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Leadership in Education

Author : Pamela Adams
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Leadership in Education is an evocative, forward-looking text that is grounded in years of research gathered in hundreds of schools and across districts. The text calls teachers, supervisors, and school administrators to action in the classroom, demonstrating effective leadership skills that affirm mutual respect, build trust, stimulate reflection, strengthen partnerships, and use inquiry to direct action. Building multi-faceted and nuanced links between educational leadership, school improvement, teaching effectiveness, and student learning, this succinct and compelling guide offers highly effective strategies for provoking meaningful growth in the classroom. The authors guide the reader through the process of using generative dialogue in leadership roles, from provocation to reflection, a shift in thinking, and implementation of highly effective leadership practices. The volume reinforces the ethical responsibility of educators to focus on practices that provide optimal learning environments for all students. Both an academic resource and an interactive manual, Leadership in Education features literature reviews, suggested readings, a glossary, thought provocations, and case studies with reflection questions to encourage deeper learning. Grounded in lived experiences and brimming with real stories of educators, this critical guidebook is ideal for graduate students in education and leadership programs.

Leaders and Leadership in Education

Author : Helen Gunter
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Leadership within educational settings is widely regarded as essential for organizational effectiveness and the improvement of learning outcomes. Through an extensive review of theory and practice, Helen Gunter explores the contested field of leadership studies. She describes and critiques the different contributions made by · education management · school effectiveness · school improvement · critical studies. Leadership is examined as function, as behaviour and as leadership relationship, from students as leaders, through to headteachers. The author provides an up-to-date review of current thinking about leadership, which challenges the reader to engage wit

Successful School Leadership Linking With Learning And Achievement

Author : Day, Christopher
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This book examines the nature of successful school leadership - what is it, what does it look like in practice and what are the consequences for schools and pupils. As well as providing a contemporary overview of international research and thinking about successful school leadership, it identifies similar and distinguishing features of successful leadership in different sectors; between heads of different experience; and between schools in different socio-economic circumstances. It introduces the notions of 'layered leadership' and 'progressive trust' as key features of successful leadership. Additionally it discusses issues of sustainability and resilience in successful school leadership. Finally it considers how successful school leadership connects to pupil success, exploring the leadership strategies used by successful heads in a range of primary and secondary schools whose pupil attainment results had improved over a three year period during their headship.

Handbook of Research on the Education of School Leaders

Author : Michelle D. Young
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The Handbook of Research on the Education of School Leaders brings together empirical research on leadership preparation and development to provide a comprehensive overview and synthesis of what we know about preparing school leaders today. With contributions from the field’s foremost scholars, this new edition investigates the methodological foundations of leadership preparation research, reviews the pedagogical and curricular features of preparation programs, and presents valuable insights into the demographic, economic, and political factors affecting school leaders. This volume both mirrors the first edition’s macro-level approach to leadership preparation and presents the most up-to-date research in the field. Updates to this edition cover recent state and federal government efforts to improve leadership in education, new challenges for the field, and significant gaps and critical questions for framing, researching, evaluating, and improving the education of school leaders. Sponsored by the University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA), this handbook is an essential resource for students and scholars of educational leadership, as well as practitioners, policymakers, and other educators interested in professional leadership. .

Promoting Trait Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Education

Author : Roy, Shelly R.
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Humans have the capacity to detect and experience a wide spectrum of emotions in everyday life. However, the ability to identify and interpret those emotions is not a skill commonly held by all individuals, despite the significance of this skill. Promoting Trait Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Education provides the latest information on enabling educators and leaders across industries to monitor the emotions of others as well as their own in order to interact effectively with others. Focusing on best practices and methods for training those in education and leadership positions, this publication is essential to the research needs of education administrators, professors, managers, and professionals in various disciplines.

How to Be an Amazing Middle Leader

Author : Caroline Bentley-Davies
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Today the myriad skills needed to be an amazing middle leader in schools can seem mind-boggling. What's more middle leaders are taking up the leadership reins after gaining experience for far fewer years than ever before. Whether you are new to this role or are more experienced and aspiring to become a school leader, this book will give you the vital information you need in order to understand what is really important about your role and how to improve your key skills. This practical everyday guide covers: The skills of an amazing middle leader; How to inspire others against the backdrop of the busy day to day running of a school; Effective delegation; Leading a team and getting the right things done; Developing excellence in your team and sharing good practice; Preparation for inspection; Middle leader challenges and next steps. An outstanding guide for an often neglected group.

