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PONS Power Sprachkurs Business English in 4 Wochen

Author : Katja Hald
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Zweisprachiger Selbstlernkurs für Anfänger und Wiedereinsteiger, der in 16 Lektionen Sprachkenntnisse auf den Niveaus A1 und A2 zu Themen des Geschäftslebens vermittelt.

The Book of Burwell Students

Author :
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The Book of Burwell Students offers a rare glimpse into the world of women's education in the antebellum South. From 1837 to 1857, Anna and Robert Burwell ran the Burwell Female School in Hillsborough, North Carolina, educating more than two hundred young women. The Book of Burwell Students illuminates a time and place, now preserved as the Burwell School Historic Site. The late historian, Mary Claire Engstrom, wrote informative biographical sketches of many Burwell students, offering insight into life in antebellum Hillsborough, inside and outside of school, and the seminal role of Anna Burwell in shaping the students' lives.

Clan Cameron Reference Guide Booklet

Author : Carrie O'Connor
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Go on a research journey, discovering the identity of the grandfather of Joan McLean, nee McPherson, daughter of Mary Cameron and John McPherson. Learn how to search online, for your coat of arms. Lastly, did Jean Cameron, known as "The Famous Miss Jenny Cameron, really say, "I am resolved to wear men's clothing all my life?" Learn it first here, and only here, the identity of the second Jenny Cameron.

Cameron Diaz

Author : Anne E. Hill
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A biography of the model-turned-actress who starred in "The Mask," "My Best Friend's Wedding," and "There's Something About Mary."

The Lochaber Emigrants to Glengarry

Author : R.B. Fleming
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This book deals with the conditions in Scotland before the 1800 migration, settlement experiences in Glengarry, and the spread of these Scots-Canadians from Glengarry to the American and Canadian wests.

Parliamentary Papers

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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The Last Happy Year

Author : Rod Coneybeare
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The Last Happy Year: A Novel by Rod Coneybeare

A Very Fine Class of Immigrants

Author : Lucille H. Campey
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Scots who opted for pioneer life in Prince Edward Island are the subject of this book. Being the first of the "northern" colonies to be sold off in its entirety to proprietors in the late eighteenth century, P.E.I. acquired its Scots earliest, doing so even before the start of the American War of Independence in 1775. The colonization of Prince Edward Island by Scots takes us back to a period when the process of emigration and settlement were in their infancy. The Pioneer Scots of Prince Edward Island should command our respect. They showed tremendous courage and determination and most were successful. Previous studies of early Scottish emigration to the New World have tended to concentrate on the miseries of evictions and the destruction of old communities. In this groundbreaking study of the influx of Scots to Prince Edward Island, the widely held assumption that emigration was solely a flight from poverty is challenged. By uncovering previously unreported ship crossings, as well as a wide range of manuscripts and underused sources such as customs records and newspaper shipping reports, the book provides the most comprehensive account to date of the influx of Scots to the Island. "A Very Fine Class of Immigrants" is essential reading for individuals wishing to trace family links or deepen their understanding of how and why the Island came to acquire its distinctive Scottish communities. And by accessing, for the first time, shipping sources like Lloyd’s List and the Lloyd’s Shipping Register, the author brings a new dimension to our understanding of emigrant travel. Lucille H. Campey demonstrates that far from sailing on disease-ridden leaky tubs, as popularly imagined, the Island’s Pioneer Scots usually crossed the Atlantic on the best available ships of the time.

The People s journal with which is incorporated Howitt s journal ed by J Saunders Continued as People s Howitt s journal

Author : People's and Howitt's journal
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Author : James Hunter
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When Scotland’s 1846 potato crop was wiped out by blight, the country was plunged into crisis. In the Hebrides and the West Highlands a huge relief effort came too late to prevent starvation and death. Further east, meanwhile, towns and villages from Aberdeen to Wick and Thurso, rose up in protest at the cost of the oatmeal that replaced potatoes as people’s basic foodstuff. Oatmeal’s soaring price was blamed on the export of grain by farmers and landlords cashing in on even higher prices elsewhere. As a bitter winter gripped and families feared a repeat of the calamitous famine then ravaging Ireland, grain carts were seized, ships boarded, harbours blockaded, a jail forced open, the military confronted. The army fired on one set of rioters. Savage sentences were imposed on others. But thousands-strong crowds also gained key concessions. Above all they won cheaper food. Those dramatic events have long been ignored or forgotten. Now, in James Hunter, they have their historian. The story he tells is, by turns, moving, anger-making and inspiring. In an era of food banks and growing poverty, it is also very timely.