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Learn Object Oriented Programming Using Java An UML based

Author : Venkateswarlu N.B. & Prasad E.V.
File Size : 53.23 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Learn Object Oriented Programming Using Java: An UML based Treatise with Live Examples from Science and Engineering

Learning Java

Author : Patrick Niemeyer
File Size : 26.63 MB
Format : PDF
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A tutorial introducing Java basics covers programming principles, integrating applets with Web applications, and using threads, arrays, and sockets.

Introduction to Java Programming 2nd Edition

Author : Prof. Sham Tickoo
File Size : 85.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Introduction to Java Programming is a book for software developers to familiarize them with the concept of object-oriented programming (OOP). The book enables the reader to understand the basic features of Java. The line-by-line explanation of the source code, a unique feature of the book, enables the students to gain a thorough and practical understanding of Java. The chapters in this book are structured in a pedagogical sequence, which makes this book very effective in learning the features and capabilities of the software. Salient Features Each concept discussed in the book is exemplified by an application to clarify and facilitate better understanding. This book introduces the key ideas of object-oriented programming in an innovative way. The concepts are illustrated through best programs, covering the basic aspects of Java. Additional information is provided to the users in the form of notes. There is an extensive use of examples, schematic representation, screen captures, tables, and programming exercises. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction to Java Chapter 2: Fundamental Elements in Java Chapter 3: Control Statements and Arrays Chapter 4: Classes and Objects Chapter 5: Inheritance Chapter 6: Packages, Interfaces, and Inner Classes Chapter 7: Exception Handling Chapter 8: Multithreading Chapter 9: String Handling Chapter 10: Introduction to Applets and Event Handling Chapter 11: Abstract Window Toolkit Chapter 12: The Java I/O System Index

Java 6 In Simple Steps

Author : Kogent Solutions Inc
File Size : 23.83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Java 6 in Simple Steps is an ideal book for beginners to learn Java 6. This book contains code of many executable programs that helps you to understand the concepts of Java 6 in a simple way. It is a good choice for readers looking for a book covering maximum core Java concepts alongwith various examples.The book covers:· Introduction to Java SE 6· Step by step procedure to download and install Java SE 6· Variables, Data Types, Operators and Arrays· Conditional, Iteration, and Jump Statements· Classes, Methods, Packages, and Access Specifiers· Implementation of OOP concepts· Exception Handling· Threads Implementation· Collection Framework· Implementation of Input / Output operations· AWT and Swing Components· Event Handling· Applets and Advanced GUI Features

A Practical Approach to Learn JAVA

Author : Mayank Patel
File Size : 89.97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The proposed book is a special practical guide to all who want to learn the Java Programming from basic without having the deep knowledge of theoretical concept. It covers on extensive syllabus designed by Rajasthan technical University and various private universities of Rajasthan. The each topic is demonstrative with more than 200 solved programming examples that are covered in the book. It has a comprehensive coverage of complicated topics like Packages, Interfaces, Collections, Applets, AWTs, Derby Database, Swing and Calendar class with detailed description of real life problems solution. The objective questions and programming exercises of each chapter are given at the end. More than 300 questions to solve including programming exercises with 100% Practical Implementation of all the topics on Core Java Programming are covered in it. Book also has the challenging JAVA practical Questions and commonly asked interview Questions.

Learning Wireless Java

Author : Qusay H. Mahmoud
File Size : 73.33 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Provides a thorough introduction to woking with the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) and the APIs used to create applications to run on wireless and embedded devices, as well as information on the javax.microedition and core classes and the classes specific to diverse wireless platforms supported by J2ME. Original. (Intermediate)

Java Swing Tutorials Herong s Tutorial Examples

Author : Herong Yang
File Size : 44.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This tutorial book is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning Java Swing and AWT himself. Topics include Swing and AWT (Abstract Windows Toolkit) class library; graphical components: JFrame, JLabel, JButton, JRadioButton, JTextField; frame layouts; menus; dialog boxes; editor pane; Unicode and Chinese.

Java 6 Illuminated An Active Learning Approach

Author : Julie Anderson
File Size : 36.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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With a variety of interactive learning features and user-friendly pedagogy, Java 6 Illuminated, Second Edition provides a comprehensive introduction to programming using the most current version in Java programming. Throughout the text the authors incorporate an “active learning approach” which asks students to take an active role in their understanding of the language through the use of numerous interactive examples, exercises, and projects. Object-Oriented Programming concepts are developed progressively and reinforced through numerous Programming Activities, allowing students to fully understand and implement both basic and sophisticated techniques. In response to students growing interest in animation and visualization the text includes techniques for producing graphical output and animations beginning in Chapter 4 with applets and continuing throughout the text. You will find Java 6 Illuminated, Second Edition comprehensive and user-friendly. Students will find it exciting to delve into the world of programming with hands-on, real-world applications!

Java 2 Primer Plus

Author : Steven Haines
File Size : 76.83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Organized in an instructional style with review questions and projects, this book is based upon the new Java 1.4 platform. Haines uses the most recent examples and information from the technology industry to provide students with sound Java programming skills.

Learn JavaFX 8

Author : Kishori Sharan
File Size : 39.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Learn JavaFX 8 shows you how to start developing rich-client desktop applications using your Java skills and provides comprehensive coverage of JavaFX 8's features. Each chapter starts with an introduction to the topic at hand, followed by a step-by-step discussion of the topic with small snippets of code. The book contains numerous figures aiding readers in visualizing the GUI that is built at every step in the discussion. The book starts with an introduction to JavaFX and its history. It lists the system requirements and the steps to start developing JavaFX applications. It shows you how to create a Hello World application in JavaFX, explaining every line of code in the process. Later in the book, author Kishori Sharan discusses advanced topics such as 2D and 3D graphics, charts, FXML, advanced controls, and printing. Some of the advanced controls such as TableView, TreeTableView and WebView are covered at length in separate chapters. This book provides complete and comprehensive coverage of JavaFX 8 features; uses an incremental approach to teach JavaFX, assuming no prior GUI knowledge; includes code snippets, complete programs, and pictures; covers MVC patterns using JavaFX; and covers advanced topics such as FXML, effects, transformations, charts, images, canvas, audio and video, DnD, and more. So, after reading and using this book, you'll come away with a comprehensive introduction to the JavaFX APIs as found in the new Java 8 platform.