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British Romanticism and the Reception of Italian Old Master Art 1793 1840

Author : Maureen McCue
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As a result of Napoleon’s campaigns in Italy, Old Master art flooded into Britain and its acquisition became an index of national prestige. Maureen McCue argues that their responses to these works informed the writing of Romantic period authors, enabling them to forge often surprising connections between Italian art, the imagination and the period’s political, social and commercial realities. Dr McCue examines poetry, plays, novels, travel writing, exhibition catalogues, early guidebooks and private experiences recorded in letters and diaries by canonical and noncanonical authors, including Felicia Hemans, William Buchanan, Henry Sass, Pierce Egan, William Hazlitt, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, Anna Jameson, Maria Graham Callcott and Samuel Rogers. Her exploration of the idea of connoisseurship shows the ways in which a knowledge of Italian art became a key marker of cultural standing that was no longer limited to artists and aristocrats, while her chapter on the literary production of post-Waterloo Britain traces the development of a critical vocabulary equally applicable to the visual arts and literature. In offering cultural, historical and literary readings of the responses to Italian art by early nineteenth-century writers, Dr McCue illuminates the important role they played in shaping the themes that are central to our understanding of Romanticism.

Learn Italian Now

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Comprehensive package for learning Italian, from basic skills to a mastery of the language.

Italian Wine For Dummies

Author : Mary Ewing-Mulligan
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"A must-have book for anyone who is serious about Italian wines." —Lidia Bastianich, host of PBS?s Lidia's Italian Table "I have yet to encounter more knowledgeable guides to...Italian wine." —Piero Antinori, President, Antinori Wines "Bravo to Ed and Mary! This book shows their love for Italy, the Italian producers, and the great marriage of local foods with local wines. Here is a great book that presents the information without intimidation." —Piero Selvaggio, VALENTINO Restaurant Right now, Italy is the most exciting wine country on earth. The quality of Italian wines has never been higher and the range of wines has never been broader. Even better, the types of Italian wines available outside of Italy have never been greater. But with all these new Italian wines and wine zones not to mention all the obscure grape varieties, complicate blends, strange names and restrictive wine laws. Italian wines are also about he most challenging of all to master. The time has come for comprehensive, up-to-date guides to Italian wines. Authored by certified wine educators and authors Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan, Italian Wine For Dummies introduces you to the delectable world of fine Italian wine. It shows you how to: Translate wine labels Identify great wine bargains Develop your own wine tastes Match Italian wines with foods Here's everything you need to know to enjoy the best Tuscans, Sicilians, Abruzzese and other delicious Italian wines. This lighthearted and informative guide explores: The styles of wine made in Italy and the major grape varieties used to make them How the Italian name their wines, the complicated laws governing how names are given and the meanings of common label terminology Italy's important wine regions including a region-by-region survey of the best vineyards and their products A guide to pronouncing Italian wine terms and names and how to order Italian wines in restaurants For Italians, wine (vino) is food (alimentari) and food is love (amore). And you can never have enough love in your life. So, order a copy of Italian Wine For Dummies, today and get ready to share the love!

Italian Recipes For Dummies

Author : Amy Riolo
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Your roadmap to cooking like an Italian your very own home For those of us not lucky enough to have our very own Italian grandmother or have attended culinary school in Italy, Italian Recipes For Dummies is stepping in to fill the gap. Award-winning chef and author Amy Riolo delivers a step-by-step guide to creating authentic Italian dishes, starting from the basics and progressing to more advanced techniques and recipes. You'll discover how to shop for, plan, and cook authentic Italian meals properly. You'll also find guidance on how to incorporate the cultural, nutritional, and historical influences that shape classic Italian cuisine. This book includes: Individual chapters on staples of the Italian pantry: wine, cheese, and olive oil More than 150 authentic Italian recipes with step-by-step instructions Access to a Facebook Page hosted by the author that provides extended resources and up-to-date information on mastering Italian cooking The perfect book for amateur chefs, Italy aficionados, homemakers, and anyone else looking for culinary inspiration, Italian Recipes For Dummies is also an indispensable guide for people seeking healthier ways of shopping, cooking, and eating without giving up amazing flavors and rich foods.


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Invisible Master

Author : Leo Lyon Zagami
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In the book Invisible Master, author Leo Lyon Zagami has revealed long-hidden information behind the extraterrestrial phenomenon. With extreme clarity, Zagami discusses the prophets, initiates and magicians who have discovered, over time, this otherworldly connection. He unveils the truth about where we come from, and the reasons behind the political and religious choices we have made during our long march through history. Finally, the reader will gain historically significant insights into this ultra-terrestrial source, and an understanding of the esoteric knowledge once revealed only to the initiates of mystery schools. Who are the Unknown Superiors … the Secret Chiefs … the Invisible Masters who have guided Freemasonry and other secret societies? What is the Illuminati and the various power groups associated with them? For the first time in history, Zagami gives us access to these secrets, and presents an opportunity to understand our alien reality and its true implications for humanity. In the months and years to come, information unveiled in this revolutionary work will become increasingly evident. Supported by the latest discoveries in quantum physics and the significance of CERN, the author identifies the existence of multidimensional doors … gates to the infinite … which are used by the Illuminati sects to gain access to extraterrestrial entities within our world. Shocking revelations unveil the links between these beings with supernatural powers and the secret traditions practiced within the mystery schools for millennia. About the Author: Leo Lyon Zagami is a bestselling author and researcher. He is the author of the groundbreaking Confessions of an Illuminati series, and Pope Francis: The Last Pope? He lives in Rome, Italy. Available at bookstores everywhere and through IPG 814 N. Franklin, Chicago, IL 60610 Orders: 1-800-888-4741| Book Details: Invisible Master: The Puppeteers Hidden Power by Leo Lyon Zagami Publisher: CCC Publishing, distributed by IPG Price: $17.95 Trade Paper/354 pages/ 6 x 9/ 90 photos ISBN: 978-1-888729702 To pinpoint an imminent turning point that will impact all of humankind, this information is being released at this precise historical moment to inform the world’s population. This is, perhaps, the most enlightening handbook and guide on this important topic.

Masters of the Italian Line

Author : Ian Sebire
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Profusely illustrated throughout, this book portraits the iconic ships of the Italian Line and the people who brought them to life.

Daily Life in Renaissance Italy

Author : Elizabeth Storr Cohen
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Discover what life was like for ordinary people in Renaissance Italy through this unique resource that paints a full portrait of everday living.

Background Information on Records of the House of Representatives Including Studies of Archival Practices of State and National Legislatures and a Summary of H Res 419

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Italian Master Drawings 1350 1800 from the Janos Scholz Collection

Author : János Scholz
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Includes the works of more than one hundred and thirty artists, representing the important schools of Italian art over a period of four and a half centuries