Leaders and Leadership in Schools

Author : Peter Ribbins
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Introduces a wide range of perspectives on contemporary leadership in education, and contains detailed interviews with headteachers. The interviews reveal the subjects' own experiences at school, their reasons for taking up teaching, and the values and beliefs they bring to their positions.

The Power of Teacher Leaders

Author : Nathan Bond
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Co-published with Kappa Delta Pi, The Power of Teacher Leaders provides a comprehensive resource for understanding the ways that teacher leaders foster positive change in their schools. Distinct from school administrators, teacher leaders are professionals who remain in the classroom and use their specialized knowledge and skills to improve student achievement, influence others, and build organizational capacity. Written by leading educational researchers, each chapter of The Power of Teacher Leaders describes a different way that teachers are leading. Moving beyond the question of why teacher leaders are important and how such work is implemented, the contributing scholars to this collection offer a critical examination of the field by presenting original research, case studies, and programs in practice. Topics covered include how teachers become leaders, their wide-ranging leadership roles, and the effects of teacher leadership on student academic success and school communities. A cohesive edited collection, this book demonstrates how teacher leaders play an increasingly active role in the improvement of student learning, teacher professional development, and school climate.

Digital Leadership

Author : Eric Sheninger
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Lead for efficacy in these disruptive times! Cultivating a school culture focused on the achievement of students while anticipating change is imperative, but it’s tough to keep up with varying leadership demands when it seems like society and technology are constantly changing as well! Moving beyond the skills and tools introduced in the first edition, this revamped second edition features: New organization emphasizing the interconnectivity of the Pillars of Digital Leadership Innovative strategies and leadership practices that enhance school culture and drive learning improvement Updated vignettes from digital leaders who have successfully implemented the included strategies New online resources, informative graphics, and end of chapter guiding questions

Changing the Narrative

Author : Vivechkanand S. Chunoo
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Social justice and leadership education are inextricably linked. In order to move social justice forward, we need to develop leaders with knowledge, skills, and values to engage effectively in the leadership process. We need socially just leaders now more than ever. At a time when our elected and appointed officials agree on very little, our communities are divided and distrustful of one another, and individual citizens struggle for fairness in the face of discrimination, society is at a crossroad. In one direction lies the reproduction of oppression and marginalization, continued distrust, and further fragmentation. In the other, a route toward healing, compassion, and fairness. How then do we prepare our leaders of tomorrow to walk the path of justice rather than take the road to ruin? Changing the dominant narratives in society involves preparing skilled social critics and knowledgeable advocates for positive and sustainable change through education. However, when leadership education fails to consider social justice issues, or when social justice education omits leadership learning, both fall short of their goals. This texts links issues of social justice, equity, and equality, to leadership knowledge, skills, and values, with the intent of offering theoretical, practical, and policy recommendations to improve the work of educators charged with preparing undergraduates for the complexities of leadership in all its forms. Collectively, the contributors inform much needed practices and pedagogies toward socially just leadership education. No single one of us can change the narrative alone, but together, we can amplify the voices of those leading toward justice. The perspectives offered here are but a sample of the work being done to make the future a brighter place for all. We invite you to be part of the conversation.

Leaders and Leadership in Serbian Primary Schools

Author : Jelena Raković
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This book explores the perspectives of primary school leaders in Serbia as they attempt to navigate its changing political, social and economic situation. As a post-socialist and post-conflict country, Serbia has moved from a state-ruled and planned economy to market-oriented consumerism and competitiveness. In the midst of a rapidly changing and evolving country, school leaders have found themselves on the front lines of a system where infrastructure and support have not been implemented consistently. The clash between the complexities of Serbia’s history and attempts to align education policies to those of the European Union has created unique challenges for primary school leaders: they are expected to be both objects and agents of change in a context where their own political position and relationships with students, parents and the teaching profession at large have been irrevocably altered. By illuminating the perspectives of the leaders themselves, this book emphasises the importance of these actors on the front line of Serbian education: its findings can equally be applied to other post-Communist and post-conflict contexts.

