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Bertrand Russell Language and Linguistic Theory

Author : Keith Green
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Although there has been a significant revival in interest in Bertrand Russell's work in recent years, most professional philosophers would still argue that Russell was not interested in language. Here, in the first full-length study of Russell's work on language throughout his long career, Keith Green shows that this is in fact not the case. In examining Russell's work, particularly from 1900 to 1950, Green exposes a repeated emphasis on, and turn to, linguistic considerations. Green considers how 'linguistics' and 'philosophy' were struggling in the twentieth century to define themselves and to create appropriate contemporary disciplines. They had much in common during certain periods, yet seemed to continue in almost total ignorance of one another. This negative relation has been noted in the past by Roy Harris, whose work provides some of the inspiration for the present book. Taking those two aspects, Green's aim here is to provide the first full-length consideration of Russell's varied work in language, and to read it in the context of developing contemporary (i.e. with Russell's work) linguistic theory. The main aims of this important new book, in focusing exclusively on Russell's work on language throughout his career, are to place Russell within the changing contexts of contemporary linguistic thought; to read Russell's language-theories against the grain of his own linguistic practice; to assess the relationship between linguistic and philosophical thought during Russell's career, and to reassess his place in the history of linguistic thought in the twentieth century. As such, this fascinating study will make a vital contribution to Russell studies and to the study of the relationship between philosophy and linguistics.

Gradient Acceptability and Linguistic Theory

Author : Elaine J. Francis
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This book examines a challenging problem at the intersection of theoretical linguistics and the psychology of language: the interpretation of gradient judgments of sentence acceptability in relation to theories of grammatical knowledge. Acceptability judgments constitute the primary source of data on which such theories have been built, despite being susceptible to various extra-grammatical factors. Through a review of experimental and corpus-based research on a variety of syntactic phenomena and an in-depth examination of two case studies, Elaine J. Francis argues for two main positions. The first is that converging evidence from online comprehension tasks, elicited production tasks, and corpora of naturally-occurring discourse can help to determine the sources of variation in acceptability judgments and to narrow down the range of plausible theoretical interpretations. The second is that the interpretation of judgment data depends crucially on the theoretical commitments and assumptions made, especially with respect to the nature of the syntax-semantics interface and the choice of either a categorical or a gradient notion of grammaticality. The theoretical frameworks considered in this book include derivational theories (e.g. Minimalism, Principles and Parameters), constraint-based theories (e.g. Sign-based Construction Grammar, Simpler Syntax), competition-based theories (e.g. Stochastic Optimality Theory, Decathlon Model), and usage-based approaches. The volume shows that while acceptability judgment data are typically compatible with the assumptions of various theoretical frameworks, some gradient phenomena are best captured within frameworks that permit soft constraints-non-categorical grammatical constraints that encode the conventional preferences of language users.

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2009

Author : Janine Berns
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The annual Going Romance conference has developed into the major European discussion forum for theoretically relevant research on Romance languages where current ideas about language in general and about Romance languages in particular are tested. The twenty-third Going Romance conference was a very special one: for the first time it was not hosted by one of the Dutch universities, but was co-organized by the Radboud University Nijmegen and the Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis and held in France at the Maison du Séminaire in Nice from 3–5 December 2009. The present volume contains a broad range of peer-reviewed articles dealing with syntax, phonology, morphology, semantics and acquisition of the Romance languages as well as selected papers from the special workshop dealing with linguistic change in relation to linguistic theory.

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2001

Author : Josep Quer i Carbonell
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The volumes "Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory" published in the series "Current Issues in Linguistic Theory "contain the selected papers of the "Going Romance" conferences, a major European annual discussion forum for theoretically relevant research on Romance languages."Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2001" is the third such volume. It presents a selection of the papers that have been presented at the occasion of "Going Romance 2001 (XV)" which was held at the University of Amsterdam on December 6-8, 2001. The three-day program included a workshop on Determiners. The volume contains articles on specifics of one or more Romance languages or varieties: the architecture of the Determiner Phrase and properties of determiners, the left periphery of the sentence and clause structure, null elements and their interpretation, clitics, and other interesting phenomena in the Romance languages.

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 14

Author : Lori Repetti
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This book contains a peer-reviewed selection of papers presented at the 46th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL 46) that took place in April 2016 at Stony Brook University (SUNY), New York. The most current research and debates on bilingualism, historical linguistics, morphology, phonology, semantics, sociolinguistics, and syntax can be found in its pages. This collection will be of interest to Romance linguists and general linguists as well.

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2011

Author : Sergio Baauw
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In 2011, the annual conference series Going Romance celebrated its 25th edition in Utrecht, the founder city of the enterprise. Since its inception in the eighties of the last century, the local initiative has developed into the major European discussion forum for research focussing on the contribution of (one of the) Romance languages to general linguistic theorizing as well as on the working out of in-depth analyses of Romance data within linguistic frameworks. The annual meeting took place on December, 8-10.The present volume is the 5th of the series Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory published by John Benjamins. We publish here a selected set of peer-reviewed articles bearing on topics in phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics, that represent both issues of theoretical nature as well as developments in the field of acquisition. The articles are of great interest for specialists of Romance and for general linguists appreciating parameters and/or language acquisition. Among the contributions are three papers presented by invited speakers (Andrea Calabrese, Ricardo Etxepare and Jason Rothman), while two other very prominent Romance linguists figure as co-authors (Aafke Hulk, Luigi Rizzi).

Locality in Linguistic Theory

Author : Peter W. Culicover
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This book explores the implications of a generalized Locality Condition in linguistic theory. The notion that rules of grammar and fundamental relations on linguistic structures are local has been a persistent one in the Extended Standard Theory. We suggest here that locality is in fact a universal constraint that should be abstracted from particular rules and relations and incorporated into the linguistic theory itself.

Proceedings from Semantics and Linguistic Theory

Author :
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Graphic Representation of Models in Linguistic Theory

Author : Ann Harleman Stewart
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Linguistic Theory and Second Language Acquisition

Author : Juana M. Liceras
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