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Kayak The New Frontier

Author : William Nealy
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Completely updated to reflect the latest in paddling equipment and kayak technology, William Nealy’s illustrated kayaking manual is as practical as it is dead-on hilarious. Whether detailing hardcore hippy hairboaters or insane youngsters clattering tiny play boats down steep, rocky creeks, Nealy is back and more useful and entertaining than ever. Over 400 illustrations help Nealy break down even the most complex kayaking skills, making difficult whitewater techniques understandable. You may break a rib laughing, but with Nealy holding your hand you’ll be less likely to break a bone while boofing an insane rapid (or maybe an entire waterfall).

Canoeing Kayaking Kentucky

Author : Bob Sehlinger
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Bob Sehlinger and Johnny Molloy’s classic Canoeing & Kayaking Kentucky has been updated yet again. Covering the Bluegrass State from the Appalachians in the east of the Mississippi River in the west, paddling has never been better in Kentucky. Combining the latest technology with good old-fashioned paddling trips, the updated 6th edition Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to Kentucky makes your paddling adventures even easier to execute with completely revised and improved maps, access points, river gauges and mileages. Sehlinger and Molloy have combined thousands of miles of paddling throughout North America in addition to Kentucky. They have also penned additional paddling guides to several other Southern states. This combined experience has been used to make Canoeing & Kayaking Kentucky its finest and most useful for paddlers of all types. GPS coordinates have been added to every put-in and takeout in the book, making reaching your favorite waterway a snap.

Basic Illustrated Kayaking

Author : FalconGuides
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For a generation, the Basic Illustrated series has been as much a part of the outdoors experience as backpacks and hiking boots. Information-packed tools for the novice or handy references for the veteran, these volumes distill years of knowledge into affordable and portable books. Whether you’re planning a trip or thumbing for facts in the field, Basic Illustrated books tell you what you need to know. Basic Illustrated Kayaking Basic Illustrated Kayaking includes a buying guide to kayak design, kayak features, accessories, and gear so the reader can decide the kind of kayak that is right for him or her. The book is packed with step-by-step information on transporting, launching and landing, basic and advanced strokes, techniques, navigation, rescues, and expedition planning. It focuses on recreational (flatwater) kayaking, providing step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow photos.

Knack Kayaking for Everyone

Author : Bill Burnham
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Knack Kayaking for Everyone is the most visually driven and yet informative guide to every aspect of an aquatic sport whose popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. The first chapters comprise an idea-packed buying guide to kayak design, kayak features, accessories, and gear. The book then presents step-by-step information on transporting, launching and landing, basic and advanced strokes, techniques, navigation, rescues, and expedition planning. In addition, it fully explores recreational (flatwater) kayaking, whitewater kayaking, and sea kayaking, providing instructions for each. Ideas for fun and games and special paddlers (children, the elderly, the handicapped) are also included, as are chapters on weather and first aid.

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

Author : Harvey H. Jackson III
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What southerners do, where they go, and what they expect to accomplish in their spare time, their "leisure," reveals much about their cultural values, class and racial similarities and differences, and historical perspectives. This volume of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture offers an authoritative and readable reference to the culture of sports and recreation in the American South, surveying the various activities in which southerners engage in their nonwork hours, as well as attitudes surrounding those activities. Seventy-four thematic essays explore activities from the familiar (porch sitting and fairs) to the essential (football and stock car racing) to the unusual (pool checkers and a sport called "fireballing"). In seventy-seven topical entries, contributors profile major sites associated with recreational activities (such as Dollywood, drive-ins, and the Appalachian Trail) and prominent sports figures (including Althea Gibson, Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, and Hank Aaron). Taken together, the entries provide an engaging look at the ways southerners relax, pass time, celebrate, let loose, and have fun.