Leader Development Deconstructed

Author : Matthew G. Clark
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This book examines both academic and practical theories relating to leader development. It broadens the scope of this topic by including data-driven theory and proposals from diverse areas that are either not currently represented or are poorly addressed in existing literature. This 15th volume in the Annals of Theoretical Psychology series aims to propose, identify, and characterize new theoretical, educational, and practical gaps in leader development. The initial chapters explore concepts related to individual or internal aspects of leaders. Subsequent chapters deconstruct leader development by considering behaviors or skills and various environmental factors that affect development. The book also examines shortcomings of our current understanding of this topic that cuts across multiple disciplines. Topics featured in this book include: Cognition, readiness to lead, courage through dialogue, and relationship considerations Behavioral elements and approaches for developing followership, conflict management, creativity, virtue, and epistemic cognition in growing leaders for complex environments. Seven Steps to establish a Leader and Leadership Education and Development Program. The Dark Triad of personality, psychobiosocial perspectives, and mental ability in leaders Leader Development Deconstructed will be of interest to research scholars, academics, educators, and practitioners as well as executive coaches, college or university administrators, military leaders, philanthropic and non-profit organization leaders, and management consultants. ______________________________________________________________________________ "Despite the extensive body of knowledge associated with leader and leadership development, significant gaps still exist in our understanding of these processes. This book is a noteworthy effort to help fill in the blanks through empirical research and contextual application. It is worthy of perusal by anyone interested in becoming a more effective leader or leader developer."Bernard Banks, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Leadership Development, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management "One of the most powerful ways leaders can have an impact on others and their mission is to manage for innovation... This book is a great step in moving towards exploring how you do that, and I'm thrilled to be a part of that conversation!"Frances Hesselbein, President and CEO, Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute

Ethical School Leadership

Author : Spencer J. Maxcy
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Typically, educational leadership is not considered a moral-ethical undertaking. But educators face a dismaying array of moral-ethical challenges from academic dishonesty to sexual harassment every day in our nation's schools. Ethical School Leadership provides a systematic approach to resolving these school-based moral-ethical issues. It offers real world moral-ethical dilemmas, alternate theories of ethical decision-making, and differing philosophies of leadership. Present and future school leaders will find knowledge, dispositions, and performance criteria by which to evaluate case studies of moral-ethical leadership. This book provides an up-to-date treatment of the subject without arcane terminology or abstract argument. Its aim is to provide encouraging, practical thinking about the moral-ethical problems facing our school leaders today and will be of interest to school principals, teachers, school board members and students of education.

Latino Educational Leadership

Author : Cristóbal Rodríguez
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Latino Educational Leadership acknowledges the unique preparation and support for both Latinx educational leaders and Latino communities needed throughout the education and policy pipeline. While leadership in communities exists for educational purposes, this effort focuses on the institutional aspect of Latino Educational Leadership across K-12 schools and university settings. The purpose of this book is to create a greater collaborative focus on Latino Educational Leadership by inviting scholarly contributions and insights from both established and up-and-coming scholars. Latino Educational Leadership also advocates for the preparation of all leaders as well as the preparation of Latinx educational leaders, to serve Latino communities. Our impetus on Latino Educational Leadership primarily stems from the changing demographics of our country. As of Fall 2017, Latinx student enrollment in K-12 schools reached an all-time high, with Latinxs comprising 26.8% of the nation’s public school enrollment. Postsecondary level Latinx student enrollment has also improved; rising from 25% in 2005 to 37% in 2015. Given this growth, particularly at the K-12 level, there has been an increasing urgency to prepare and support more Latinx educational leaders. Their rich cultural and linguistic connections to communities help them more readily understand and meet the needs of Latino students and families. Aside from enrollment growth, Latinxs have made record strides in postsecondary attainment; between 2003-04 and 2013-14, bachelor's degrees more than doubled from 94,644 to 202,412, master's degrees conferred rose from 29,806 to 55,965, and doctoral degrees rose from 5, 795 to 10,665. Despite such promising gains, concern has not waned over how to best address the challenges this diverse student population continues to face in accessing, persisting, and matriculating across the P-20 Pipeline. There is still work to be done, as only 11% of all bachelor’s degrees, 9% of all master’s degrees, and 7% of all doctoral degrees were awarded to Latinxs in 2013-14. In particular, there is increasing urgency to address how higher education institutions can better prepare, develop, and retain Latinx leaders and scholars, who will serve and meet the needs of Latinx college students to ensure their academic success. Thus, the purpose of this book is to advance the knowledge related to serving Latino communities and preparing Latinx leaders.

