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Miscellanea Hasaitica

Author : Daniel T. Potts
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An essay on the finds from sites in the al-Hasa region of Saudi Arabia. The presentation is organised chronologically, from the 3rd millennium to the Sasanian period.

A Miscellany of Demotic Texts and Studies

Author : Joachim Friedrich Quack
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This volume contains a number of contributions on a wide variety of Demotic subjects including a new version of the Introduction to the Teachings of 'Onch-Sheshonqy, fragments of Demotic word lists, an ancient Demotic name book, Demotic questions to oracles, two letters published for the first time, notes on the Setne Story, collations and corrections to earlier editions of papyri, and the unique account of a Rebellion against the Sun God. Contributions by J.F. Quack, K. Ryholt, M. Smith, W.J. Tait and K.-Th. Zauzich.

Elenchus of Biblica

Author : Robert North
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Dilmun and Its Gulf Neighbours

Author : Harriet E. W. Crawford
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A scholarly account of the archaeology of the Arabian Gulf from c.4500-1500 BC.

The Petese Stories II P Petese II

Author : K. S. B. Ryholt
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This volume six of the Carlsberg Papyri series contains the edition of a new manuscript with Petese Stories from the Tebtunis temple library, dating to the period around 100 AD. The Petese Stories is a compilation of seventy stories about the virtues and vices of women. The numerous stories were compiled on the orders of the prophet Petese of Heliopolis that they may serve as a literary testament by which he would be remembered. Petese was, according to literary tradition, Plato's Egyptian instructor in astrology. The composition seems to have been modeled on the fundamental Myth of the Sun's Eye. The overall structural pattern of the text is very similar to the Arabian Nights; a frame story forms the introduction as well as the fabric into which the long series of shorter tales are woven. Among the stories preserved in the new manuscript one is particularly remarkable in that it is known from a translation by Herodotus, the so-called Pheros Story.

Upon this Foundation

Author : Elizabeth Frances Fabian Henrickson
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Upon this Foundation. - The 'Ubaid Reconsidered

The Story of Petese Son of Petetum and Seventy Other Good and Bad Stories P Petese

Author : K. S. B. Ryholt
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The book presents a complete edition of the three known versions of the ancient Egyptian narrative The Story of Petese son of Petetum and Seventy Other Good and Bad Stories, copied from the 4th century BC through the 2nd century AD. The narrative, written in Demotic, employs the literary device of a main story containing a series of brief stories presented to a specific character. In the main story, a prophet commits an act of blasphemy and is punished by the gods. Through magical means the prophet learns from Osiris that he has only 40 more days to live. On the fifth day the prophet creates a number of magical beings which he sends out to find 35 "good" stories and 35 "bad" stories, one pair of stories for each remaining day of his life. These stories are then presented to the prophet. In this respect it is remarkably similar to Arabian Nights.

Babylonian Liver Omens

Author : Ulla Susanne Koch
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The Babylonians were famous even in their own time for their expertise in divination, and Koch-Westenholz suggests the lack of modern scholarship from the extensive written record is because the texts are dry, monotonous, and difficult to access and because divination is thought to be simple superstition not worth serious study. She makes a beginning on the accessibility problem by presenting three texts on interpreting sheep livers as the first of a projected complete series on the divinatory texts from the world's oldest extant general library. The edition is based on a catalogue, compiled by Ulla Jeyes as part of what was to be a collaboration on the project before Jeyes' untimely death, of the collections in the British Museum. The original inscriptions are followed by transcription and English translation. Tablets are illustrated in 48 photographic plates. Livers not included. Distributed in the US by ISBS. c. Book News Inc.

Ancient Near Eastern Seals in a Danish Collection

Author : Eva Møller
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Identification and classification of a private Danish collection of seals, which were acquired in Baghdad over a number of years more than 30 years ago. The collection covers a period extending from the late Ubaid to the Sasanian dynasty, c. 4000 BC -- 642 AD, and includes twenty-five cylinder seals from the Late Uruk period to Early Dynastic I, nine Early Dynastic II-III seals, eleven Akkadian and Post-Akkadian, six Neo-Sumerian, eight Old Babylonian, three seals of the second half of the second millennium BC, thirteen Neo-Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian stamp and cylinder seals, three seals of the second half of the first millennium BC, three bullae and a stamp seal of Seleucid date, thirty Sasanian stamp seals, and finally four fragmentary seals of uncertain date. The seals are listed in chronological order by period. The middle chronology has been used for dating.

