wild and make the experience as mild or as spicy as you wish. Please enjoy this fantastic journey on making sex an otherworldly experience with this book as your guide. Don't wait anymore to discover how to spice up your relationship. Buy your copy today!

The Search That Seeks You

Author : Sangamithra Amudha
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‘It is not possible to seek or feel God. Yet, you claim that God exists...I feel deceived by it.’ So asks ‘Karma’, the protagonist of this award-winning book by Sangamithra Amudha, founder and trustee of Sanmarga Foundations. In her debut book, The Search that Seeks You, Sangamithra explains the essence of meditation as a tool for understanding and achieving balance in our lives. Told in story form, the book addresses various life situations—death, sorrow, happiness, change, and fear of the unknown—and provides a thoughtful approach to dealing with them. Along the way, it imparts valuable life lessons that will lead you to self-discovery, enlightenment, and ultimately eternal happiness.

Karma s Collection A Cozy Mini Mystery

Author : Jwyan C. Johnson
File Size : 60.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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It’s an all-out final battle on memory lane, as Clue Queen pursues the clever serial killer: Karma. With his extra collection of Karma-style pranks, and courtroom twisters, this ‘righteous psychopath’ has criminals escaping to jail by choice! 7 years since her last detective case, with a sidekick of doubt, can Dedra outsmart the pattern of what-goes-around and come-around to her own separate path of redemption? A new marriage, a new divorce, and a present scandal heightens the already high whodunit range: Smart Alec, The Shenanigans, Judge Mintall, Wendal, and even the Clue Queen herself! Will Dedra still ‘remember to forget?’ And will Karma’s prank victims like Tom Peepin and the evasive John Doe receive justice? And should they? Karma’s Collection is a cozy boomerang adventure of mystery, ethics, betrayal, redemption, and psychology were ‘awareness has to win.’ *This eBook functions both as a stand-alone mystery and Book 5 in the Karma’s Revenge series. “Stress changes the truth for itself. Peace changes itself for the truth” – Jwyan C. Johnson

Karma s Revenge Total Box Set A Cozy Mini Mystery Series

Author : Jwyan C. Johnson
File Size : 50.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Crime Mystery on Memory Lane Experience Karma’s Revenge: a cozy mini-mystery series with Clue Queen Dedra Kare, fighting on memory lane for truth. Amnesia blends with crime mystery, family drama, and a resilient determination to Remember to Forget. Discover the extra mystery of Dedra’s ways to keep story villains of dysfunction Punished by Silence and at the mercy of her detective skill, clever nature, and counter-manipulation. Story Symbolism, Book Club Questions, Clues & Extras, and a Website Password included. Book 1 Remember to Forget After a celebrity suffers a big crime in a small town, Hollywood pressure sets in for immediate answers. As clues disappear, and detectives suffer the media’s wrath, a surveillance tape reveals a eye-witness to the whole crime. But their teenage native, Dedra Kare, has just one problem: retrograde amnesia. With a medical remedy to unlock it all, detectives suffer the extra mystery as to why her parents are refusing to give consent. What does Dedra not know that she possibly could? And will she ever, as a teenager? Is she somehow involved in the actual crime? And would leaking her potential make Dedra a target for someone else determined to silence her memory for good? With her hidden yearbook, a missing autograph, and her tricky little sister, it’s an unfamiliar race down memory lane with the traffic of mystery. The shortcuts of insistence are offers from sidekicks to pranksters to worse. But as justice becomes impatient, and family demands loyalty, Dedra faces a memorable dilemma: should she move past the past, explore it fully, or ‘remember to forget?’ Book 2 Punished By Silence When a twin girl goes missing, an anonymous request for the Clue Queen herself is granted. But Detective Dedra Kare finds the obstacles of her own past in this case first! She must emotionally outrun her flashbacks as the current investigation turns into a game of Hide-and-Seek but on a legal field of child custody, narcissistic parenting, and a single teddy bear. But with every hidden motive playing too, is Dedra the one who’s IT? Book 3 The Shotgun’s Wedding It’s a very different shotgun wedding as a future in-law is murdered the night before the wedding. And son-in-law is arrested before flying away to the honeymoon destination. The town suspects his bachelor party, which he never attended, was a planned alibi. Gun smoke fills the air with a runaway bride, a clever psychologist, dangerous shenanigans, and another in-law… in law. It’s a cozy mini-mystery rematch with Detective Dedra Kare. Book 4 Amplified Weapon After a mysterious death occurs, Hollywood’s Oscars event is held for ransom by its very own movie star, for a behind-the-scenes battle for the unedited truth of whodunit. It’s a media-sized tug-of-war both for and against a show that ‘might not go on’ this time. Experience a mystery-laced, ‘drumroll please’ chess match of wits with characters like movie director Simon Says, visitor Mr. “Squeaky” Kleen, a mysterious janitor, a frightened make-up artist, and a Most Wanted serial family tree chopper named Timber. Book 5 Karma’s Collection It’s an all-out final battle on memory lane, as Clue Queen pursues the clever serial killer: Karma. With his extra collection of Karma-style pranks, and courtroom twisters, this ‘righteous psychopath’ has criminals escaping to jail by choice! 7 years since her last detective case, with a sidekick of doubt, can Dedra outsmart the pattern of what-goes-around and come-around to her own separate path of redemption? A new marriage, a new divorce, and a present scandal heightens the already high whodunit range: Smart Alec, The Shenanigans, Judge Mintall, Wendal, and even Clue Queen herself.

