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Materials Analysis of Byzantine Pottery

Author : Dumbarton Oaks
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Ceramic Art from Byzantine Serres

Author : Dēmētra Papanicola-Bakirtzē
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The art of Byzantine pottery, its manufacture, and its analysis using modern scientific techniques are key elements of Ceramic Art from Byzantine Serres, a companion volume to the first North American exhibition of Byzantine pottery, held at Krannert Art Museum of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In the volume's first essay, Eunice Dauterman Maguire and Henry Maguire discuss the aesthetics and design of Byzantine pottery, as well as its relationship to the ceramic traditions of the Near East and Western Europe, particularly Italy. In her chapter on the technology of Byzantine pottery production, Demetra Papanikola-Bakirtzis tells of recent discoveries at Serres, in northern Greece, where a thirteenth- and fourteenth-century kiln site was excavated, along with clay separator rods and wasters. Papanikola-Bakirtzis shows how the items found at Serres allow for detailed reconstruction of the processes used by Late Byzantine potters. Charalambos Bakirtzis provides an overview of the cultural setting in which Serres pottery was made. Following the catalogue of objects in the exhibition, Sarah Wisseman's portion of the text describes how materials analysis by the Program on Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was used to determine clay sources and glaze composition. Thirty-one illustrations, four of them in color, augment the four essays. In addition, each of the twenty-five catalogue entries gives a full description of a ceramic piece from the Serres workshops and is accompanied by a profile drawing and a photograph. Concluding all are an informative glossary and selected bibliography on Byzantine pottery.

Byzantine Trade 4th 12th Centuries

Author : Marlia Mundell Mango
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The 28 papers examine questions relating to the extent and nature of Byzantine trade from Late Antiquity into the Middle Ages. The Byzantine state was the only political entity of the Mediterranean to survive Antiquity and thus offers a theoretical standard against which to measure diachronic and regional changes in trading practices within the area and beyond. To complement previous extensive work on late antique long-distance trade within the Mediterranean (based on the grain supply, amphorae and fine ware circulation), the papers concentrate on local and international trade. The emphasis is on recently uncovered or studied archaeological evidence relating to key topics. These include local retail organisation within the city, some regional markets within the empire, the production and/or circulation patterns of particular goods (metalware, ivory and bone, glass, pottery), and objects of international trade, both exports such as wine and glass, imports such as materia medica, and the lack of importation of, for example, Sasanian pottery. In particular, new work relating to specific regions of Byzantium's international trade is highlighted: in Britain, the Levant, the Red Sea, the Black Sea and China. Papers of the 38th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, held in 2004 at Oxford under the auspices of the Committee for Byzantine Studies.

Sp tantike und mittelalterliche Keramik aus Ephesos

Author : Tamás Bezeczky
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This publication contains articles concerning late Roman, Byzantine and medieval pottery from Ephesus.

Ceramics Monthly

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The Material and the Ideal

Author : Anthony Cutler
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The volume ranges from the close examination of specific objects to larger questions of their signification for the medieval societies that fashioned them and the ways in which they have been, and are currently, interpreted.

Landscape Archaeology and the Medieval Countryside

Author : Effie F. Athanassopoulos
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This volume presents the results of the medieval component of the Nemea Valley Archaeological Project (NVAP) survey conducted from 1985-1990. The archaeological evidence points to a proliferation of sites dating to the 12th–13th centuries A.D. There are two large sites and a substantial number of small sites on the lower slopes of the hills surrounding the Nemea valley and in smaller valleys in the southern part of the survey area. Archaeological evidence of settlements from the late 13th-15th century is scarce, providing a contrast to the patterns documented for the 12th-late 13th centuries. This study is thus also concerned with general trends and important sociopolitical changes that affected such developments in the Nemea region in the medieval period.

A Lost Art Rediscovered

Author : Sharon E. J. Gerstel
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A Lost Art Rediscovered includes a fully illustrated catalogue of all known tiles produced in the region of Constantinople, including the substantial collection owned by the Walters Art Museum, as well as those belonging to museums and private collections around the world. Some tiles included in the catalogue are now lost; the discovery of others is reported here for the first time. A series of scholarly essays gives the ceramics their rightful place in the study of Byzantine art and treats aspects of patronage, manufacture, function, ornament, and cultural significance. This comprehensive publication heralds the first large-scale, permanent installation of the Byzantine tiles in the collection of the Walters Art Museum. Book jacket.

Byzantine Glazed Pottery in the Benaki Museum

Author : Mouseio Benakē
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Byzantine to Modern Pottery in the Aegean

Author : Joanita Vroom
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Byzantine to Modern Pottery in the Aegean is the first general introduction to and easy-to-use field guide for Medieval and Post-Medieval pottery in the Aegean. This book opens up a neglected area of Mediterranean archaeology for fieldworkers and everybody interested in the Aegean after the Roman era. Whether ceramic specialists, students or readers with a general interest, all will find here a much needed overview and indispensable reference work of Post-Classical ceramics in the Aegean region. Byzantine to Modern Pottery in the Aegean offers a detailed description of the most important wares from the Early Byzantine period, the Middle Byzantine period, the Late Byzantine/Frankish period, the Turkish/Venetian period to the Early Modern period. In addition it includes a discussion of the problems in chronology, a time-line, an at-a-glance overview of the main shapes of table wares and kitchen wares in the Aegean, as well as a glossary of terms and the essential literature for each period.

Report of the Department of Antiquities Cyprus

Author : Cyprus. Tmēma Archaiotētōn
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Includes section "Reviews."

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The Annual of the British School at Athens

Author : British School at Athens
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"A short history of the British school at Athens. 1886-1911", by G. A. Macmillan: no. 17, p. [ix]-xxxviii.

Byzantium in the Iconoclast Era c 680 850

Author : Leslie Brubaker
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Iconoclasm, the debate about the legitimacy of religious art that began in Byzantium around 730 and continued for nearly 120 years, has long held a firm grip on the historical imagination. Byzantium in the Iconoclast Era is the first book in English to survey the original sources crucial for a modern understanding of this most elusive and fascinating period in medieval history. It is also the first book in any language to cover both the written and the visual evidence from this period, a combination of particular importance to the iconoclasm debate. The authors, an art historian and a historian who both specialise in the period, have worked together to provide a comprehensive overview of the visual and the written materials that together help clarify the complex issues of iconoclasm in Byzantium.


Author : M. Mullett
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This Festschrift, comprising 19 essays, is given in honour of A.H.S. Megaw's 90th birthday. The contributions reflect his great interest in the art, archaeology and culture of the Greek world, especially his work on Cyprus and the Byzantine period. Contents include: Transition from Paganism to Christianity revealed in the Mosaic Inscriptions of Cyprus (Ino Nicolaou); Peripheral Byzantine frescoes in Greece (K M Skawran); Byzantine Polychrome pottery (G D R Saunders); A medieval tombstone in the Paphos Museum (H W Catling); Prehistory of the Cyprus Department of Antiquities (C Roueché); Bibliography of A.H.S. Megaw.


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Forthcoming Books

Author : Rose Arny
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