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Good Thai Girl Bangkok Guide to Nice Thai Girls Not Hookers

Author : Linda Chomatree
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A good Thai girl spills the inside story about dating Thai women. You can find love in Thailand with girls who are marriage material, look like billboard fashion models, work in office jobs, speak fluent English, and don't see you as just a meal ticket. But it's not easy or automatic. In Thailand, you can't just approach strangers in public, even at a club or bar. And many of the women who you might think are "good Thai girls" are actually prostitutes in disguise. This book is the complete Thai insider's guide to meet good Thai girls, online or offline, understand typical Thai girls and red flags to watch for, go on a first date, proceed to sex, and pursue a long-term relationship. Learn Thai cultural points, such as spotting ladyboys, negotiating a family's requests for a marriage dowry, and even dressing for a date in Bangkok. It's not hard. You don't have to speak Thai. Even if you've never been to Thailand before, you can manage it. Linda Chomatree was born in Bangkok, studied in the US and the UK, and now travels between the US and Bangkok, working in her family's real estate business. She's seen foreigners in Thailand fall flat on their faces dating prostitutes or embarrassing themselves trying to chat up random women on the street. This book is her project to try to help foreign men find love with Thai women who aren't prostitutes and who don't tarnish Thai women's image. Your good Thai girl is waiting for you. This book is for finding her.

F ck Fifty Hookers Or Be Resigned To A Life Of Loneliness A Pulp Satire

Author : Spencer Honor
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The only (living/dead/real/unreal) person the lonely protagonist of F*CK FIFTY HOOKERS (OR BE RESIGNED TO A LIFE OF LONELINESS): A PULP SATIRE can identify with is Travis Bickle because like the "Taxi Driver," he so desperately wants to connect with others, but just can't. Everything changes though when his dog, Henry, begins talking to him and reveals what he must do if he truly doesn't want to live this "life of loneliness" anymore. Influenced by the humor of Bret Easton Ellis, Chuck Palahniuk, and Kurt Vonnegut, F*CK FIFTY HOOKERS is a satirical riff on modern life and the nonsensical "first world" lives people lead. This book contains two bonus short stories: YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH MURDER IF YOU'RE NOT THERE TO COMMIT IT – a conscienceless man has the ability to “leap” to different points in his life (“Confused? Let me explain my “superpower” to you with a simple example,” says the protagonist. “Let’s say I’m stuck in a dead end job right now that pays shit and I want a better life. All I would need to then do is look up today’s winning lottery numbers, leap back to yesterday, buy a ticket with those numbers and then bam - I’m a fuckin millionaire now and can tell my asshole of a boss to go fuck himself.“) and thus avoid the consequences of any and all of the nefarious things he has done. This hunky-dory fate of his comes to a screeching halt when he is confronted by a man who threatens to leave him in the worst reality possible if he doesn't stop leaping. I'D BE A LOT HAPPIER IF I DIDN'T THINK SO MUCH – a depressed man thinks that his psychiatrist isn't actually trying to help him with his issues and is only numbing him with medicine. “I mean if the world really is bad,” says the depressed man. “Then why shouldn't I be affected by it and feel depressed as a result? I’m a human after all and I’m only just reacting to my environment, right?” His “environment” does in fact change though when he decides to stop thinking so much and take two experimental mood medicine without first researching what the pills actually do.

I Took the Sex Gods to Thailand

Author : Lee Huxley
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This is the true story of a self-confessed sexual zealot who, while satisfying his lust with bar girls in Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand, is compelled by the intensity of his libido to find its deeper meaning through Tantra. Tantra teaches that the fast track to enlightenment and to ‘God’, is not celibacy as Buddha and Jesus taught, but Maithuna or sacred sex. In Tantra, Go-Go dancers and escorts are avatars of the goddess Shakti and can be used as spiritual rocket fuel. His love of women eventually persuades him to marry a Thai girl that creates an impossible dilemma in his life. He is torn between his love for one woman and his insatiable need for Go-Go dancers, who in Thailand are beautiful, affordable, and abundant. He fears his sex utopia in Thailand is threatened by the Islamic insurgency in the south. Beneath the face of tourist paradise, Thailand is afflicted with divisive political and religious unrest. Thailand is waiting for the new Buddha to return to establish a golden age of peace. But Buddha is not coming back and only the sex gods of Tantra can save Thailand. Only the sex gods can save the world.

250 Thai Girls By Age 25

Author : John Harvey
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250 Thai Girls by Age 25, A True Story from South East Asia is a true-to-life adventure that can be relived from beginning to end. The story begins with the allure of travel and the need for new experiences. Sex, drugs, alcohol and debauchery are the name of the game, and the impetus behind this historic modern day journey. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Udon Thani, Cambodia, Laos, and the pristine Andaman beaches of Kho Lipe are featured in this bold and daring travel adventure. The author narrowly escapes death at the hands of a knife wielding Cambodian mugger. He is violently robbed by a taxi driver in Bangkok. Held up by the Laos Police for running at a late night roadblock with a teen prostitute. And narrowly escapes a King Cobra in the jungles of Northern Thailand. This non-fiction story is as up to date, authentic, and original as anything in its genre. The names, places, and people from this wild South East Asian sexcapade have not been altered in any way. This book has the potential to spark a new generation of hedonistic travelers looking to better understand themselves, and where to go to make that possible. Once you go Asian, you will never go Caucasian. Join the author on his solo travels while he searches out every nook and cranny during his first year in South East Asia.