Studies in Zoroastrian Family Law

Author : Bodil Hjerrild
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The source material of the book is translated from the only existent Sasanian law text and two Rivâyats from the first half of the ninth and the first half of the tenth century, at which time the Zoroastrians survived only in minority communities. The original text is presented in photocopy with a transcription. The analysis is concerned with four institutions in the sphere of family law: Guardianship, marriage of levirate, marriage of a woman in order to provide her father or brother with an heir and marriage between close relatives (incest taboo did not exist). The issue of the research is to show how the social conditions and internal family economy with its power balance is reflected in the rules of the Sasanian law, and that the differences apparent in the later texts are not accidental, but form a pattern caused by the changing social conditions, and that the law was changed in order to help preserve the Zoroastrian minority in adversity under Arab rule.

Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies Volume 49 2019

Author : Daniel Eddisford
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Humanities studies on the Arabian Peninsular including anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art, epigraphy, ethnography, history, language, linguistics, literature, numismatics, theology, and more, from the earliest times to the present day or, in the fields of political and social history, to around the end of the Ottoman Empire.

The Pre Islamic Coinage of Eastern Arabia

Author : Daniel T. Potts
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A presentation of the various indigenous coin issues that circulated in Eastern Arabia during the pre-Islamic era as attested in five private collections studied by the author. The basis for the classification is a corpus of 529 coins selected from those collections for publication here. Geographically, the coins came from two distinct regions which today comprise the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Emirate of Umm al-Qaiwain in the United Arab Emirates. Foreign issues were rare in these areas, although a handful of Sasanian, Roman, Seleucid, Greek, Phoenician, Nabataean, Elymaean, Parthian and Sabaean coins have been attested to in the collections that form the basis of this work.

Classical Greece

Author : John Disney Professor of Archaeology Cyprian Broodbank
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A reassessment of the archaeology of classical Greece, using modern archaeological approaches to provide a richer understanding of Greek society.

A Port in Arabia Between Rome and the Indian Ocean 3rd C BC 5th C AD

Author : Alessandra Avanzini
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Facts and Artefacts

Author : Annette Hagedorn
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The scholarly search on the art of the object is of enduring interest and enjoys a new renaissance in the last few years. This book mainly explores the art and craft of Islamic artefacts and presents to the reader a diverse range of approaches. Despite this variety, in which also artefacts of the pre-Islamic, period as well as 'orientalized' European artefacts of the modern era are included, there is an overarching theme - the linking of the interpretation of objects and their specific aesthetics to textual sources and the aim of setting them in historical and artistic context. In this impressive collection honouring the German scholar of Islamic art Jens Kroger on his 65th birthday, Avinoam Shalem and Annette Hagedorn bring together contributions from a highly distinguished group of scholars of Asiatic, Sasanian, Islamic as well as European art history. Unpublished artefacts and new interpretations are presented in this book.

Acts of the Seventh International Conference of Demotic Studies

Author : Kim Ryholt
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This book contains contributions from K.T. Zauzich, H.S. Smith, B. Porten, U. Kaplony-Heckel, R.K. Ritner, S. Allam, M. Chauveau, and D. Devauchelle.

The Heritage of Ancient Egypt

Author : Erik Iversen
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Two aspects of the Egyptian civilisation characterise the work of Erik Iversen: Its original art and literature, and its reception in Europe from classical antiquity to Renaissance, Baroque and Romanticism. He is known for his papyrus editions, philological and lexicographical studies, and the tracing of cultural traditions outside of Egypt.

Mesopotamian Civilization

Author : Daniel T. Potts
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Likely to become a standard work for students of the ancient Near East, and for those interested in the high cultures of the region, this account is also a highly accessible repository of information valuable to archaeologists, anthropologists, etc

The Persian Gulf in History

Author : L. Potter
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Exploring the history of the Persian Gulf from ancient times until the present day, leading authorities treat the internal history of the region and describe the role outsiders have played there. The book focuses on the unity and identity of Gulf society and how the Gulf historically has been part of a cosmopolitan Indian Ocean world.

On the Primaeval Ocean

Author : Mark Smith
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On the Primaeval Ocean provides an edited text of a series of ancient Egyptian fragments written in Demotic script in the first half of the 2nd century AD, on the subject of the origins and nature of the cosmos.