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Meet George Washington

Author : Joan Heilbroner
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This valiant story of how young George Washington was drawn into his country's struggle for independence gives readers a vivid perspective on a crucial era in American history--and on the life of a revolutionary hero.

Meet George Washington

Author : Jane Katirgis
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George Washington was one of the most influential figures in American history. How did the first president of the United States become such a strong leader? This easy-to-read text clearly highlights Washington's life and accomplishments, from his time working as a land surveyor and planter to his service in the Virginia militia and the French and Indian War. Readers will be enthralled to learn about his rise to commander in chief of the American Army. Washington's leadership and time as president are just one example of how an American can contribute to a country and a culture. An array of primary sources, including historical paintings, maps, objects, and photographs is included.

The Nine Lives of George Washington

Author : William W. Betts Jr
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How George Washington survived so many close encounters with the Grim Reaper – in the wilderness frontier, on the battlefield, from serious illness, and in terrifying accidents – can be read only in the story of a steady succession of miracles. For the incredible fact that he survived all of these encounters (except of course the last) to live sixty-seven years is a consummation for which untold millions can be eternally grateful. For it was Washington who with the success of the Revolution and the leadership provided through two terms as President brought forth upon this continent an entirely new way of life. This society, governed as it now was by a spirited reverence for freedom and guaranteed by documents revolutionary in their principles, must have startled the Old World.

George Washington and the American Revolution

Author : Kim S. Collier
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George Washington is the one I give title to in this book since he was a brave leader along with many in the the world in his life time but he was also the first President of the United States..He helped establish America with his Army and leaders John Adams and Thomas Jefferson who wrote laws of the land and with French allies Admiral Francis Joseph Paul de Grasse and Marquis de lafayette and their Armies who helped win the American Revolution. Along with American traders, farmers and citizens who all wanted to retain their own land and what they all believed to be a fair government. In this book are pictures from the State of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia and outside of the City of Independence where American Soldiers had battles and retained forts. This book provides the answers to questions you may have about the establishment and history of the United States and George Washington's life and careers. This book is a tribute to the American Revolution Patriots, Patriots of today and those who continue to honor the United States of America.

George Washington Presidential Biographies

Author : Jevon Bolden
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Meet George Washington, our first president-who many say is the greatest leader our nation has known. When Washington took office, no one knew what the president's job should be, or how the country should be run! During his two terms, Washington set the standard for the office and helped shape our democracy. He will always be remembered.This series of engaging, in-depth books introduces readers to the men who have led our country since its very first days. Lively text and colorful illustrations are supplemented by fun facts, a timeline, and even a sampling of the subject's most famous quotes.Presidential Biographies will be the first books kids reach for when writing a report-or if they're simply looking for a fascinating read!

George Washington Carver

Author : Jennifer Kroll
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George Washington Carver was born a slave. When he grew up, George became an important scientist and inventor. Why was he called the "plant doctor"? What did he invent from peanuts? Come along and explore his life and discoveries!

The Green Vision of Henry Ford and George Washington Carver

Author : Quentin R. Skrabec, Jr.
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"Ford and Carver had a unique friendship and a shared vision. This book details their paths to "green" manufacturing and the start of the chemurgic movement in America. The story shows how capitalism can drive the green movement and expand American industry"--Provided by publisher.

How George Washington Fought the Revolutionary War

Author : Jeanne Nagle
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Before he became the first president of the United States, George Washington had already made his mark as a military leader. As commander in chief of the nascent Continental army, Washington guided colonial forces to victory over the British during the American Revolution. Through informative text and historical imagery, readers will follow Washington’s trajectory as a military commander and strategist and discover how his innate leadership skills–exhibited on the battlefield and during his tenure as president–earned him the title “Father of His Country.”

The Writings of George Washington

Author : George Washington
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The Writings of George Washington 1790 1794

Author : George Washington
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