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Machine Intelligence and Smart Systems

Author : Shikha Agrawal
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This book is a collection of peer-reviewed best selected research papers presented at the Second International Conference on Machine Intelligence and Smart Systems (MISS 2021), organized during September 24–25, 2021, in Gwalior, India. The book presents new advances and research results in the fields of machine intelligence, artificial intelligence and smart systems. It includes main paradigms of machine intelligence algorithms, namely (1) neural networks, (2) evolutionary computation, (3) swarm intelligence, (4) fuzzy systems and (5) immunological computation. Scientists, engineers, academicians, technology developers, researchers, students and government officials will find this book useful in handling their complicated real-world issues by using machine intelligence methodologies.

Pan African Artificial Intelligence and Smart Systems

Author : Telex Magloire N. Ngatched
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This book constitutes the refereed post-conference proceedings of the First International Conference on Pan-African Intelligence and Smart Systems, PAAISS 2021, which was held in Windhoek, Namibia, in September 2021. The 17 revised full papers presented were carefully selected from 41 submissions. The theme of PAAISS 2021 was "Advancing AI research in Africa" and the papers are arranged according to subject areas: Deep Learning; Classification and Pattern Recognition; Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines; Smart Systems.

Machine Learning and IoT for Intelligent Systems and Smart Applications

Author : Madhumathy P
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The fusion of AI and IoT enables the systems to be predictive, prescriptive, and autonomous, and this convergence has evolved the nature of emerging applications from being assisted to augmented, and ultimately to autonomous intelligence. This book discusses algorithmic applications in the field of machine learning and IoT with pertinent applications. It further discusses challenges and future directions in the machine learning area and develops understanding of its role in technology, in terms of IoT security issues. Pertinent applications described include speech recognition, medical diagnosis, optimizations, predictions, and security aspects. Features: Focuses on algorithmic and practical parts of the artificial intelligence approaches in IoT applications. Discusses supervised and unsupervised machine learning for IoT data and devices. Presents an overview of the different algorithms related to Machine learning and IoT. Covers practical case studies on industrial and smart home automation. Includes implementation of AI from case studies in personal and industrial IoT. This book aims at Researchers and Graduate students in Computer Engineering, Networking Communications, Information Science Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

Smart and Intelligent Systems

Author : Abbas Moallem
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"The more we know about smart and intelligent systems and their use, the more productive organizations can become, and the more quality of life will improve."—Gavriel Salvendy, President Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine of Florida, University Distinguished Professor University of Central Florida" "Robots, drones, self-driving cars, and personal assistants are only some of the ‘intelligent’ and ‘smart’ systems which are populating our world and changing the way we use technology to carry out our everyday activities, bringing about both exciting opportunities for human-technology symbiosis, as well as compelling design and development challenges. Through a carefully selected choice of chapters, authored by top scientists in the field, this book, edited by Abbas Moallem, sheds light on fundamental aspects of intelligent and smart systems, investigating the role and impact of affective and psychophysiological computing, machine learning, cybersecurity, agent transparency, and human-agent teaming in the shaping of this new interaction paradigm, as well as the human factors involved in their application in critical domains such as health, education, and manufacturing in the emerging technological landscape."—Constantine Stephanidis, Professor of Computer Science, University of Crete, Distinguished member of Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH) In today’s digital world, the words "smart" and intelligent" are now used to label devices, machinery, systems, and even environments. What is a "smart" system? Is "smart" synonymous with "intelligent"? If not, what does an "intelligent system" mean? Are all smart systems intelligent? This book tries to answer these questions by summarizing the existing research in various areas and providing new research findings. Smart and Intelligent Systems: The Human Elements in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Cybersecurity presents new areas of smart and intelligent system design. It defines smart and intelligent systems, offers a human factors approach, discusses networking applications, and combines the human element with smart and intelligent systems. This book is perfect for engineering students in data sciences and artificial intelligence and practitioners at all levels in the fields of human factors and ergonomics, systems engineering, computer science, software engineering, and robotics.

Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems Design

Author : Fakhreddine Karray
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If you are studying soft computing, intelligent machines or intelligent control then this book will give you the theory you need together with a vast array of examples and practical material, providing you with a thorough grounding in this exciting field. Practising professionals will find the introductory material, application oriented techniques and case studies especially helpful. Theory meets practice through numerous examples and solved real world problems. Comprehensive case studies demonstrate a vade range of applications across science and engineering. Extensive coverage of intelligent systems design including intelligent control and time series prediction.

