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Machiavelli to Marx

Author : Dante Germino
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"Germino examines the scholars of this period whose works he feels have made significant new approaches to the critical understanding of our world and, consequently, to the problems of our time. He discusses utilitarianism, lieberalism, scientism, and messianic nationalism"--Back cover

Man and Society

Author : John Petrov Plamenatz
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V.1 From the Middle Ages to locke -- V.2 From Montesquieu to the early socialists -- V.3 Hegel, Marx and Engels, and the idea of progress.

Reading Political Philosophy

Author : Derek Matravers
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This clear and thorough introduction provides students with the skills necessary to understand the main thinkers, texts and arguments of political philosophy and thought. Each chapter comprises a brief overview of a major political thinker, followed by an introduction to one or more of their most influential works and an introduction to key secondary readings. Key features include: * exercises * reading notes * guides for further reading The book introduces and assesses: Machiavelli's Prince; Hobbes' Leviathan; Locke's Second Treatise on Government; Rousseau's Social Contract; Marx and Engels' German Ideology (Part 1); Mill's On Liberty and The Subjection of Women. Reading Political Philosophy requires no previous knowledge of philosophy or politics and is ideal for newcomers to political philosophy and political thought.

The Political Animal

Author : Leo Rauch
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Beyond Blood and Coercion

Author : Yves Winter
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This dissertation investigates and criticizes two common assumptions about violence in contemporary political theory and philosophy: that violence is mute and that it is instrumental. Through close readings of the works of Niccolò Machiavelli, Karl Marx, and Friedrich Engels, I argue that political violence has a semiotic character, that it involves the production of signs and meanings. These signs and meanings are not peripheral but central to the operations of political violence, because the political effectiveness of violence is partially determined by its representation. Practices of representation regulate how political violence is received and understood by an audience, which is why political violence cannot be explained by reference to institutions alone. Rather, it must be interpreted in the context of these practices of representation. It calls, therefore, for a critical hermeneutic attentive to how meanings and signs circulate beyond violence's narrowly functional and instrumental dimensions and beyond the control of violence's wielders. My readings offer a model for such an interpretive approach, for a critical hermeneutic that accounts for the semiotic aspects inherent in practices of political violence. My textual analyses ask how modes of representation and visibility organize particular formations of violence and produce political effects. By tracing the disseminations and dispersals of violence in Machiavelli's and Marx's texts, I challenge the conventionla classification that separates political from non-political violence, and I raise the question of what makes violence recognizable as political.

Interpreting Modern Political Philosophy

Author : Alistair Edwards
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The interpretive literature in the history of political thought is now vast, complex and esoteric, posing as much a barrier to the understanding of the undergraduate student as it offers assistance. This unique and innovative text provides the student with a guide through this maze of argument. Each chapter sets out the major positions and debates that surround the texts of key thinkers, analyzes major problems of interpreting them, examines the sources of disagreement, and evaluates the different interpretations in terms of their strengths, weaknesses and contributions to scholarship.

Machiavelli to Marx

Author : Dante L. Germino
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"Germino examines the scholars of this period whose works he feels have made significant new approaches to the critical understanding of our world and, consequently, to the problems of our time. He discusses utilitarianism, lieberalism, scientism, and messianic nationalism"--Back cover.

Perspectives on Political Philosophy Machiavelli through Marx

Author : James V. Downton
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Machiavelli and Us

Author : Louis Althusser
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“We do not publish our own drafts, that is, our own mistakes, but we do sometimes publish other people’s,” Louis Althusser once observed of Marx’s early writings. Among his own posthumously released drafts, one, at least, is incontestably neither mistake nor out-take: the text of his lecture course on Machiavelli, originally delivered at the École Normale Supérieure in 1972, intermittently revised up to the mid-1980s, and carefully prepared for publication after his death in 1990. Though only appearing as an occasional reference in the Marxist philosopher’s oeuvre, Machiavelli was an unseen constant presence. For together with Spinoza and Marx, Machiavelli was a veritable Althusserian passion. Machiavelli and Us reveals why, and will be welcomed for the light it sheds on the richly complex thought of its author.


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This lucidly written text, in its second edition, continues to provide a comprehensive study of the classical political tradition from Plato to Marx. The book elucidates the fascinating evolution of the history of political ideas, through the works of thirteen key political thinkers — which includes Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Hegel and Marx. The text highlights the decline and revival of classical political theory and portrays the clash of universalism vs. localism in the classical tradition. It focuses on the recent interpretations of the classical texts, for instance, feasibility of the ideal State in Plato; civic humanism and republicanism in Machiavelli; the radicalism of Locke, and the contributions to the woman’s cause by John Stuart Mill. The text is intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Political Science of various universities, and for all those who are appearing for the civil services examinations. NEW TO THIS EDITION : Inclusion of two important liberal thinkers, Mary Wollstonecraft, the founder of liberal feminism, and Immanuel Kant, a de-ontological liberal. Addition of an Appendix on John Rawls who is credited as a seminal thinker of contemporary times, having played a crucial role in the revival of normative political theory.