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Leading Learning and Teaching

Author : Stephen Dinham
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A follow-up to the best-selling How to Get Your School Moving and Improving, author Stephen Dinham's new title brings together essential research and understandings of how educators can lead teaching and learning. Leading Learning and Teaching is a thorough, comprehensive sourcebook on school improvement and best-practice leadership, including extensive references, case studies and evidence to back up arguments. Written by a recognised and influential expert in the field of education leadership, all school leaders should have access to this vital resource.

Leading Learning

Author : Tom O'Donoghue
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The study of educational leadership makes little sense unless it is in relation to who the leaders are, how they are leading, what is being led, and with what effect. Based on the premise that learning is at the heart of leadership and that leaders themselves should be learners, the Leadership for Learning series explores the connections between educational leadership, policy, curriculum, human resources and accountability. Each book in the series approaches its subject matter through a three-fold structure of process, themes and impact. Series Editors - Clive Dimmock, Mark Brundrett and Les Bell The notion that school transformation is dependent on exceptional leaders is increasingly seen as unrealistic and unsustainable. Instead, the idea of distributed leadership, which promotes the view that all stakeholders have complementary leadership roles to play in enhancing student learning, is now being promoted as a more useful framework for understanding schools and how they might be changed. Subscribing to the notion of distributed leadership, O’Donoghue and Clarke identify two key groups: the ‘leaders of learning’ and the ‘leaders for learning’. The leaders of learning – and the focus of this book – are those working at the school level to improve the quality of learning in the classroom, such as teachers, principals, pupils and involved members of the local school community. The leaders for learning are the policy-makers and administrators whose support is crucial. The authors argue that in order to be effective leaders, both groups require an understanding of: Broad trends in contemporary leadership theory Recent views on learning theory The importance of teachers engaging continually in learning about their practice The significance of creating and sustaining schools as learning organisations Forging links between leadership and learning The book’s examination of the shifting approaches to leading learning in contemporary schools is enriched by innovative examples drawn from a range of international contexts. Leading Learning will appeal to students involved in masters and doctoral courses relevant to the field and those undertaking programmes of school leadership preparation and development. It will also be of interest to academics working in the field of educational leadership and management.

Leading Learning Making Hope Practical In Schools

Author : Lingard, Bob
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* How can we understand and theorise school leadership? * How can school leadership work towards enhancing student learning? * What are the constraints and possibilities for school leadership at the beginning of a new century? This title is relevant to anyone concerned with improving schooling and enhancing the professional practices of educators. The authors focus on leadership for enhancing student outcomes, both academic and social. While recognizing the significance of the principal or headteacher in school leadership, the authors argue a strong case for the dispersal of leadership: * Based on extensive research conducted within schools * Focuses on leading learning across the school * Theoretically sound; reflects the theories of Bourdieu and Foucault * Politically aware; discusses the context of leadership within school communities, educational systems, global pressures, new policy directions Current, topical and thoughtful, Leading Learning is key reading for principals or headteachers, teachers, and other school leaders, policy makers and for students studying educational administration.

Leading Learning

Author : Rosemarye T. Taylor
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Featuring real-world examples, practical strategies, and interviews with successful leaders, this resource helps educational leaders implement actions that drive second-order change and increase student achievement!

Leading Learning Women Making a Difference

Author : Lauren Stephenson
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The stories of lived experience of five Emirati women highlight their expertise and contributions to the fields of education and leadership; and makes their leadership perspectives and experiences accessible and engaging for all types of audiences.

