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Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution

Author : Ann Malaspina
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Through first-person accounts, informational text, and photos, students will learn about Chairman Mao’s theories, military strategies, and political policies known as Maoism, which forever changed the culture of China and communication between the East and the West.

Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution

Author : Gregor Benton
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Comprehensively indexed and with an introduction newly written by the editor, a leading expert in the field,Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolutionis sure to be recognized as a vital reference resource for all serious Mao scholars.

Mao Zedong The Secrets Of The Chinese Revolution Biography Series

Author : Matt Green
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Mao Zedong was one of the greatest leaders of China's history. By the time he died in 1976, he had profoundly changed the course of history. In this ebook you will learn more interesting facts about the revolution in China. Many people says that he was responsible for the deaths of perhaps 60 million people. For more interesting facts you must read his biography. Grab your biography book now!

Marxism in the Chinese Revolution

Author : Arif Dirlik
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Representing a lifetime of research and writing by noted historian Arif Dirlik, the essays collected here explore developments in Chinese socialism and the issues that have occupied historians of the Chinese revolution for the past three decades. Dirlik engages Chinese socialism critically but with sympathy for the aspirations of revolutionaries who found the hope of social, political, and cultural liberation in Communist alternatives to capitalism and the intellectual inspiration to realize their hopes in Marxist theory. The book's historical approach to Marxist theory emphasizes its global relevance while avoiding dogmatic and Eurocentric limitations. These incisive essays range from the origins of socialism in the early twentieth century, through the victory of the Communists in mid-century, to the virtual abandonment by century's end of any pretense to a socialist revolutionary project by the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. All that remains of the revolution in historical hindsight are memories of its failures and misdeeds, but Dirlik retains a critical perspective not just toward the past but also toward the ideological hegemonies of the present. Taken together, his writings reaffirm the centrality of the revolution to modern Chinese history. They also illuminate the fundamental importance of Marxism to grasping the flaws of capitalist modernity, despite the fact that in the end the socialist response was unable to transcend the social and ideological horizons of capitalism.

Mao Zedong The Secrets Of The Chinese Revolution and The New Superpower China Two Books Collection

Author : Matt Green
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Mao Zedong was one of the greatest leaders of China's history. By the time he died in 1976, he had profoundly changed the course of history. In this ebook you will learn more interesting facts about the revolution in China. Many people says that he was responsible for the deaths of perhaps 60 million people. Who will be the next Superpower? Is this China? It seems modern China is a country of contradictions: a peasant society with some of the world's most futuristic cities, heir to an ancient civilization that is still trying to find a modern identity. China, in general, has been one of the most intriguing countries in the world for most of its history. The most populous nation of the world. The Modern China is a work in progress, and this E-book is introduction provides one of the best overviews of this process. Grab your history book now!

Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution

Author : Corinne J. Naden
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Details the life and political career of China's revolutionary leader, who rose to power in the Communist Party, overseeing both reform and terrible butchery during his long reign.

Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution

Author :
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Mao Zedong and China in the Twentieth Century World

Author : Rebecca E. Karl
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Throughout this lively and concise historical account of Mao Zedong’s life and thought, Rebecca E. Karl places the revolutionary leader’s personal experiences, social visions and theory, military strategies, and developmental and foreign policies in a dynamic narrative of the Chinese revolution. She situates Mao and the revolution in a global setting informed by imperialism, decolonization, and third worldism, and discusses worldwide trends in politics, the economy, military power, and territorial sovereignty. Karl begins with Mao’s early life in a small village in Hunan province, documenting his relationships with his parents, passion for education, and political awakening during the fall of the Qing dynasty in late 1911. She traces his transition from liberal to Communist over the course of the next decade, his early critiques of the subjugation of women, and the gathering force of the May 4th movement for reform and radical change. Describing Mao’s rise to power, she delves into the dynamics of Communist organizing in an overwhelmingly agrarian society, and Mao’s confrontations with Chiang Kaishek and other nationalist conservatives. She also considers his marriages and romantic liaisons and their relation to Mao as the revolutionary founder of Communism in China. After analyzing Mao’s stormy tenure as chairman of the People’s Republic of China, Karl concludes by examining his legacy in China from his death in 1976 through the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

A Critical Introduction to Mao

Author : Timothy Cheek
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Mao Zedong's political career spanned more than half a century. The ideas he championed transformed one of the largest nations on earth and inspired revolutionary movements across the world. Even today Mao lives on in China, where he is regarded by many as a near-mythical figure, and in the West, where a burgeoning literature continues to debate his memory. In this book, leading scholars from different generations and around the world offer a critical evaluation of the life and legacy of China's most famous - some would say infamous - son. The book brings the scholarship on Mao up to date, and its alternative perspectives equip readers to assess for themselves the nature of this mercurial figure and his significance in modern Chinese history.

Mao Zedong and China s Revolutions

Author : NA NA
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Whether one views Mao Zedong as a hero or a demon, the "Great Helmsman" was undoubtedly a pivotal figure in the history of 20th-century China. The first part of this volume is an introductory essay that traces the history of 20th-century China, from Mao's early career up to the Chinese Communist Party's victory in 1949, through three decades of revolution, to Mao's death I 1976. The second half offers a selection of Mao's writings - including such seminal pieces as "On the New Democracy" and selections from the "Little Red Book" - and writings about Mao and his legacy by both his contemporaries and modern scholars. Also included are headnotes, a chronology, Questions for Consideration, photographs, a selected bibliography, and index.