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Mastering Stand Up

Author : Stephen Rosenfield
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Stephen Rosenfield, founder and director of the American Comedy Institute, the premier comedy school in the United States, has taught literally dozens of major standup comics in North America, and has also pioneered comedy as an academic discipline in many universities, a trend that is rapidly spreading. Mastering Stand-Up draws on Rosenfield's own extensive experience (and those of countless stars like Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, Rodney Dangerfield, Louis C.K., Steve Martin, Roseanne, and Johnny Carson) to show the reader—and would-be comic—what works, what doesn't, and why. Forty sharply written chapters cover every conceivable angle of the joke and how to tell it. There are a number of books on comedy and how to do it, but none has the breadth and authority Rosenfield brings to his theme. It's not for nothing that the New York Times has described him as "probably the best-known comedy teacher in the country." Rosenfield's book is sure to become the classic text on its subject. And it should help thousands who long to make others laugh to realize their fondest hopes.

Stand Up Comedy Little Known Secrets to Mastering the Art of Comedy

Author : Michael White
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In this ebook everything you need to know about: - How to Learn Stand-up Comedy on your own - Learn An English Stand-up Comedy - Learn and Laugh with Stand-up Comedy - Learn Another Stand-up Comedy - Learn Globally Via Stand-up Comedy - and Much More

Mastering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementations

Author : Eric Newell
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Confidently shepherd your organization’s implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to a successful conclusion In Mastering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementations, accomplished executive, project manager, and author Eric Newell delivers a holistic, step-by-step reference to implementing Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP and CRM business applications. You’ll find the detailed and concrete instructions you need to take your implementation project all the way to the finish line, on-time, and on-budget. You’ll learn: The precise steps to take, in the correct order, to bring your Dynamics 365 implementation to life What to do before you begin the project, including identifying stakeholders and building your business case How to deal with a change management throughout the lifecycle of your project How to manage conference room pilots (CRPs) and what to expect during the sessions Perfect for CIOs, technology VPs, CFOs, Operations leaders, application directors, business analysts, ERP/CRM specialists, and project managers, Mastering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementations is an indispensable and practical reference for guiding your real-world Dynamics 365 implementation from planning to completion.

Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations

Author : John P. Stewart
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Proven techniques to win over any audience and make any sale Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations is your expert guide to delivering memorable and effective speeches and presentations. Whether selling a product, offering a service, or bidding for a contract, your oral presentation skills can often determine success or failure. This invaluable resource delivers real-world advice and proven strategies to elevate your game and close the deal. Comprehensive coverage of preparation procedures, delivery techniques, and presentation strategies provide you with the tools and knowledge to motivate and persuade your audience. Emphasizing real-world versatility, this unique book delivers methods equally effective to both individual and team presentations. Drawing from decades of experience, authors John Parker Stewart and Don Fulop offer keen insight into the process of winning over an audience. From topics ranging from rhetorical devices and visual cues to body language and stage presence, this expert guide will help convey a take-home message that resonates and endures long after your presentation has concluded. A must-have resource for government contractors, sales and marketing professionals, and anyone seeking to raise the level of their oral presentation skills, this book will help you: Develop winning approaches to oral presentations regardless of experience or skill level Build the confidence to present your ideas to individuals, teams, and large audiences Incorporate your personal and professional lives into your communication strategies Create and deliver messages that will win the hearts and minds of any audience Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations: Winning Orals, Speeches, and Stand-Up Presentations is an indispensable tool for those who speak to influence, to promote, and to sell—aiding you in making positive and lasting impressions on potential customers, team members, and decision makers.