Leading Learning Learning Leading A Retrospective on a Life s Work

Author : Robert J Starratt
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Internationally recognized for his writing on educational leadership, and the ethics of educational leadership, Robert J. Starratt brings together a thoughtfully crafted selection of his writing, representing key aspects of his life and work, leading to his current thinking on the convergence of school leadership, the professional ethics of educators, and the integrity of the teaching-learning process. This retrospective reveals Starratt's enduring work as probing the foundational intelligibility of the teaching-learning process and its connection to human development of both students and teachers. It exhibits his efforts to focus the leadership of the teaching-learning process on a combination of cognitive insight into the intelligibility of the world, affective dwelling in the particulars of that intelligibility, and the responsibilities one’s relationships with the particular might suggest. A new introduction contextualises Starratt's work against key developments in the field. The unique collection of chapters develop various themes, from human resource development to the complexity of curriculum change and from ethical analysis of school organizational structures to the complex dramas in students’ personal lives and in the classroom. The book chronicles Starratt’s contributions to the field and his role as a leading scholar, who has played a key part in the development of leadership and ethics in education over the course of his career. Leading Learning/Learning Leading will be of global interest to education leaders and researchers engaged in the field of educational leadership and ethical education.

Leading Learning Organizations

Author : Peter M. Senge
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Leading Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Author : Doug Parkin
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Leading Learning and Teaching in Higher Education brings together contemporary ideas on leadership, engagement and student learning into a practical solutions-based resource designed for those undertaking the challenge of leading a university-level teaching module, programme or suite of programmes, particularly through periods of transformation or change. It encourages both first time academic leaders and those who have held teaching leadership roles for some time to review and formalise their development in a systematic, simple way and acts as a framework for navigating the opportunities and challenges involved in inspiring shared purpose, strong commitment and innovation in higher education teaching. With a clear focus on the energy of leadership rather than the practice of management, and with a strong emphasis on collaborative engagement running throughout, this books offers: Insightful guidance which is not bound to subject-specific requirements, making it relevant across the spectrum of course offerings at any one institution. An enabling, people-focussed foundation for leadership. Tools and frameworks which can be readily applied or adapted for the reader. A focus on core elements of teaching leadership, such as design, delivery, assessment and building a programme team. A flexible and pragmatic approach to leadership which avoids a definitive approach, instead encouraging a dynamic method of engaging leadership. Values that assert that leadership and learning go hand-in-hand. A wide-ranging discussion of leadership theories, ideas and values related to the university context. This book puts forward a multifaceted model of programme leadership and links this to a scaffolding of key attributes, skills and qualities that fit the environment of leading learning and teaching in the university. Particularly interested readers will be those beginning to lead teaching in a university setting as well as those who have been leading programme teams and the wider provision of teaching for some time wanting to enhance their skills and perspective.

Middle Leadership in Schools

Author : Peter Grootenboer
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Middle leading refers to those teachers that both teach and have leadership roles, and thus can bridge the gap between the practices of learning and the managemant of schooling. Focusing on the practices of middle leaders, this book addresses the current lack of support and professional development for middle leaders in educational settings. Middle Leadership in Schools positions middle leaders as professional leaders, and an integral part of educational and professional development in schools and other educational institutions. Drawing on empirical research spanning four countries, this book provides readers with a conceptual framework to understand middle leading and shows how middle leading practices unfold in real educational contexts. This is a valuable resource that goes beyond a theoretical conversation about middle leaders to provide readers with practical applications based on extensive research undertaken by the authors. The book is divided into seven chapters, each of which include reflective discussion questions and recommended readings to promote collaborative engagement with the text. Chapters cover topics such as how middle leading is shaped in practice, its role in professional development and its impact on schools. Illustrating to middle leaders how they can develop their leadership skills, the book will also be of interest to school principals and other senior leaders as a guide to supporting their middle leaders.

Principal Professional Development

Author : Joseph Sanfelippo
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Build transformational leadership using social media! Close the gap of knowledge and experience between educators and learn how you really can find the time to connect with other leaders using social media. This highly instructive and conversational guide makes it easy. Filled with real-world experiences from leaders all over the country, you’ll build balanced and effective leadership skills, grow a network of support, and model your vision for a thriving community of learners. Includes a handy start-up guide to help busy principals: Connect virtually with K-12 leaders Model continuous learning Find solutions using Twitter, Google Hangouts, and more

Leading Learning in a Changing World

Author : Jacqueline E. Jacobs
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Here is a hands-on activities book which provides school leaders all the information needed to facilitate discussions on topical issues facing educators today. The activity design uses children's literature to provide a neutral framework for discussion of often difficult issues.