Management of Extreme Situations

Author : Pascal Lièvre
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In response to the rise of various forms of the extreme in economies, organizations and societies (such as disruptive innovation, climate emergency, financial crisis, high-risk sport, etc.), an ambitious 21st century program sets the agenda of management sciences around the unknown, disruption, uncertainty and risk. Management of Extreme Situations presents the research results from the conference organized at the Cerisy-la-Salle International Cultural Center, France, in 2016. It testifies to the existence of an international community that brings together, around management sciences, various disciplines studying the management concept of extreme situations. Through the analysis of varied contexts (polar and mountain expeditions, fire rescue services, exploration projects in the military field, creative industries, etc.), this book offers an initial grammar of the extreme. It presents a heuristic for the management of these situations – particularly in terms of sensemaking, ambidexterity and knowledge expansion.

New Frontiers for Youth Development in the Twenty First Century

Author : Melvin Delgado
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Practical guide and theoretical manifesto, New Frontiers for Youth Development is a vital roadmap to the problems and prospects of youth development programs today and in the future. In response to an unprecedented array of challenges, policy makers and care providers in the field of youth dvevelopment have begun to expand the field both practically and conceptually. This expansion has thus far outstripped comprehensive analysis of the issues it raises, among them the important matter of establishing common standards of legitimacy and competence for practitioners. New Frontiers for Youth Development is an overview of the field designed to foster a better understanding of the multifaceted aspects and inherent tensions of youth development. Melvin Delgado outlines the broad social forces that affect youth, particularly at-risk or marginalized youth, and the programs designed to address their needs. He stresses the importance of a contextualized approach that avoids rigid standardization and is attuned to the many factors that shape a child's development: cognitive, emotional, physical, moral, social, and spiritual. The key characteristic of youth development in the twenty-first century, Delgado suggests, is the participation of young people as practitioners themselves. Youth must be seen as assets as well as clients, incorporated into the educational process in ways that build character, maturity, and self-confidence.

The Emerald Mile

Author : Kevin Fedarko
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An award-winning Outside magazine writer documents the 1983 Colorado River flood that threatened the region with a catastrophic dam failure and prompted oarsman Kenton Grua's near-suicidal effort to navigate the turbulent waters of the Emerald Mile on a small wooden dory to achieve a world speed record.

Down Along the Haw

Author : Anne Melyn Cassebaum
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North Carolina’s Haw River has a rich geographic, ecological and cultural history, tracked here from its source to its confluence with the Atlantic Ocean. From grinding mills to algae science, this popular history features interviews with mill owners and workers, archaeologists, environmentalists, farmers, water treatment managers and many others whose lives have been connected to this river. Additionally, it explores life on the river’s banks and humans’ place in its rich ecology.

Regulation of Endurance Performance New Frontiers

Author : Alexis R. Mauger
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Successful endurance performance requires the integration of multiple physiological and psychological systems, working together to regulate exercise intensity in a way that will reduce time taken or increase work done. The systems that ultimately limit performance of the task are hotly contested, and may depend on a variety of factors including the type of task, the environment, external influences, training status of the individual and a host of psychological constructs. These factors can be studied in isolation, or inclusively as a whole-body or integrative system. A reductionist approach has traditionally been favoured, leading to a greater understanding and emphasis on muscle and cardiovascular physiology, but the role of the brain and how this integrates multiple systems is gaining momentum. However, these differing approaches may have led to false dichotomy, and now with better understanding of both fields, there is a need to bring these perspectives together. The divergent viewpoints of the limitations to human performance may have partly arisen because of the different exercise models studied. These can broadly be defined as open loop (where a fixed intensity is maintained until task disengagement), or closed loop (where a fixed distance is completed in the fastest time), which may involve whole-body or single-limb exercise. Closed loop exercise allows an analysis of how exercise intensity is self-regulated (i.e. pacing), and thus may better reflect the demands of competitive endurance performance. However, whilst this model can monitor changes in pacing, this is often at the expense of detecting subtle differences in the measured physiological or psychological variables of interest. Open loop exercise solves this issue, but is limited by its more restrictive exercise model. Nonetheless, much can be learnt from both experimental approaches when these constraints are recognised. Indeed, both models appear equally effective in examining changes in performance, and so the researcher should select the exercise model which can most appropriately test the study hypothesis. Given that a multitude of both internal (e.g. muscle fatigue, perception of effort, dietary intervention, pain etc.) and external (e.g. opponents, crowd presence, course topography, extrinsic reward etc.) factors likely contribute to exercise regulation and endurance performance, it may be that both models are required to gain a comprehensive understanding. Consequently, this research topic seeks to bring together papers on endurance performance from a variety of paradigms and exercise models, with the overarching aim of comparing, examining and integrating their findings to better understand how exercise is regulated and how this may (or may not) limit performance.

