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Love Theodosia

Author : Lori Anne Goldstein
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A Romeo & Juliet tale for Hamilton! fans. In post-American Revolution New York City, Theodosia Burr, a scholar with the skills of a socialite, is all about charming the right people on behalf of her father—Senator Aaron Burr, who is determined to win the office of president in the pivotal election of 1800. Meanwhile, Philip Hamilton, the rakish son of Alexander Hamilton, is all about being charming on behalf of his libido. When the two first meet, it seems the ongoing feud between their politically opposed fathers may be hereditary. But soon, Theodosia and Philip must choose between love and family, desire and loyalty, and preserving the legacy their flawed fathers fought for or creating their own. Love, Theodosia is a smart, funny, swoony take on a fiercely intelligent woman with feminist ideas ahead of her time who has long-deserved center stage. A refreshing spin on the Hamiltonian era and the characters we have grown to know and love. It’s also a heartbreaking romance of two star-crossed lovers, an achingly bittersweet “what if.” Despite their fathers’ bitter rivalry, Theodosia and Philip are drawn to each other and, in what unrolls like a Jane Austen novel of manners, we find ourselves entangled in the world of Hamilton and Burr once again as these heirs of famous enemies are driven together despite every reason not to be.

The Broadview Anthology of Restoration and Early Eighteenth Century Drama Concise Edition

Author : J. Douglas Canfield
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The Broadview Anthology of Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century Drama, Concise Edition, with twenty-one plays, is half the length of the full anthology without compromising its breadth. Concentrating on plays from the heyday of 1660-1737, it focuses on Restoration drama proper and Revolution drama, with a selection from the early Georgian period and the later Georgian period’s “laughing comedy.” Seven of the nine sub-genres (personal tragedy, tragicomic romance, social comedy, subversive comedy, corrective satire, menippean satire, and laughing comedy) of the full anthology are represented, with the preponderance of exposure given to the jewel of this theatre, its comedy. Each play is fully annotated and prefaced with an historical introduction. Also included are a general introduction, a statement of procedures, and a glossary.

Call of the Wild Wind

Author : Sabrina York
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Though the world is convinced that Lady Britannia Halsey’s fiancé perished on the fields of Waterloo, she is certain he is still alive. And she is determined to find him…before her twenty-fifth birthday. When the Earl of Wick sees a portrait of her beloved Peter, and claims he looks just like a wounded warrior working on his highland estate, it only seems logical to hie off to Scotland and meet this man. To Britannia’s annoyance, she finds herself traveling with the Annoying Earl of Wick, a man who is far too attractive for her peace of mind. A man determined to seduce her…

Novelas Amorosas Y Ejemplares

Author : María de Zayas y Sotomayor
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Five men and five women entertain their hostess with stories exploring some aspect of enchantment or love between a handsome gallant and a lovely lady. The sharp contrast between the women's and men's stories transmits a subtle, often ironic, feminism.

The Brides of London an Advertisements for Love collection

Author : Vanessa Riley
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Fans of Bridgerton will love these two Regency romances for the price of one, featuring two best friends, each determined to advertise for love. The Bittersweet Bride: Widow Theodosia Cecil needs a husband and needs one fast to protect her land, so she places an anonymous ad in the paper. She’s delighted she spends her remaining weeks exchanging flirtatious letters with the perfect man... Until she meets him and realizes he’s the son of the man trying to steal her land. The Bashful Bride: When sparks fly between timid heiress Ester Croome and a handsome actor, they’re quick to elope. But when she discovers there is so much more to him than meets the eye, in order to save the marriage the shiest woman alive must publicly woo the most desirable man in England...her husband.

Legend of the Mountains and the Valleys

Author : Analynn Riley
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Without a queen, half the kingdom shall perish. For centuries, The Curse has held power over life in the kingdom of the Mountains and the Valleys. When the queen dies, Prince Enos ignores the warnings of his father, the king, and sets out to rule alone. While the Mountains flourish, the Valleys begin to perish. Will Prince Enos find a maiden who can save the Valleys? Can Theodosia’s gifts break the power of The Curse? In The Nine Gifts of Theodosia, discover the first secret of the legend in the kingdom of the Mountains and the Valleys. Summoned to the queen’s court, Sabella sees her world unravel. Will the queen send her to prison, leaving her children destitute? Hope wanes as Sabella hears the answer to The Final Question. Banished to the far Eastern Valley, Kenelm storms the imperial court, demanding justice. Will he ever see his wife and children again? Pride and greed soar through his veins as Kenelm’s Quest begins. Follow the remarkable journey in Yedda Sings as the fair maiden travels from one village to the next in search of God’s will for her life. Will it be the wisdom of ancient teachings, the traditions valued for generations, or the wealth and power offered by a handsome suitor that charts the course of Yedda’s tomorrows? Enjoy a heartfelt look into the lives of inspiring characters whose adventures unlock the secrets of the Legend of the Mountains and the Valleys.

The Wrong Heiress for Christmas

Author : Bianca Blythe
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Enjoy Bianca Blythe's delightful Matchmaking for Wallflowers regency romance series today! Lord Frederick Bowen, Duke of Salisbury, is expecting an heiress for Christmas. The fact does not bring him pleasure. Ever since the war ended, he would rather focus on experiments for his new waterproof material. Celia might be the daughter of an earl, but she's of the illegitimate variety. She has resigned herself to life as a maid for the wicked countess and her two half-sisters. When Celia's half-sister begs her to pretend to be her, Celia is thrust into a fairy tale. Everyone knows though that fairy tales never come true... A delightful Christmas regency romance and Cinderella retelling. Start this series today! Matchmaking for Wallflowers 1. How to Capture a Duke 2. A Rogue to Avoid 3. Runaway Wallflower 4. Mad about the Baron 5. To Catch a Baroness 6. The Wrong Heiress for Christmas


Author : Louise Stockton
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Register of Officers and Agents Civil Military and Naval

Author : United States Civil Service Commission
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Official Register of the United States

Author :
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