Karl Barth and Comparative Theology

Author : Martha L. Moore-Keish
File Size : 89.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Building on recent engagements with Barth in the area of theologies of religion, Karl Barth and Comparative Theology inaugurates a new conversation between Barth’s theology and comparative theology. Each essay brings Barth into conversation with theological claims from other religious traditions for the purpose of modeling deep learning across religious borders from a Barthian perspective. For each tradition, two Barth-influenced theologians offer focused engagements of Barth with the tradition’s respective themes and figures, and a response from a theologian from that tradition then follows. With these surprising and stirringly creative exchanges, Karl Barth and Comparative Theology promises to open up new trajectories for comparative theology. Contributors: Chris Boesel, Francis X. Clooney, Christian T. Collins Winn, Victor Ezigbo, James Farwell, Tim Hartman, S. Mark Heim, Paul Knitter, Pan-chiu Lai, Martha L. Moore-Keish, Peter Ochs, Marc Pugliese, Joshua Ralston, Anantanand Rambachan, Randi Rashkover, Kurt Richardson, Mun’im Sirry, John Sheveland, Nimi Wariboko

Tommy Shakes

Author : Rob Pierce
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Tommy Shakes is a career criminal, and not a very good one. He earned his name as a heroin addict. Now he’s just a drunk, drinking so much that he spends much of his time in bathrooms, exploding from one end or the other. He’s in a marriage he wants to salvage. He convinces himself that his wife, Carla, will allow him to stay with her and their teenage son, Malik, if he can bring home enough money. She tells him that won’t do it, he needs to quit crime altogether, but Tommy gets a crack at a big heist and decides to pull the job. The job is ripping off a popular restaurant that runs an illegal sports book in back. A lot of money gets paid out on football Sundays; the plan is to pull the robbery on Saturday night. The back room has armed guards but, according to Smallwood, Tommy’s contact on the job, there’s no gang protection. Tommy recons the job and finds two problems: Smallwood’s plan will get them all killed or up on murder one, and one security guy works for a local gangster, Joey Lee. Tommy’s desperate for money and figures he can make his own plan. As to the gangster, there’s enough money that it’s worth the risk. They pull the robbery but one gang member gets gun happy and it turns into a bloodbath, which includes killing Lee’s man. Now they’re wanted for murder, and the law is the least of their problems. Praise for TOMMY SHAKES: “With his pitch-perfect ear for dialogue, his knack for crisp pacing, and his unerring eye for what might be called the milieu of functional dissolution, Rob Pierce has revealed himself in story after story as a poet of the luckless, the bard of the misbegotten. In the hero of his latest and best, Tommy Shakes, he has found his Frankie Machine.” —David Corbett, award-winning author of The Long-Lost Love Letters of Doc Holliday “Tight as a drum, vicious as a pitbull. I don’t remember the last time I read something that scratched the scuzzy itch of noir as well as Tommy Shakes. Just, maybe don’t read it with a full stomach.” —Rob Hart, author of the Ash McKenna series “When you pick up Tommy Shakes, make sure you have nothing to do, because you’re not going to want to put this one down. Rob Pierce at the tip-top of his game. Watch out, y’all.” —Eryk Pruitt, author of What We Reckon “When I was in rehab, a psyche ward in Boston, I read the book Crime Novels: American Noir of the ’50s. Willeford, Goodis, Thompson, Highsmith, and Himes. Had it all. Wretchedness, duplicity, alcoholism, and hopelessness. Tommy Shakes by Rob Pierce would’ve slotted in there perfectly. Nobody does grim and grave better.” —Joe Clifford, author of Junkie Love and the Jay Porter Thriller Series “Rob Pierce writes the downtrodden like Rodin casts bronze, and Tommy Shakes is his masterpiece.” —Benjamin Whitmer, author of Cry Father and Pike “If you like the kind of noir that makes you want to break out the hand sanitizer, Rob Pierce is the King—and the King does not disappoint with Tommy Shakes. Hard and mean and in your face like noir ought to be.” —Todd Robinson, author of The Hard Bounce and Rough Trade “Pure noir prose. Dark, disturbing, devastating. A journey through Pierce’s Oakland is a hellish thrill-ride. Or thrilling hell-ride.” —Tom Pitts, author of 101 and American Static “Tommy can’t get a break, but it’s not like he’s out to give himself one. This book is as relentless as it is bleak, yet oddly inspiring. You won’t just root for an underdog, you’ll root for collapse!” —Nick Mamatas, author of I Am Sabbath and Providence

Conversations with Dada Vaswani

Author : Ruzbeh N Bharucha
File Size : 21.77 MB
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The master is also the greatest disciple. The followed is the biggest follower. And in his humility lie the greatest lessons of life. The first thing that strikes the author about Dada Vawasni is his extraordinary humility and how his laughter reaches his sparkling eyes—the signs of a great master and yet a reluctant one at that. Their conversations are light, fun and full of cheer and yet, within them there is the depth and wisdom of life and beyond. What is prayer? What are the duties of a householder? What is the life of surrender... Their talks range from the concept karma to the role of the guru; from leading a spiritual life to the light of God. And within these questions and conversations are answers to the many spiritual questions that a seeker might have. Conversations with Dada Vaswani is a spiritual biography and a journey; it is also dialogue between the Sage and the seeker...

Karma s Revenge

Author : Craig Rupp
File Size : 41.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Julie Thomas, a small town girl, abruptly disappears after her high school sweetheart, Connor Reeves comes back to town. Sergeant Howard Michaels, Connor, and his sister Samantha are the only ones investigating the crime. After Julie's "ghost" appears late one evening, undeniable evidence of her murder is discovered. Her abusive boyfriend, Tyler Etters becomes the main suspect. The trio know that no charges will be filed as Tyler and his father "own" the town. Will Julie's ghost return to help the trio solve the mystery, find her body and ultimately bring the justice and closure they've been looking for?