Northward on the New Frontier

Author : Donat Marc Le Bourdais
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Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Author :
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Frontier Cities

Author : Jay Gitlin
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Macau, New Orleans, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. All of these metropolitan centers were once frontier cities, urban areas irrevocably shaped by cross-cultural borderland beginnings. Spanning a wide range of periods and locations, and including stories of eighteenth-century Detroit, nineteenth-century Seattle, and twentieth-century Los Angeles, Frontier Cities recovers the history of these urban places and shows how, from the start, natives and newcomers alike shared streets, buildings, and interwoven lives. Not only do frontier cities embody the earliest matrix of the American urban experience; they also testify to the intersections of colonial, urban, western, and global history. The twelve essays in this collection paint compelling portraits of frontier cities and their inhabitants: the French traders who bypassed imperial regulations by throwing casks of brandy over the wall to Indian customers in eighteenth-century Montreal; Isaac Friedlander, San Francisco's "Grain King"; and Adrien de Pauger, who designed the Vieux Carré in New Orleans. Exploring the economic and political networks, imperial ambitions, and personal intimacies of frontier city development, this collection demonstrates that these cities followed no mythic line of settlement, nor did they move lockstep through a certain pace or pattern of evolution. An introduction puts the collection in historical context, and the epilogue ponders the future of frontier cities in the midst of contemporary globalization. With innovative concepts and a rich selection of maps and images, Frontier Cities imparts a crucial untold chapter in the construction of urban history and place.

Field Stream

Author :
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Sea Kayaking Along the New England Coast

Author : Tamsin Venn
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Thirty-two great trips, from the challenging Down East Canoe Trail in Maine to Connecticut's Thimble Islands. (6' x 9', 240 pages)

Proceedings of the 1996 World Congress on Coastal and Marine Tourism

Author : Marc L. Miller
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The Lark Trilogy

Author : Neville Peat
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Three terrific books in one from one of New Zealand's leading natural-history and adventure writers. A quirky character called The Lark is threaded through three of Neville Peat's most highly acclaimed books: The Falcon and the Lark; Coasting: The Sea- Lion and the Lark, and High Country Lark. Whether they are set in Strath Taieri in Otago, along the Otago coastline or in the high country around the head of Lake Wakatipu, these three books demonstrate Peat's wry humour, keen observational skills, and knowledge of and love for our wilder places and the creatures and people who inhabit them. They are at once affecting ruminations and deft natural-history writing. With Peat, the reader is in masterful hands.

Flyfisher s Guide to Texas

Author : Phil Shook
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This is by far the most COMPREHENSIVE travel/fly fishing guidebook to be published to date. This book covers Texas in its entirety from lakes, to rivers to the fish one will catch. Some of the lakes included are E.V. Spence, Possum Kingdom, O.H. Ivy, Corpus Christi, Lake Buchanan, Falcon, Lake Texoma, Sam Rayburn and more. Rivers included are the Guadalupe, Lanno, Rio Grande, Nueces, and the Sabinal. Shook also covers the fish of the Texas waters such as: Bass: Largemouth, Smallmouth, White, Guadalupe and Stiper as well as Panfish: Crappie, Trout and Catfish. There will be over 120 detailed lake and river maps showing lake depths, river access, campsites, and areas of special interest in addition to hatch charts, stream facts and recommended flies. As always this guidebook extensively covers essential travel information such as accommodations, campgrounds, listings for fly shops, restaurants, car repair and rental in addition to hospitals, airports and more. This book is the best yet and an essential guidebook for the Texas angler as well as for those visiting from out of state - a must have! (goodreads.).

Conference Proceedings

Author :
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The Complete Learning Disabilities Directory 2008

Author : Grey House Publishing
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