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Author : Cory Herndon
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A labyrinth of intrigue... Lieutenant Agrus Kos enjoys his work. A top-notch officer of the city guard, he's been on the force over fifty years. He works alone. And the League of Wojek never had problems with him or his work. Until now. They gave him a partner to train, who promptly got himself killed. And the more he looks into the death, the less he likes it. Something dark is moving within the guilds of Ravnica.

The Art of Magic The Gathering Ravnica

Author : James Wyatt
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Magnificent hardcover art books featuring the incredible images and lore of Magic: The Gathering®! Danger and adventure await in these pages, lavishly illustrated with the award-winning art of Magic: The Gathering®! The seventh book in VIZ Media’s acclaimed series of massive hardcover art books featuring the incredible images of Magic: The Gathering®! “The alliances were already frayed. All we do is find the loose threads and pluck.” —Lazav, House Dimir Guildmaster An eternity of winding streets, dark alleys, towering structures, and rubble-strewn ruins make up the world of Ravnica. In this sprawling city, ten guilds are locked in a perpetual struggle for influence and dominance, each one seeking to advance its own agenda and philosophy—and now it’s time to choose your place in this conflict. In these pages, lavishly illustrated with the award-winning art of Magic: The Gathering®, you’ll learn the deepest secrets of the guilds and the plots unfolding in their ranks. Choose your guild and take your place in Ravnica, the greatest city in the Multiverse!

MAGIC The Gathering Ravnica

Author : Greg Weisman
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Der junge Teyo Verada will Schildmagier werden und die Menschen vor den gefährlichen Diamantstürmen beschützen. Doch bei seinem ersten Einsatz wird er lebendig begraben. Ohne Hoffnung auf Rettung bereitet er sich auf den Tod vor, als ihn eine unbekannte Macht plötzlich in eine fremde Welt aus Stein und Glas transportiert: Ravnica, die gigantische Stadt. Der Drache Nicol Bolas hat Teyo und viele andere Weltenwanderer an diesen Ort gebracht, weil er Ravnica mithilfe ihrer magischen Kräfte zerstören will. Nur eine kleine Gruppe mächtiger Zauberer stellt sich ihm entgegen. Die Magie des Drachen hat Teyo das Leben gerettet – aber wiegt das eine ganze Welt auf? Teyo muss eine Entscheidung treffen, die sein Schicksal und das Ravnicas für immer verändern wird ...

Magic The Gathering Cards

Author : Ben Bleiweiss
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Magic: The Gathering is the world's most played trading card game. Now for the first time in the game's 25-year history, you can enjoy the only guide on the market to capture all the magic--and value--of thousands of cards released for MTG. Featuring 165 unique card sets, Magic: The Gathering Cards - The Unofficial Ultimate Collector's Guide showcases the rarest and most valuable cards on the secondary market, including an Alpha Black Lotus worth more than $27,000! You'll also find expert tips for collecting and card investing from one of the world's leading experts in the field of Magic finance, author Ben Bleiweiss. Whether you enjoy the beauty of Serra Angel, the power of the master of the mountains of Shiv - Shivan Dragon, or collectability of the Original Dual Lands, Magic: The Gathering Cards - The Unofficial Ultimate Collector's Guide is sure to cast a spell on you.

MAGIC The Gathering Ravnica

Author : Greg Weisman
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War of the Spark Forsaken Magic The Gathering

Author : Greg Weisman
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Return to the multiverse of Magic: The Gathering as the hunt for Liliana Vess is on in the aftermath of the War of the Spark. The Planeswalkers have defeated Nicol Bolas and saved the Multiverse—though at grave cost. The living have been left to pick up the pieces and mourn the dead. But one loss is almost too great to bear: Gideon Jura, champion of justice and shield of the Gatewatch, is gone. As his former comrades Jace and Chandra struggle to rebuild from this tragedy, their future, like the future of the Gatewatch, remains uncertain. As the Gatewatch’s newest member, Kaya aims to help write that future. In joining, she pledged an oath to protect the living and the dead, but now that oath will be tested. The grieving guild masters of Ravnica have tasked her with a grave mission suited to her talents as a hunter and assassin—a mission she is ordered to keep secret from the Gatewatch. She must track down and exact retribution on the traitor Liliana Vess. But Liliana Vess has no interest in being found. Forsaken by her friends, she fled Ravnica after the defeat of Bolas. She was hostage to his wicked will, forced to assist in his terrible atrocities on pain of death—until Gideon, the last one who believed in her goodness, died in her place. Haunted by Gideon’s final gift, and hunted by former allies, Liliana now returns to a place she’d thought she’d never see again, the only place she has left: home.

Magic The Gathering Planes of the Multiverse

Author : Wizards of the Coast
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An official visual guide to the fantastical worlds and legendary characters of Magic: The Gathering The various realms of Magic: The Gathering’s storied Multiverse have served as host to countless epic battles and dramatic cataclysms—and each plane is richly and uniquely populated with its own fantastical creatures, iconic characters, and legendary Planeswalkers. In Magic: The Gathering: Planes of the Multiverse, author Jay Annelli presents a visual guide to the history behind lore-defining events from the Phyrexian Invasion to the War of the Spark, as well as character profiles for Karn, Narset, Vraska, Sorin Markov, and other fan-favorite Planeswalkers. Planes of the Multiverse pairs original artwork—in many instances reproduced for the first time outside of the card frame—with detailed primers on each plane. This collection offers exclusive insight into the art and mythology of some of Magic: The Gathering’s most popular and enduring locales—and the characters that inhabit them.

Magic the Gathering

Author : Jed MacKay
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Across the vast Multiverse, those gifted with a “spark” can tap into the raw power of Magic and travel across realms – they are Planeswalkers, and they are being targeted. When coordinated assassination attempts on Guildmasters Ral Zarek, Vraska, and Kaya rock the city of Ravnica leaving Jace Beleren’s life hanging in the balance, a fuse is lit that threatens not just these three Guilds, but the entire plane of Ravnica. With tensions already high in the city as a comet slowly approaches, the cabal of Planeswalkers will race against time to discover who is behind the attacks, leading them to the only Planeswalker who survived through the Ice Age of Dominaria and discovering who and what lies entombed in the comet's icy core...


Author : Greg Weisman
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A brand-new Magic: The Gathering official novel published to coincide with the 81st expansion pack of the popular game. Experience the first official adventure in Magic: The Gathering's multiverse in nearly a decade as an epic conflict engulfs the world-spanning city of Ravnica. Planeswalkers, powerful mages from many disparate realities, must unite against the elder dragon Nicol Bolas, who has claimed dominion over Ravnica and is perilously close to completing the spell that will grant him godhood. Now, as dozens of Planeswalkers fight alongside the Gatewatch -- led by Chandra Nalaar, Jace Beleren, and Gideon Jura -- against Bolas and his relentless army of Eternals, nothing less than the fate of the multiverse is at stake.

Marketing In Creative Industries

Author : Gabriele Troilo
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This vibrant textbook addresses the specific challenges of marketing in the creative industries, whilst applying marketing theory to a wide range of international examples. It combines a comprehensive and innovative perspective on customer value theory with practical marketing strategies and detailed case studies. The text looks at a range of creative industries, analysing their similarities and identifying and recommending a suitable managerial model for effective marketing. Based around three key concepts of creativity, customer experience and customer value, this model provides students with the analytical and decisional tools necessary to succeed in creative industries. Written by an author with a depth of teaching and consulting experience in the field, Marketing in Creative Industries offers invaluable insight into creative and cultural industry marketing. It is an ideal textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students taking modules in marketing.