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Modern India 1885 1947

Author : Sumit Sarkar
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Modern India 1885 1947

Author : Sumit Sarkar
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' is well written, balanced and comprehensive. It splendidly incorporates the new work of the last twenty years as no one else has and it will be the starting point for everyone doing any work, from sixth forms upwards, on modern India.' D.A.Low

India 1885 1947

Author : Ian Copland
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The establishment of the Indian National Congress in 1885 marked a turning point in modern South Asian history. At the time, few grasped the significance of the event, nor understood the power that its leader would come to wield. From humble beginnings, the Congress led by Gandhi would go on to spearhead India s fight for independence from British rule: in 1947 it succeeded the British Raj as the regional ruling power. Ian Copland provides both a narrative and analysis of the process by which Indians and Pakistanis emancipated themselves from the seemingly iron-clad yoke of British imperialism. In so doing, he goes to the heart of what sets modern India apart from most other countries in the region its vigorous democracy.

Issues in Modern Indian History

Author : Sumit Sarkar
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History and Art History

Author : Nicholas Chare
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Through a series of cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary interventions, leading international scholars of history and art history explore ways in which the study of images enhances knowledge of the past and informs our understanding of the present. Spanning a diverse range of time periods and places, the contributions cumulatively showcase ways in which ongoing dialogue between history and art history raises important aesthetic, ethical and political questions for the disciplines. The volume fosters a methodological awareness that enriches exchanges across these distinct fields of knowledge. This innovative book will be of interest to scholars in art history, cultural studies, history, visual culture and historiography.

A History of Modern India 1480 1950

Author : Claude Markovits
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Praise for the hardback edition: 'an impressively scholarly and immensely detailed text... a welcome and strongly recommended contribution to World History and India History collections.' Library Bookwatch "Recommended" -- Choice A History of Modern India provides a comprehensive chronological analysis of India's vibrant and diverse history. As well as examining the evolution of the relationship between the society and the state in its various economic, social, cultural and political forms, A History of Modern India analyses the major empires in modern India from the Moghuls (1580-1739) to the Raj (1818-1947), and discusses the economic, social and intellectual dynansm that accompanied intervening periods of political fragmentation. The book explores the difficulties confronting the rise of Indian nationalismand the consequent confrontation between religious communities: what should have been the crowning victory of a pacifist anti-colonial movement was instead brutally resolved with the violence of Partition in 1947.

A Short History of Modern India 1707 1950

Author : Dr. Moynul Hoque
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“A Short History of Modern India (1707-1950)” is a book on British India which has been written keeping in mind to fulfill the needs of 4th Semester Pass (CBCS) students of History for the Paper-HISDSC-401T: History of India from 1707 to 1950 as per latest syllabus under Assam University, Silchar and partly cover GU and DU syllabus on History. This book consists of seven chapters having five units including introductory chapter: British Colonialism in India and concluding chapter: History of Modern India:-At a Glance that deals with the total course of the subject and it will provide preliminary knowledge of Modern Indian History. At all, the book deals with the establishment of British rule, expansion and consolidation of their power in India that resulted the Revolt of 1857.It also deals with the role of socio-religious reform movements of 19th century and INC (1885) for the growth of nationalism. It depicts the attainment of independence, framing of Indian Constitution after a long drawn freedom movement of India. This book will definitely help in preparing Civil Service and other Competitive Examinations. The author has made every attempt to explain topics on Modern Indian History in a lucid and simple manner for the benefit of students. This book, I hope, will be of great help to the undergraduate students of History.

Modern India

Author : John McLeod
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This one-volume thematic encyclopedia examines life in contemporary India, with topical sections focusing on geography, history, government and politics, economy, social classes and ethnicity, religion, food, etiquette, literature and drama, and more. • Includes "Day in the Life" features that portray specific daily activities of various people in the country, from high school students to working class people to professionals, providing readers with insight into daily life in the country • Defines key terms related to the reading in a glossary • Highlights interesting facts and figures, including information on the military, industry and labor, and finances, in an appendix • Provides at-a-glance information about India's festivals and feast days with a chart of national holidays • Illuminates the text with photos and sidebars, helping to illustrate key topics and allow students to dive more deeply into ideas

A History of Modern India

Author : Ishita Banerjee-Dube
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This book provides an interpretive and comprehensive account of the history of India between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries, a crucial epoch characterized by colonialism, nationalism and the emergence of the independent Indian Union. It explores significant historiographical debates concerning the period while highlighting important new issues, especially those of gender, ecology, caste, and labour. The work combines an analysis of colonial and independent India in order to underscore ideologies, policies, and processes that shaped the colonial state and continue to mould the Indian nation.

The Routledge Companion to World History since 1914

Author : Chris Cook
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The Routledge Companion to World History since 1914 is an outstanding compendium of facts and figures on World History. Fully up-to-date, reliable and clear, this volume is the indispensable source of information on a thorough range of topics such as: the Arab-Israeli conflict anti-semitism and the Holocaust all the world's major famines and natural disasters since 1914 whether all countries of the world have a king, president, prime minister or other governance GNP of the world's major states, year by year biographies of key figures civil rights movements the Vietnam War the rise of terrorism globalization. Thematically presented, the book covers topics relevant from the First World War to the Iraq war of 2003, and from post-colonial Africa to conflicts and movements in Southeast Asia. With maps, chronologies and full bibliography, this user-friendly reference work is the essential companion for students of history, politics and international relations, and for all those with an interest in world history.