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Military Combative Masters of the 20th Century

Author : Tank Todd
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Profiles of military armed and unarmed combat instructors from around the world, past and present.

Into the Lion s Mouth

Author : Larry Loftis
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International bestseller! James Bond has nothing on Dusko Popov. a double agent for the Abwehr, MI5 and MI6, and the FBI during World War II, Popov seduced numerous women, spoke five languages, and was a crack shot, all while maintaining his cover as a Yugoslavian diplomat… On a cool August evening in 1941, a Serbian playboy created a stir at Casino Estoril in Portugal by throwing down an outrageously large baccarat bet to humiliate his opponent. The Serbian was a British double agent, and the money―which he had just stolen from the Germans―belonged to the British. From the sideline, watching with intent interest was none other than Ian Fleming… The Serbian was Dusko Popov. As a youngster, he was expelled from his London prep school. Years later he would be arrested and banished from Germany for making derogatory statements about the Third Reich. When World War II ensued, the playboy became a spy, eventually serving three dangerous masters: the Abwehr, MI5 and MI6, and the FBI. On August 10, 1941, the Germans sent Popov to the United States to construct a spy network and gather information on Pearl Harbor. The FBI ignored his German questionnaire, but J. Edgar Hoover succeeded in blowing his cover. While MI5 desperately needed Popov to deceive the Abwehr about the D-Day invasion, they assured him that a return to the German Secret Service Headquarters in Lisbon would result in torture and execution. He went anyway... Into the Lion’s Mouth is a globe-trotting account of a man’s entanglement with espionage, murder, assassins, and lovers―including enemy spies and a Hollywood starlet. It is a story of subterfuge and seduction, patriotism, and cold-blooded courage. It is the story of Dusko Popov―the inspiration for James Bond. INCLUDES PHOTOGRAPHS

The Princess Spy

Author : Larry Loftis
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The hidden history of an ordinary American girl who became one of the OSS's most daring World War II spies before marrying into European nobility.

Foundations of Korean Martial Arts Masters Manuals and Combative Techniques

Author : Michael DeMarco, M.A., et al.
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Most of what are referred to as Korean martial art styles are actually derived from Japanese/Okinawan karate systems or find their roots in Chinese boxing. The Korean peninsula has existed as a fragile territory between China and Japan and thus shared many cultural elements from their neighbors. To what degree has the Japanese and Chinese arts influenced those practiced in Korea over the centuries? Can we distinguish any original Korean martial art style? Chapters in this anthology are derived from the Journal of Asian Martial Arts specifically in response to such questions as asked above. The authors provide great detail on the military/martial manuals that recorded both battlefield arts and personal combative arts and use these sources to give a picture of the martial traditions practiced in Korea for hundreds of years. In chapter one, Stanley Henning provides an excellent overview of martial arts in Korea since the earliest dynasties. These include bare-hand arts as well as those with weaponry. His overview illuminates the time and place of highly influential military manuals as discussed in the chapter by Manuel Adrogué. John Della Pia’s two chapters focus on a particular manual—the Muye Dobo Tongji (1790)—providing details of open-hand and weapons training, in particular with the unique Korean “native sword.” Two chapters provide the theory and practice of qigong methods for health and martial effectiveness. Dr. Patrick Massey et al. offer results on the use of breathing methods affecting lung capacity. Sean Bradley’s chapter goes deeply into the medical theories that parallel the practice of Sinmoo Hapkido’s qigong methods. The final two chapters focus on practical fighting applications from Hapkido. Marc Tedeschi’s chapter provides sound advice for self-defense against multiple opponents. In addition to detailing principles that give any defender a helpful advantage, Tedeschi shows nineteen examples of techniques against two, three, and four opponents that include pressure point striking, throws, arm bars, locks, and a variety of kicks. In the closing chapter, Sean Bradley discusses a few of his favorite techniques, where he learned them, and why they are memorable. Rich in historical details and practical advice, this anthology will prove to be a prized reference work to all interested in the Korean martial traditions.

Fort Sam Houston Camp Bullis and Canyon Lake Recreation Area Master Plan

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Army Reserve Magazine

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Military Review

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Combat Mission Kandahar

Author : T. Robert Fowler
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Infantry, combat engineer, armour, and psychological operations: Seven soldiers represent the breadth of Canada’s longest, most complicated and challenging operation in Kandahar Province.

United States Army Combat Forces Journal

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Peace and Security in Indo Pacific Asia

Author : Sorpong Peou
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Peace and Security in Indo-Pacific Asia is for the informed, the interested, and the engaged. Sorpong Peou brings together the skills of the pedagogue with the knowledge of the scholar. -Dr. David Dewitt, University Professor Emeritus, Senior Scholar, York University, Toronto, Canada. Peou’s excellent book provides both the lay reader and the specialist with six important theoretical frameworks which should provide the basis for better appreciation of what a security community in Indo-Pacific Asia means in our world today. There are very few scholars who understand the region like Peou. -Dr. W. Andy Knight, Professor of Political Science, the University of Alberta, Canada. Sorpong Peou’s extraordinary breadth of knowledge, of both International Relations theory and the key trends in Indo-Pacific Asia, shines through in this authoritative analysis. -Dr. Richard Stubbs, Professor of Political Science, McMaster University, Canada. A pedagogical approach of the textbook that is appreciated is how the author respectfully engages with the theories of IR and is not pushing an agenda of denouncing some theories and trying to persuade the reader of others. We live in such polarizing times that it is truly refreshing to read scholarly work that avoids sensationalistic attacks on theories that have been debated for decades. Each theory in this manuscript is explored on its own terms, and the reader is encouraged to figure out where they stand on these enduring debates in the context of Indo-Pacific security. The approach will lead to compelling classroom discussions of the theories and the politics of the region. This book is a must-read for any student or observer of security trends in the region. -Dr. Mark Williams, Chair and Professor of Political Studies, Vancouver Island University, B.C., Canada.