Leadership in Education

Author : Clive Dimmock
File Size : 66.94 MB
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Leadership in Education provides an authoritative, critical and insightful review of leadership.

The Principles of Educational Leadership Management

Author : Tony Bush
File Size : 62.19 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Fully revised and thoroughly updated, this second edition of this classic book brings together many leading international authors on educational leadership, with brand new chapters from leaders in the field Ken Leithwood, Paul Begley, Allan Walker and Alma Harris. Providing an overview of essential topics within the field, this book adopts an international perspective and offers conceptual and empirical insights into: - Moral and ethical leadership - Distributed leadership - Developing leaders - Leadership for learning - Building and leading learning cultures - Managing human and financial resources - Leadership for diversity - Leadership, partnerships and community - Professionalism and professional development The book is for scholars, researchers and postgraduate students in educational leadership, management and administration, as well as for senior leaders in education and those taking professional leadership qualifications.

Leading In Sync

Author : Jill Harrison Berg
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Teacher leadership holds great promise for improving the quality of teaching and ensuring student success. But for co-performance of leadership among teacher leaders and principals to be effective, they must learn to lead in sync. Leading In Sync: Teacher Leaders and Principals Working Together for Student Learning provides principals, assistant principals, coaches, department leaders, grade-level and content team leaders, mentors, professional development leaders, and in fact all teachers with the strategies and tools needed to *Examine their own thinking about what constitutes high-quality teaching so they can work toward a shared vision. *Identify teachers’ many strengths as potential assets for achieving the shared vision. *Recognize ways in which most teachers are already leading. *Support leadership collaboration through efficient, effective communication. *Develop trust required to learn to lead together. Jill Harrison Berg offers thought-provoking context and reflection questions that enable educators to examine their unique settings; real-world examples of teachers and principals co-performing leadership to improve student success; and dozens of strategies, tools, and templates to facilitate leading in sync. This book includes a link to free downloadable tools.

The Handbook for Teaching Leadership

Author : Scott Snook
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The last twenty-five years have witnessed an explosion in the field of leadership education. This volume brings together leading international scholars across disciplines to chronicle the current state of leadership education and establish a solid foundation on which to grow the field. It encourages leadership educators to explore and communicate more clearly the theoretical underpinnings and conceptual assumptions on which their approaches are based. It provides a forum for the discussion of current issues and challenges in the field and examines the above objectives within the broader perspective of rapid changes in technology, organizational structure, and diversity.

Instructional Leadership and Leadership for Learning in Schools

Author : Tony Townsend
File Size : 48.51 MB
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This book offers a nuanced understanding of how two different theories of leadership can be applied to achieve better results within schools. These leadership theories – Instructional Leadership and Leadership for Learning – have assisted our recent understanding of school leadership. This book interrogates the theories themselves as well as their impact on education systems around the world. It also looks at how they can be practically applied to educate school leaders within their schools and beyond, building partnerships with families, schools and other community agencies serving students. In doing so, the book considers the possibility that these theories are not opposed, but two sides of the same coin. Both are underpinned by the question ‘how do we provide the best educational experience for students?’. The answer to this question will determine the way leaders go about the task of leading schools. This important book will be of interest and value to students and scholars of educational leadership, as well as educational leaders themselves.

The Making of Educational Leaders

Author : Peter Gronn
File Size : 56.95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Selection of Magahi folk songs; text with Hindi prose translation; includes introduction.