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Medikament se Glaukomtherapie

Author : G. K. Krieglstein
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Color Atlas of Herpetic Eye Disease

Author : Rainer Sundmacher
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This well-structured atlas offers practical advice for the recognition and management of each Herpetic Eye problem. It is based on nearly four decades of practical and scientific work and experience with follow-ups in thousands of herpes patients.


Author : H.-J. Merte
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After a compound and its various effects - or, as the case may be, any particular one of these - have been discovered there is still a long way ahead until it is available for use in daily practice as a finished product. Before reaching the doctor, the substance is examined by chemists, pharmacologists and pharmacists - just to mention a few of the most important stages in a whole research sequence. Before the drug is finally made available on the market, the findings resulting from animal experiments must be confirmed in clinical studies. The expectations involved in its development must be met, and sufficient evidence has to be established as to the drug's effects and side effects, indications and contraindications, and the questions of safe use and appropriate dosage. Only then may the drug be registered and introduced to the market. In this respect Metipranolol eye drops, which have recently been launched on the market, formed no exception and had likewise to go through all these various stages. A series of investigators at many different centers participated in this procedure, and at the invitation of the manufacturers, Messrs. Dr. Gerhard Mann, they assembled for discussions at a symposium held in Berlin in January 1983, and reported on the substance and their experiences with it.

Perimetry Update 1992 1993

Author : International Perimetric Society. Meeting
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Perimetry Update 1996 1997

Author : Michael Wall
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Second European Glaucoma Symposium Helsinki May 1984

Author : E.L. Greve
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The European Glaucoma Society was founded in the spring of 1978 at the initiative of Drs Fran~ois, Leydhecker and Greve. Representatives of most European countries met in Ghent and agreed to create a society that would promote the contacts and exchange of knowledge between European glauco matologists. The European Glaucoma Society serves to stimulate glaucoma research and diffuse specific knowledge to general ophthalmologists. The European Glaucoma Society would like to cooperate closely with similar glaucoma organizations in other continents. The first symposium of the EGS was held in April 1980 in Brighton, England. No proceedings were published. The second symposium took place in May 1984 in Hyvinkiiii, Finland. A great number of participants enjoyed a well organized scientific programme of attractive quality. The local organization was in the able hands of Raitta and her colleagues, Raivio and Lehto. The scientific programme was coordinated in Amsterdam where a great amount of work was done by Stella Ompi, secretary to the general secretary. The contents of the meeting have been summarized in this book. This second symposium of the EGS, which took place in an atmosphere of great enthusiasm and friendship, has shown great promise for the future of the European glaucoma.

Pathogenesis and Risk Factors of Glaucoma

Author : E. Gramer
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During a closed international symposium held in Friedrichsruhe, Germany, the latest scientific results on the pathogenesis and risk factors of glaucoma were discussed, and this volume summarises the progress made in the detection and treatment of glaucomas. The 25 contributions cover such topics as compliance, medical therapy, wound healing, genetic risk factors, disk damage in relation to visual field loss, disk haemorrhages, intraocular pressure, low blood pressure, retinal ischemia, and the treatment of causal factors in glaucoma.

Glaucoma Update II

Author : G.K. Krieglstein
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The second Committee Meeting of the Glaucoma Society of the International Congress of Ophthalmology was held in Carmel Valley ICalifornia from October 22-27, 1982. Traditionally this meeting was closed and preceded the International Congress of Ophthalmology in San Francisco. A group of roughly 80 experts on glaucoma - active members of the committee and invited guests - exchanged latest scientific experiences on the progress in pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of the glaucomas. The aim ofthe meeting was to provide quite informal presentations grouped around main topics and ample, lively discussions. The scientific and local organization was in the hands of Jack Hetherington Jr.lSan Francisco and Stephen M. Drance/Vancouver. It is the sincere wish of the society to express warmest thanks to Valerie Hetherington who took in a most charming and efficient way much of the burden of the local organization. The idea of pre-circulation of all scientific presentations 2-3 months before the meeting to all participants and guests proved to be effective with respect to fruitful and stimulating discussions at the site of the meeting. We thank all participants for their co-operation in sending their manuscripts in time. The society is indebted to Chibret Int. Pharmaceutical Company for generous support of this publication.

Acta XXV Concilium Ophthalmologicum

Author :
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Sixth International Visual Field Symposium

Author : A. Heijl
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Held at Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy, May 27-31,1984