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Living Our Own Lives

Author : Veronica Ray
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People recovering from codependency, adult children of dysfunctional families, and those seeking healthier relationships will find welcome wisdom and inspiration in the first four A Moment to Reflect booklets, Hazelden's newest inspirational series for Twelve Step living. Each of these four take-along booklets contains 30 topical affirmations that guide us as we work to improve our relationships. The first four booklets in this series address setting boundaries, letting go, accepting ourselves, and living our own lives. When we learn we can't control others' lives, we can turn our attention to our own. We concentrate on our responsibilities and choices. We learn to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We learn to play a starring role in our own lives.

Living Your Own Life

Author : Silvia Laengle
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This multi-author anthology is a short introduction to the world of existential psychotherapy, and specifically Existential Analysis. It gives concrete answers and demonstrates a way to apply this thinking in practice, providing outlines of its theoretical background, including Alfried Langle's four fundamental motivations. The main themes of the book are: working with emotionality and subjective experience and its importance for a fulfilling life; meaning and happiness; and spirituality and temporality. It covers psychological disorders and their treatment in adults and children, and also deals with disability and handicap.

Celebrating the Single Life Keys to Successful Living on Your Own

Author : David Yount
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American society is no longer defined by marriage. Today, an increasing majority of American households are headed by single men and women. Even those Americans who do marry spend at least half of their adult lives alone. Living on one's own presents unique challenges depending on one's age, health, and circumstances. So the script for successful single living calls for different strategies for young adults, the recently divorced, single parents, and those widowed or experiencing single life in later adulthood. Here, Dr. Yount considers each group's special needs and challenges and offers a guide for leading a productive, rewarding, and fulfilling single life. Single living, he contends, requires some core abilities: overcoming loneliness, reaching out to others, developing faith in oneself and self-respect, keeping up with daily activities, and maintaining good health, security, and a sense of humor. This book helps readers learn to celebrate their single status and to find contentment and peace while living on their own. These days, if you are unmarried and pining for romance, you are in a small minority. Until recently, most Americans considered single life to be a temporary situation during which one would simply wait for a soul mate to come along. Those who remained unwed were pitied as bachelors and spinsters. No longer! These days, most single men and women find autonomy in negotiating their way through life by relying on their own resources, with marriage remaining one option, but not an imperative. Even those who do marry are getting married later, and those who divorce or are widowed often choose to stay single. With this trend toward singlehood increasing, affirming the single life and making a success of it becomes all the more important. Yount offers advice for creating a gratifying and happy single life at any stage, and provides insight into those things that can contribute to a satisfying single lifestyle. He pinpoints areas that often get ignored by singles, and proposes solutions to some of the pitfalls that can lead to loneliness or unhappiness. Leading a fulfilling single life is not only possible, it can in fact be rewarding in itself, and Yount shows readers how to lead productive and creative lives as modern singles.

Own Your Life

Author : Sally Clarkson
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In a world that's moving so fast, it's easy to lose your sense of purpose. Clarkson journeys with you to explore what it means to live meaningfully, follow God truly, and bring much-needed order to your chaos. Discover what it means to own your life, and dare to trust God's hands as He richly shapes your character, family, work, and soul.

My Own Life and Times 1741 1814

Author : Thomas Somerville
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Living on Your Own Terms

Author : Osho
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The eighth book in the Osho Life Essentials series. This volume of the essentials series is structured as a "reader" that covers many of the key concerns that are driving the movements for change in these critical times. Forty years after the rebellions of the 1960s a new generation is again in the streets to challenge and to rebel against outdated structures and values. Again, the focus is on outer structures of political and economic systems and their failings. This generation has a unique opportunity and responsibility to move the development of human freedom to the next level. Osho's insights are as valuable to this new generation as they have been to the generation of 60s rebels. History repeats itself because of unconsciousness. With best intentions, each "revolutionary" generation falls into the same traps and in the end no real change happens because it is not based in transformation and consciousness. Osho's proposal will support this new generation and is by far more radical and revolutionary than anything this planet has ever seen. This reader presents highlights selected from multiple series of talks by Osho intending to ignite a worldwide fire of individual intelligence.

