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Learn Digital Design with PSoC a Bit at a Time

Author : Dave Van Ess
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Whether you're an engineering student or looking to get into digital design as a hobby, there has never been a better time to start building. The wealth of easily available parts and resources means anybody can get started understanding logic components, tinkering with computer hardware, and developing circuitry, with or without formal training in engineering. The secret? Take it a bit at a time, and get comfortable with not knowing what you're doing. This is the vision behind Learn Digital Design with PSoC, a Bit at a Time, a straightforward and hands-on approach to building with PSoC (Programmable System on a Chip). Through simple instructions and plenty of hands-on labs, readers will ease their way into the world of digital design and building, while learning the subject matter in easy-to-digest pieces. In the vein of Blaine Readler and Don Lancaster, author Dave Van Ess draws upon his years of engineering experience to provide a fun and non-intimidating beginner's guide to circuitry. Maker Movement hobbyists, prospective engineers, and grad students alike will enjoy this laid-back yet productive approach to building with PSoC, starting off simple and slowly progressing to more and more complex circuitry.

Designer s Guide to the Cypress PSoC

Author : Robert Ashby
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This it the first technical reference book available on the PSoC, and it offers the most comprehensive combination of technical data, example code, and descriptive prose you’ll find anywhere. Embedded design expert Robert Ashby will guide you through the entire PSoC world, providing thorough coverage of device feature, design, programming and development of the software-reconfigurable PSoC. He shares his best tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you to utilize the flexible and inexpensive PSoC to its greatest potential, with a minimum of heartaches and late nights. With its emphasis on designing for adaptability – a feature of the utmost importance in today’s fast-paced and cost-pressured design cycles – this book will bring you up to speed quickly on everything PSoC, from memory management to interconnects. You will add brains and capable signal conditioning to a design with one chip, giving you extreme flexibility for a relatively low price. Specific application examples highlighting the PSoC’s unique capabilities are included throughout the text, with the supporting sample source code. The first independent technical reference available on the PSoC, a product line experiencing explosive growth in the embedded design world Application examples, sample code, and design tips and techniques will get readers get up-to-speed quickly


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Educating Engineers for Future Industrial Revolutions

Author : Michael E. Auer
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Introduction to Mixed Signal Embedded Design

Author : Alex Doboli
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This textbook is written for junior/senior undergraduate and first-year graduate students in the electrical and computer engineering departments. Using PSoC mixed-signal array design, the authors define the characteristics of embedd design, embedded mixed-signal architectures, and top-down design. Optimized implementations of these designs are included to illustrate the theory. Exercises are provided at the end of each chapter for practice. Topics covered include the hardware and software used to implement analog and digital interfaces, various filter structures, amplifiers and other signal-conditioning circuits, pulse-width modulators, timers, and data structures for handling multiple similar peripheral devices. The practical exercises contained in the companion laboratory manual, which was co-authored by Cypress Staff Applications Engineer Dave Van Ess, are also based on PSoC. PSoC's integrated microcontroller, highly configurable analog/digital peripherals, and a full set of development tools make it an ideal learning tool for developing mixed-signal embedded design skills.

EDN Electrical Design News

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Musical Instruments in the 21st Century

Author : Till Bovermann
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By exploring the many different types and forms of contemporary musical instruments, this book contributes to a better understanding of the conditions of instrumentality in the 21st century. Providing insights from science, humanities and the arts, authors from a wide range of disciplines discuss the following questions: · What are the conditions under which an object is recognized as a musical instrument? · What are the actions and procedures typically associated with musical instruments? · What kind of (mental and physical) knowledge do we access in order to recognize or use something as a musical instrument? · How is this knowledge being shaped by cultural conventions and temporal conditions? · How do algorithmic processes 'change the game' of musical performance, and as a result, how do they affect notions of instrumentality? · How do we address the question of instrumental identity within an instrument's design process? · What properties can be used to differentiate successful and unsuccessful instruments? Do these properties also contribute to the instrumentality of an object in general? What does success mean within an artistic, commercial, technological, or scientific context?

Electronic Devices Circuits and Systems for Biomedical Applications

Author : Suman Lata Tripathi
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Electronic Devices, Circuits, and Systems for Biomedical Applications: Challenges and Intelligent Approaches explains the latest information on the design of new technological solutions for low-power, high-speed efficient biomedical devices, circuits and systems. The book outlines new methods to enhance system performance, provides key parameters to explore the electronic devices and circuit biomedical applications, and discusses innovative materials that improve device performance, even for those with smaller dimensions and lower costs. This book is ideal for graduate students in biomedical engineering and medical informatics, biomedical engineers, medical device designers, and researchers in signal processing. Presents major design challenges and research potential in biomedical systems Walks readers through essential concepts in advanced biomedical system design Focuses on healthcare system design for low power-efficient and highly-secured biomedical electronics

Instruments Measurement Electronics and Information Engineering

Author : J.Z. Ma
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Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Conference on Precision Mechanical Instruments and Measurement Technology (ICPMIMT 2013), May 25-26, 2013, Shenyang, Liaoning, China. The 804 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Mechatronics, Control and Management, Measurement and Instrumentation, Monitoring Technologies; Chapter 2: Materials Science and Manufacturing Engineering; Chapter 3: Power Systems, Electronics and Microelectronics, Embedded and Integrated Systems, Communication; Chapter 4: Computational Methods and Algorithms, Applied Information Technologies.