Leading Learning Communities

Author : Aostre Nancy Johnson
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This guide is intended to encourage elementary and middle school principals to deepen their knowledge and skills related to Pre-K-3rd grade, and to provide specific guidance for principals to become more effective leaders on behalf of young children.

Leading Learning

Author : Alistair Smith
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This compilation summarises the leading thinking from around the world on transforming learning and transforming teaching. Within one cover are over 200 posters which draw from the best in brain research, motivational psychology, theories of intelligence and classroom management. Use these photocopiable posters to refresh your teaching. Amongst the topics covered by the posters you will find here are: changing trends attitudes to learning the neurological basis of learning understanding memory music and learning stress the physiology of learning engagement and motivation connectivity effective learning strategies effective questioning strategies target setting formative assessment preparing for exams thinking skills models of intelligence staff development

Leading Learning and Legacies

Author : Andrea Blaustein
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Leading, Learning, and Legacies: The Principles of Successful Leadership lays out fourteen key principles to find within yourself in order to become a great leader. They are not complex and are not based on formal education, finances, or social standing. These principles can be found in anyone who seeks them out within themselves and are for anyone who wants to help make the world a better place. Leadership is one of the most undertaught set of skills in our young people. Children often demonstrate a desire to learn leadership, but this drive is too often neglected and then lost. The book is written for aspiring young leaders as much as for those established leaders who choose to ensure that they are keeping up with the ever-changing demands on them. There are many books on leadership that are written for corporate America, but very few are written for aspiring community leaders, students, and parents who want to instill leadership qualities in their children. Use it as a journal as well as a guide. Leadership evolves but should always maintain a baseline code of conduct. Leaders are accountable, humble (though not self-effacing), and generous with their time and energy. They are teachers, friends, students, and pillars of strength. This book will teach you how to be one of them, whoever and wherever you are.

Leading Learning Communities

Author : National Association Elementary School Principals
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Unforgettable Leadership

Author : Sherry Yellin
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Dr. Sherry Yellin's Unforgettable Leadership reveals practical ways to apply seven brain-based-learning principles to achieve unforgettable results in leadership, learning, and living. Discover how to become your best self, live your best life, and leave your best legacy by learning how the brain learns best. The good news? It doesn't have to be hard.

Leading Learning for Digital Natives

Author : Rebecca J. Blink
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In light of rapid advances in technology and changes in students’ learning styles, Leading Learning for Digital Natives offers much-needed new tools for guiding effective instruction in the classroom. By offering practical strategies for gathering data with technology tools, this book helps school leaders embrace data and technology to develop the classroom and instructional practices that students need today. Blink’s practical and accessible tips make it easy for teachers and leaders to use technology and data to engage students and increase student achievement. Focusing coverage on the latest technology tools, this book will help you lead a school that personalizes instruction and learning through: Integration of data Real-time instruction Setting expectations and outcomes to align with new state standards Integration of technology tools and blended pedagogy

Leading Learning for Ell Students

Author : Catherine Beck
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Grounded in current research and award winning practice, this important book provides a blueprint for school leaders to successfully implement programs and policies for creating an equitable learning environment for English Language Learners (ELLs). Full of accessible examples, strategies, checklists, and solutions, this book covers topics such as elementary and secondary home visitation, family literacy programs, first-generation college attendance, family-school partnerships, second language instruction, culturally responsive teaching, and professional development. The guidance provided in Leading Learning for ELL Students can be put into practice immediately, and will help leaders at all levels address the changing landscape of their student populations to ensure the success of all students.

Learning at Work

Author :
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Author : Alex Ferguson
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