Living Your Own Aloha

Author : Kelly Weaver
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The Hawaiian word “Aloha” evokes an image of white, sandy beaches and cool tropical breezes, but the significance of the word goes beyond a mere greeting and farewell. Aloha encapsulates all of the love, peace, compassion, and affection one feels when connected to the vibrational energy of the islands. The word is a definition of the force that holds together our very existence. Author and certified Law of Attraction coach, Kelly Weaver shares candid stories of her own struggles and successes through her journey of manifestation and personal growth as she learned to embrace aloha in her life. With keen insight into the universal law that “like attracts like,” she uses a mnemonic device and “Inspired Assignments” in each chapter, to guide readers through her process of self-reflection and discovery that your focus of attention and energy attracts consequences, both positive and negative. This book practically demonstrates how deliberate intention can lead you to experiencing the transformative power of manifesting, and will teach you how to live your own aloha.

Living Our Own Lives

Author : Hazelden Foundation Staff
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Living on Your Own

Author : Jean Bunnell
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Builds solid skills in finding the right job, choosing a place to live, managing expenses, and more Includes activities on the Internet for information about jobs and housing, electronic banking, and up-to-date health and nutrition information Features daily lesson plans, reproducibles, and answers to all activities See Living on Your Own student book

Wise Up Live

Author : J. Corre LaNuevo
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Living My Own Truth

Author : La Quan Lark
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He came into the firm as a Junior partner that summer; an absolutely brilliant one. Good looking, hardworking, personable, did crazy things like fix his own car, and budget. But there was over a 7 year age gap, and there surely wasn't a chance in hell this guy would want to chill out with simple old me and my boring suburban life. Summer flew by, and before I knew it, he was growing fast within the company and his name was becoming a buzz. Just so happened he was putting in some work over the weekend, we finally got the chance to talk and connect as I assisted him, and much to our mutual surprise, we ended up sharing a kiss... not just any old kiss but the kiss of a lifetime. It was right and it was good. We started out with laughter from our conversation I turned around and found his face, and his mouth was already waiting like a question. I’m not going to make it out to be something that it wasn’t: It was perfect—Titus’s soft lips against the bite of the wet and sugary Coca cola still on our tongues. Feeling his tongue slide inside my mouth, it did more than just not stop me. I kissed me back and as he’s kissing me, Once, twice, right up until I’d had a good taste and realized, I’ll never have enough. That’s when his lips seemed to be everywhere, up my back and over my arms and suddenly he’s kissing me harder, deeper, and with a fervent urgent need I’ve never known before. Needless to say we've been a thing ever since.

Life and Character of the Rev Sylvester Judd

Author : Arethusa Hall
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The Household of Faith

Author : Thomas Ralph Morton
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Overdoing Democracy

Author : Robert B. Talisse
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"'The cure for democracy's ills is more democracy.' This popular adage is false. Contemporary democracy faces problems that derive from the tendency among citizens to overdo democracy. In this book, Robert Talisse argues that even in a democracy, politics must be put in its place"--

The Liberty Bell

Author :
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Dangerous Religious Ideas

Author : Rachel S. Mikva
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"Dangerous Religious Ideas explores the themes of Scripture, Election, and Reward & Punishment to investigate how Judaism, Christianity and Islam have grappled with both the perilous power and positive potential of their teachings"--

Living on Your Own

Author : Jesook Song
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An ethnography of young, single women struggling to live independently in South Korea. Living on Your Own is an ethnography of young, single women in South Korea who seek to live independently. Using extensive interviews, along with media analysis and archival research, Jesook Song traces the women’s difficulties in achieving residential autonomy. Song exposes the clash between the women’s burgeoning desire for independent lives and the ongoing incursion of traditional, conservative family ideology and marriage pressure into housing practices and financial institutions. She pays particular attention to the Korean rent system and the reliance on lump-sum cash even for basic subsistence, which promotes tight control of young adults’ lives by family and kinship networks. The young women whose voices feature prominently in this book are a prototype of global youth in crisis: caught between aspirations for the self-development and flexible lifestyle championed by globalizing media and communication technology and the reality of their position as flexible labor in a neoliberal economy.

Living the Christian Story

Author : Mary Jean Manninen
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The Christian Faith is First of all A Story--the dramatic story of God's redemption of creation. The Christian hears the Story in the Bible, shares in its retelling in worship, and lives it out in the context of community. So it is a Story in which we all participate, in which we each have our own story. As Sister Mary Jean Manninen writes, "Each person's story fits into the one whole and also reflects in a unique way the themes of that one whole."

The Cyclop dia Or Universal Dictionary of Arts Sciences and Literature

Author : Abraham Rees
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Knowles Paradise Dam Project

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. Subcommittee on Irrigation and Reclamation
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Considers S. 1226, to provide for construction of Knowles Dam project on Flathead River in Montana for protection and development of Flathead and Columbia River basins. Hearing was held in Missoula, Mont.