Thailand Deadly Destination

Author : John Stapleton
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The daily robbing, bashing, drugging, extortion and murder of foreign tourists on Thai soil, along with numerous scandals involving unsafe facilities and well established scams, has led to frequent predictions that Thailand's multi-billion dollar tourist industry will self-destruct. Instead tourist numbers more than doubled in the decade to 2014. The world might not have come to the hometowns of the many visitors fascinated by Thailand, but it certainly came to the Land of Smiles. While the Thai media is heavily censored, and bad news stories about tourists suppressed, nonetheless there is more than enough evidence to demonstrate that something has gone seriously awry with the nation's tourist industry. In 2014, just as in the years preceding it, there were train, bus, ferry, speedboat, motorbike and car accidents, murders, knifings, unexplained deaths, numerous suicides, diving accidents, robberies gone wrong, anonymous bodies washing up on the shores and a string of alcohol and drug related incidents. Thailand had a dying king and serious succession problems, weak democratic institutions, an economy slipping into recession, faced issues of corruption across many of its key services and was host to international crime syndicates, awash with despised foreigners and drifting perilously towards civil war. Tourists choose one destination over another for a number of reasons, most of which Thailand scores highly on. But on the core issue of tourist safety, Thailand scores very badly indeed.

How to Get An Asian Girlfriend

Author : Derek Strong
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How to Get an Asian Girlfriend is a four-book collection of Derek Strong's complete step-by-step guide for a regular guy to get a hot Asian girlfriend, whether in your home country or in Asia, and whether you prefer to meet women in your daily environment or online. Book 1: The Basics of How To Get an Asian Girlfriend Book 2: My Six Asian Girlfriends Book 3: How to Get a Vietnamese Girlfriend Book 4: Asian MILF Hunting Derek Strong is an average white guy who loves Asian girls. At first he was frustrated by how impossible it seemed to get in with Asian girls, but then he observed and developed a system. Since then, he's been dating and making love to hot Asian girls pretty much nonstop. If you learn how to get past Asian girls' barriers and make them crave you, you can have a hot Asian girlfriend on your arm, while other guys can only stare and envy you. Once you know the secrets, you can get the Asian girlfriend you deserve.


Author : William McGaughey
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So there I stood, in the middle of the busiest street in Bangkok. I had lost 50 pounds, I was broke, had no food, an expired visa and no ticket home. I was without a doubtstranded. Stranded is the story of a young army brat struggling to find himself in the sex, drugs and rock and roll era that was the American hippy movement. At a vital age in his youth, Bill was forced to move to Southeast Asia, far from family, friends and anything he knew to be normal. After the dust of his culture shock settled, Bill's lust for adventure took over. He was determined to embrace everything this new world had to offer, but over the next few years he would become consumed by the darker side of Southeast Asia. Bill's family later moved back to the States after his graduation from the International School of Bangkok, but not before the city had planted a burning desire in his heart to one day revisit his home away from home. After years of living a nomadic existence across the States, Bill finally fulfilled his dream of one day returning to Thailand. It wasn't long before he realized old habits die hard and that his carefree lifestyle would inevitably lead him down a path of self-destruction. Bill's unique style of writing, coupled with an incredibly genuine approach to storytelling, allows the reader to feel as if they were right along with him for the ride. By the end of the story, you'll wonder how the two of you ever made it out of Bangkok alive.

Thai Girl

Author : Andrew Hicks
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When travellers Ben and Emma split up in Thailand, Ben falls for a local masseuse and experiences the darker side of tourism, where farmers' daughters sell their bodies in Bangkok bars. Thai Girl is a thought-provoking adventure novel that explores the problems of prostitution and cross-cultural relationships, and reaches its climax in the sultry heat of Thailand's exotic traveller beaches.

Confessions of a Bangkok PI

Author : Warren Olson
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Two-timing bargirls, suspicious spouses and lesbian lovers - it was all in a day's work for Bangkok Private Eye Warren Olson. For more than a decade, Olson walked the mean streets of the Big Mango. Fluent in Thai and Khmer, he was able to go where other private eyes feared to tread. His clients included Westerners who had lost their hearts and life savings to moneyhungry bargirls. But he had more than his fair share of Thai clients, too, including a sweet old lady who was ripped off by a Christian conman and a Thai girl blackmailed by a former lover. The stories are based on Olson's case files, disguised to protect the innocent and the guilty by bestselling author Stephen Leather. Olson has now relocated to his native New Zealand with his Thai wife and daughter, but the agency that he founded is still open for business at

Thailand Crackers

Author : Peter Jaggs
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Peter Jaggs has probably written and sold more books about the raunchier side of life in Thailand than any other author alive or dead. The brutal accuracy of his writing in a genre that is unavoidably always going to be controversial has inevitably provoked reaction from offended internet trolls accusing him of being a faker, a reprobate or even worse. Much more credible reviews in the Thai and ex-pat media on TV and in leading newspapers have described Jaggs as being (quote) ‘a highly-skilled writer, supremely confident in his craft’ and appraised his books as being ‘Modern Classics of Pattaya’ and ‘the best books on Pattaya written’. Whether you love his tales or hate them, it is undeniable that they are never boring. Jaggs has written himself into the history of the night-streets of Thailand and his work will surely continue to be read and discussed for as long as people visit the country. The stories in Thailand Crackers are vintage Jaggs and concentrate on the off-beat lives of eighteen resourceful entrepreneurs who live by their wits on the streets of a country where life can be hard. They include the accounts of an alcoholic septuagenarian mamasan, a teenage drug dealer, a hill-tribe grandfather, a bar-girl without a heart, an evil confidence trickster and a love-struck street dog; all told with the author’s usual colorful candidness that will disappoint neither his supporters nor his detractors and give them plenty of food for thought to get their teeth into.