Smart Systems for Industrial Applications

Author : C. Venkatesh
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SMART SYSTEMS FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS The prime objective of this book is to provide an insight into the role and advancements of artificial intelligence in electrical systems and future challenges. The book covers a broad range of topics about AI from a multidisciplinary point of view, starting with its history and continuing on to theories about artificial vs. human intelligence, concepts, and regulations concerning AI, human-machine distribution of power and control, delegation of decisions, the social and economic impact of AI, etc. The prominent role that AI plays in society by connecting people through technologies is highlighted in this book. It also covers key aspects of various AI applications in electrical systems in order to enable growth in electrical engineering. The impact that AI has on social and economic factors is also examined from various perspectives. Moreover, many intriguing aspects of AI techniques in different domains are covered such as e-learning, healthcare, smart grid, virtual assistance, etc. Audience The book will be of interest to researchers and postgraduate students in artificial intelligence, electrical and electronic engineering, as well as those engineers working in the application areas such as healthcare, energy systems, education, and others.

Artificial Intelligence Paradigms for Smart Cyber Physical Systems

Author : Luhach, Ashish Kumar
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Cyber-physical systems (CPS) have emerged as a unifying name for systems where cyber parts (i.e., the computing and communication parts) and physical parts are tightly integrated, both in design and during operation. Such systems use computations and communication deeply embedded in and interacting with human physical processes as well as augmenting existing and adding new capabilities. As such, CPS is an integration of computation, networking, and physical processes. Embedded computers and networks monitor and control the physical processes, with feedback loops where physical processes affect computations and vice versa. The economic and societal potential of such systems is vastly greater than what has been realized, and major investments are being made worldwide to develop the technology. Artificial Intelligence Paradigms for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems focuses on the recent advances in Artificial intelligence-based approaches towards affecting secure cyber-physical systems. This book presents investigations on state-of-the-art research issues, applications, and achievements in the field of computational intelligence paradigms for CPS. Covering topics that include autonomous systems, access control, machine learning, and intrusion detection and prevention systems, this book is ideally designed for engineers, industry professionals, practitioners, scientists, managers, students, academicians, and researchers seeking current research on artificial intelligence and cyber-physical systems.

Intelligent Systems and Smart Infrastructure

Author : Brijesh Mishra
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This book covers the proceedings of ICISSI 2022 (International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Smart Infrastructure) held at Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh during April 21–22, 2022. The conference was jointly organised by Shambhunath Institute of Engineering and Technology, Prayagraj UP India, Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) Lucknow, U.P India, and Manipal University Jaipur, Rajasthan India with an aim to provide a platform for researchers, scientists, technocrats, academicians and engineers to exchange their innovative ideas and new challenges being faced in the field of emerging technologies. The papers presented in the conference have been compiled in form of chapters to focus on the core technological developments in the emerging fields like machine learning, intelligence systems, smart infrastructure, advanced power technology etc.

Big Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence in Biomedical and Health Informatics

Author : Sunil Kumar Dhal
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BIG DATA ANALYTICS AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCE IN BIOMEDICAL AND HEALTH INFORMATICS Provides coverage of developments and state-of-the-art methods in the broad and diversified data analytics field and applicable areas such as big data analytics, data mining, and machine intelligence in biomedical and health informatics. The novel applications of Big Data Analytics and machine intelligence in the biomedical and healthcare sector is an emerging field comprising computer science, medicine, biology, natural environmental engineering, and pattern recognition. Biomedical and health informatics is a new era that brings tremendous opportunities and challenges due to the plentifully available biomedical data and the aim is to ensure high-quality and efficient healthcare by analyzing the data. The 12 chapters in??Big Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence in Biomedical and Health Informatics??cover the latest advances and developments in health informatics, data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. They have been organized with respect to the similarity of topics addressed, ranging from issues pertaining to the Internet of Things (IoT) for biomedical engineering and health informatics, computational intelligence for medical data processing, and Internet of Medical Things??(IoMT). New researchers and practitioners working in the field will benefit from reading the book as they can quickly ascertain the best performing methods and compare the different approaches. Audience Researchers and practitioners working in the fields of biomedicine, health informatics, big data analytics, Internet of Things, and machine learning.

Hierarchically Intelligent Machines

Author : George N. Saridis
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This book presents the result of 30 years'' work on the original material related to OC thinking machinesOCO, a subject initiated by the author and his colleagues. It is based on the ability of the computer to represent the hierarchical procedure of task conception and execution found in human beings. It is arranged in three levels representing the structure of organizational systems: organization, coordination and execution. Hierarchically Intelligent Machines can serve as a guide to modern intelligent robots. Contents: Machine Intelligence, Knowledge and Precision; Concepts and Definitions; Entropy and the Principle of Increasing Precision with Decreasing Intelligence (IDPI); The Analytic Formulation of Hierarchically Intelligent Machines; Hierarchically Intelligent Control: The Organization Level; Hierarchically Intelligent Control: The Coordination Level; Hierarchically Intelligent Control: The Execution Level; Hierarchically Intelligent Control: Application to Robotic Systems; Intelligent Manufacturing. Readership: Researchers in computer engineering."