Author : Tejgyan Global Foundation
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MASTERING THE ART OF TIME MANAGEMENT “Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” This famous quote rightly points out that every aspect of your life is determined by how you use your time. That’s because your life is made up of time. Time is your most precious commodity and it’s limited. Yet you may be easily losing time due to failure to manage it or by wasting it on unnecessary activities. On the other hand, you may be working hard and yet fail to achieve the desired results. This book will help you to master your time and conquer the results. “I don’t have time.” Is this your complaint too? This statement indicates you are experiencing poverty of time. This book will help you become time-rich with the aid of effective and practical methods. You may have heard about some time management techniques, but here you will come to know exactly how to apply them in your everyday life. Below are some of the pertinent topics presented in this book, which will reveal how to: • Manage time using the techniques of priorities, deadlines, and the 80/20 Principle • Save time with the art of delegation • Kill your time-killers • Attain freedom from the mental burden of work • Say “no” and save your time • Save time by enhancing your energy • Complete work in less time Once you master your time, everything else will fall in line and you will be able to achieve your highest potential.

Kate McKinnon

Author : C. R. McKay
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Kate McKinnon shot to fame for her outrageous humor, spot-on impressions, and politically relevant satire. As the first openly gay female member of Saturday Night Live, McKinnon has become an icon of LGBT+ comedians on television and the big screen. McKinnon's childhood sparked her love of making people laugh, which led to her performance in several sketch shows, movies, and her biggest role yet on Saturday Night Live. Readers will be captivated as they learn about the many voices of Kate McKinnon as she makes comedy history, one laugh at a time.

Mastering Software Project Management

Author : Murali Chemuturi
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Project management software.

Stand Up Paddleboarding 2 0

Author : HowExpert
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“Stand-Up Paddleboarding 2.0” has every term, trick, and tip you’ll ever hear about the sport of SUP. As one of the fastest growing outdoor activities for beginners, stand-up paddleboarding is a great way to lose weight, enjoy nature, and improve your physique. “Stand-Up Paddleboarding 2.0” has a full glossary of SUP-related terms along with 101 tips and lessons associated with the sport. Just like my first HowExpert Guide “Stand Up Paddle Board Racing For Beginners”, this is a good introductory guide to all things stand-up paddleboarding. In this version, you will find: - The top three things you need to become a good stand-up paddleboarder - Necessary equipment (and optional accessories) to have a fun time out on the water - Proper paddling technique and safety tips - How to turn on a SUP - How to get back on your board - Health benefits associated with stand-up paddleboarding - Terms and definitions from A-Z about stand-up paddleboarding (every letter of the alphabet is covered!) - 101 tips, tricks, and lessons about stand-up paddleboarding - My SUP race training diary for the 2018 season and additional resources About the Expert: Based in Lake Tahoe, California, Kayla Anderson loves to read, write, and play in the outdoors. In summer 2017, Kayla began working for one of the best paddleboard rental/coffee shops in America called Waterman’s Landing. There, she has access to some of the best paddleboards, the water, and advice from two elite paddle board racers. She fell in love with the sport of SUP because it allows her to be out in the water more often than she already is. Kayla also writes for The Tahoe Weekly and Enjoy Northern California Living magazine. This is her second HowExpert book on stand-up paddleboarding. HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.

Mastering Megatrends

Author : Doris Naisbitt
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From the author of the New York Times bestseller, Megatrends: Ten New Directions Transforming Our Lives, comes the new title on dealing with the complexity of change. It is one thing to spot the real trends from the fads, but it is another whole new ball game to deal with the incoming trend. This is the centrepiece of Mastering Megatrends.

Mastering Primary Music

Author : Ruth Atkinson
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Mastering Primary Music introduces the primary music curriculum and helps trainees and teachers learn how to plan and teach inspiring lessons that make music learning irresistible. Topics covered include: · Current developments in music · Music as an irresistible activity · Music as a practical activity · Skills to develop in music · Promoting curiosity · Assessing children in music · Practical issues This guide includes examples of children's work, case studies, readings to reflect upon and reflective questions that all help to exemplify what is considered to be best and most innovative practice. The book draws on the experience of a leading professional in primary music, Ruth Atkinson, to provide the essential guide to teaching music for all trainee primary teachers.